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May 7, 2010

Humanity’s Ride Through The Galactic Car Wash (Revisited)

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(originally posted 12/09)

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the legitimacy of global-warming scientists and the alleged CRU Emails ( SEARCHABLE EMAIL DATABASE), I have revisited and regrouped some thoughts gleaned from my prior blogs on the subject of climate change (below).  One  does not need to  read between the lines of these emails looking for snipets to bring forth as evidence of a global warming cap-and-trade  scam.  All one need do is research the dramatic changes in our Sun and other bodies in our Universe* to put this argument into perspective:

*”Our solar system, including the sun and Earth, came into existence about 4.6 billion years ago. The young sun shone as much as 40 percent weaker than today’s middle-aged sun does. When we talk about global warming today, we are talking about how only a few tenths of a percent change in the solar radiation can change the climate on the Earth dramatically. This makes it interesting to consider how the Earth and its life forms have managed to survive the truly incredible changes that have taken place over the eons. During this time, incredibly dramatic changes have taken place on Venus and Mars.”

I have been a fervent recycler since I was a child.  Whenever I would drive by an unsightly vehicle graveyard just off a freeway somewhere, even at a very young age, I was very saddened by how humans indiscriminately pile all this junk onto such a beautifully created Earth.  However, it is my perspective that although it would be prudent, as well as aesthetically wise, to do what we can in this world to retain a natural balance between humanity and nature, it would be abominably neglectful and unwise not to realize that we are not just dealing with Earth changes; we are dealing with a natural cyclical change that encompasses the entire Universe, perhaps even a hyperdimensional “leap”.  I firmly perceive that manmade  “Global Climate Change” rhetoric was borne of political and corporate greed and this needs to be examined much more introspectively by humanity as just one planet in a plethora of planets and planetary bodies undergoing change.   We need to stop thinking in terms of “combating” climate change, which makes the natural world sound as though an enemy, a terrorist cell! We need to start thinking in terms of learning to be like the tree that bends with the wind and reshapes itself quite naturally to new circumstances—and no one pays a tree billions of dollars to hide its “secret.” I really do not think that Neptunians, Jupiterians, and Saturnians would “warm up” to a cap-and-trade agreement!  A quote comes to mind:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Reinhold Niebuhr

We must all ask ourselves: If Copenhagen is about stopping what they promote as “humanity-driven climate change” for the sake of saving lives and the Earth, then why are the same governments backing this so-called benelovent cause allowing unethical and morally despicable biological chemicals (agent orange, white phosphorus, etc.) as weapons to kill and maim, and to produce deformed children around the world? Why do they continually devastate beautiful Earth landscapes into moon craters with illegal and morally depraving warfare?  Why does government support and defend industries that pollute and contaminate our rivers and oceans around the world? Would you trust this hypocrisy?  We The People need to educate ourselves about the vastness of change taking place in our Universe, of which we are a member planet, and start using vision and creativity to get out of oil and into clean energy and force waste polluting industries to clean up or shut down. Then we need to tell the government what to do–not the other way around! We should be anticipating food and water needs at a local level, planning locally supervised community storage areas,  designing homes that utilize the five natural elements (wind, water, earth, fire, and plasma (space) in a way that minimizes the effects of extreme weather—moving sensibly through the changes instead of being led into misery by misguided and profit-driven greed.

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Humanity’s Ride Through The Galactic Car Wash (Revisited)

We have dirtied up our space vehicle called Earth with junk and we have dirtied up outer space with junk. Time again to make a trip through the Galactic Car Wash, which appears to be due by December 2012. We are already at the drive-up service for the initial inspection. Of course, the other planets and bodies in our solar system will be joining us even though they don’t have junkies to litter their orbits, which is to say this is not an end-time Judgment but a quite natural cycle of house cleaning and renewal, as the ancients understood it.

Long before the writing of the Old Testament, apocryphyal texts tell us that many ancient cultures were fully aware that what they were living on was a ball, a sphere. Somewhere along the long cycles of millenia, this concept was entirely lost, at least in the Western mindset. Not until the middle of the 15th Century did Copernicus (re)introduce the notion that our Earth was indeed spherical and was not at the center of the Universe….What? How dare he think we not to be masters of the Universe! some of his colleagues and the priests would scream! It was five centuries later when we first saw our own Earth from space and came to realize that not only were we not the center of the Universe, we were just a tiny speck of dust way out in the back 40 (from the perspective of the 3rd dimension, that is) and no where near the center of anything but in our own anthropocentric minds.

Carl Sagan said in his book “Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space” (Random House 1994):

(T)he aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every ‘superstar,’ every ‘supreme leader,’ every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived here, on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors, so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot… . Our posturings, our imagined self importance, the delusion that we have some privleged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light.

Can anyone look at the arrow above showing that “You Are Here” and not have a flicker of humility? Wisdom teachers from many ancient cultures, through ancient manuscripts, codices, stelae and other means preserved for us the need for humility as a Spiritual path. One of Jesus’ sayings was: “Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:4) . Although I am not one to visit traditional churches or church-based web sites, I did find a wonderully insightful and even humorous interpretation of humility written by Pastor Eugene Harder on their New Hope Community Church website in Humility The Road To Strength. (Excerpt: “Please expel from your mind your extreme, outrageous and the radical perceptions of humility. I invite you to seriously consider this truth . . . ‘Humility puts us on the road to wholeness, pride locks us into denial and defeat.'”)

Beyond humility, though, I look at the above portrait of our galaxy and our place in it, and I see our “mote of dust” as a thought in the Universal Mind/God/Higher Mind, whatever we choose to call it. Have you ever had a nagging thought, a vague feeling that something is just not right or something is alerting you that you just can’t pin down ? If we view this on the scale of the Universal Mind, this troubled thought we call Earth has been a sore thumb in Universal Mind with all its internal and external strife. We talk about love, respect, unity, but even in the 21st Century when the common man has been able to come in intact with many cultures and find much more in common than not, our so-called leaders seem to be bent on creating wars and manipulating the masses for sinister and greedy reasons instead of using that agressive energy to bring prosperity to ALL to all the planet through our encomonic powers and through humility (there’s that word again) of understanding that lifting up others around the planet lifts us up as well.

The Druids, Mayans, and Native Americans, and other pre-Churchianity cultures stressed humility as well, and my personal perspective is that we have interpreted humility as a weak point in this Era of the patriarchal imbalance on our planet. Humility, however, simply means understanding that are are all sailing uncharted territory together on this spacecraft called Earth right along with millions of other spacecraft. If our boat starts sinking, it would be best to work as a team to plug the leaks rather than killing our fellow helpers. If Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise were constantly at each other’s throats, would they have nurtured the unity and mutual respect for each other (and ambassadors from other planets) to keep a proper balance in place for survival ? I think not.

I also see our mote of dust, as Dr. Sagan termed it, as a cell in the body of “billions and billions” (another Sagan legacy) of other cells in the known and the unknowns of the Universe. This Earth cell seems to run rampant every so often and creates a cancer that needs to be irradiated so that it does not overcome all the other cells. This, for me, naturally turns my thoughts to the extraterrestial phenomenon that has been with us long before Roswell, but that is another story. In our system, the Sun is in charge as the radiation therapist of our particular solar system to my mind via Earth changes (brought about by re-coding DNA through the rays of its LIGHT from my perspective***).

It boils down to this for me: As Above So Below. We must push all the exquisite mind energy and creativity into a positive mindset on this planet to wipe out the “nagging negative thought” to bring about balance in nature and to bring about a higher conscious awareness; to know deeply how everything is connected. We all might need to consider that these cancers that develop from time to time are initiated by sinister and greed-driven powers, some of whom are from here and some of whom are not. But again, another story.

Surely, our world leaders must know our position in the Universal scheme, yet they continue to lead us into wars and ruination of our planet. I perceive that some of them have connections to intelligent beings on other planets or dimensions, and Earth is somehow a strategic location—an ongoing battle is being waged to control it. However, because these Powers That Be are blocked from the Light entirely, they somehow seem to believe that they can make provisions to survive while the rest of humanity suffers. They have it all wrong. They will ride through the Galactic Car Wash right along with the rest of all living things and planetary bodies with no place to hide. The sprays of “water” will seep into the deepest caves and and the driving blowers will push aside the highest mountains. Going off planet for them will not be an option since the entire solar system will be affected and cleaned. Escaping through interdimensional portals would simply force them to confront Self.

My suggestion to the Dark T-Shirt team on this planet would be to reach for humility and conscience. It will not prevent our rendevous with the Galactic Car Wash but it just might save their Souls. Our solar system will survive the “waters” and the blowers as we get a cleansing, but we will exit with a much cleaner Spiritual windshield through which we see our place in the galaxy. Darkness cannot survive in such a world of Enlightenment.

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Scientifically and Intuitively, It’s Bigger Than Us

We used to perceive our Sun as having a yellowish hue. Kindergarten youngsters today might not see it that way when they draw a Sun on their crayon drawings. From my perspective, the Sun has grown progressively whiter over the past several years and with it an ever enlarging irradiance (or halo) that surrounds it. Whether it be within the vastness of outer space or within the microcosm of DNA material, nothing changes without everything else changing as well. Many of the planets affected by our Sun are changing. I love to follow science as a spectator with all the intrigue and discovery that comes with it. But I am also acutely aware that what should be a completely objective and independent area of study has been politicalized and manipulated ad nauseum. It has also been silenced.

From my perspective, the Sun is the main precursor of climatic change in any era and not just on Earth but with most of the planets in our solar system. While it is probably quite true that our extremely bad habit of polluting this beautiful Little Blue Marble of ours could be interfering or modifying somewhat what would otherwise be the completely natural effect of major cyclic/climatic change, our role is minor at best in my opinion. There are alot of political reasons for scientists to be pressured into, bought off, or even completely denied access to government-kept research into the phenomenon of global warming. Blaming it all on human emissions opens the way for an excuse for more taxing, more centralized control, and ever more suppression of the human population. But from my perspective, there is a much more motivated reason for taking attention away from our Sun and keeping the issue “local.” The electromagnetic configuration of our Sun is changing dramatically, and while our planetary Handlers want to convince us that this is just a “world gone crazy” that they must manage, they ultimately do not want us to consciously realize that we are in the “crazy” process of experiencing…..Our Awakening.

I would wager that alot of people perceive this intuitively if even on a subconscious level. For example, more and more people I come in contact with these days are becoming intuitively aware that their perceptions about ideas, people, and institutions are changing; they are experiencing glimpses of movement or “shadow” in the periphery of vision that they did not experience previously in their lives ; they feel more compelled to improve Self and to help others. From my perspective, these are source symptoms that correlate the electromagnetic changes occurring with our Sun with an upgrade in DNA as our orbiting solar system begins to align with the galactic center. I personally perceive that the mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA passed down by females) was the first to be affected but more and more, our DNA will react to the changing (hyperdimensionally induced?) vibration of the Sun’s radiance. This may be why species unknown before are beginning to be discovered on our planet; this may explain why previously overlooked ancient texts and artifacts are suddenly being “discovered” because a visually higher vibrational spectrum is beginning to seed the rods and cones of the human eye. The changing configuration of the electromagnetic rays of the Sun, in my opinion, are vibrating into our 3rd dimensional world a slow but exponentially growing ability suddenly to come to terms with Truth—that the chains binding us have been in our mind only—an illusion. Once critical mass is achieved (and perhaps if certain Enlightening discoveries are loosed in the Middle East), the Handlers on this planet will be subsumed by our collective Light. Poof. I dare to put forth that it is this Truth that Dark forces fear most. What’s more, Darkness cannot vibrate into the Light so if they press on with their inhumane and ecologically distasterous wars, I suppose they will become their own worst terrorists here** while the rest of us begin to shift into a higher dimension and become the future “missing link” in 3D Earth history :-) .

That aside, it is always wise to be mindful of our fragile ecology: Recycle whenever possible, ride a bike, limit electricity use or better yet, go solar!

Our changing Sun will handle the rest.

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(In the context of the positioning of our Little Blue Marble into alignment with the Galactic Center, which is already beginning, Earth indeed becomes very significant in partnering with our other intrasystem solar planets to prepare for cyclical change (rebirth if you will) that will bring us back into the fold of the interplanetary Enlightenment.)


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The Water Bearer

I have seen the Water Bearer and it is US…

In an attempt to pull back from the chaos of disinformation, dishonesty, and downright near-collapse of this administration in D.C. with the myriad issues that have surfaced from the deep abyss of secrets, I believe I am beginning to see the Water Bearer.

On the surface of it, it is heartbreaking and a disgrace to see our U.S. Constitution being trampled on and our rights violated.   It is obvious that We The People have begun to wake big time and are uniting in an 11th hour surge of our own to take it back and preserve it.  This I believe WILL be won back by We The People, although it will take a great deal of cleaning up when the fight is over.   Our young are at the leading edge of the monolith sweeping us into the new era of  Aquarius with the promise of both Enlightenment on this planet and progressive changes that will be made because of it.  So, yes, I believe we will have salvaged our Constitution but will actually, as a result of all the experiences we went through and witnessed, carve an even better Constitution and one that not only serves to bring fair and just laws to ALL peoples but incorporates the wisdom we have gained in these changing times.  Perhaps specific laws regarding respect for our Earth will be written in that Constitution as a reminder of what had taken place in the “old age” of Pisces (the illusionist).

I am one of those who does not believe in random events.  There are no coincidences.  Many of us know that “hindsight is 20/20 vision” and can often identify the source and pattern of what leads to an outcome only when we have been distanced from it.   That our traditional political, religious, and educational structures are coming apart at the seams at the same time that the human race is awakening and seeing the illusions is a “natural law” for this coming age.   No where else on this planet is the Water Bearer as strong in pouring out the Spirit to lead the masses to a new age of humanity, peace, harmony, fairness, and the promise of just wisdom than in America.    With all the struggles and differences we have faced since its inception, we have had the distinction of being uniquely free, and 225+ years of freedom of speech has helped to form and shape new ideas and concepts that would not have been possible before the immigrations began to this continent.  Perhaps sinister forces had (and have) harbored a very different course for this continent, but in the end the symbol that will ultimately arise (perhaps even next to the Statue of Liberty!) will be the Water Bearer who poured the Spiritual waters over the Earth, bringing (once again) Enlightenment.

From my view in the bleachers, it appears to me that I have seen the Water Bearer and it is U.S….the U.S.A.   It is up to us collectively to recognize the great responsibility we have to escort all of humanity on this planet into the new age where the idea of intentional suffering of any living thing on the planet is relegated to some future history lesson about “primitive thought in 20th-21st Century man.”    But first, it appears we may need to undergo the depths of chaos both internally and externally to achieve the mandate given us, much like the contractions and labor pains that bring life into this world.  I believe it will be a healthy new baby that takes it first breath.

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March 19, 2010

Slaying Of The Gmork or Growing A Foundation On Love


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 Gmork confesses his sins to Atreyu
When it comes to controlling human beings, there is no better instrument than lies. Because you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts. That’s why I sided with the powerful and served them–because I wanted to share their power.”
Michael Ende, from The Neverending Story

 Oslo terrorist Anders Breivik lived up to the Gmork’s confession exquisitely with his alleged FB statement:
One person with a belief is equal to the force of 10,000  who only have interests

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The entry in my diary for 04/20/01 reads in part:

“I got a call from the home office today, and it really put things in perspective for me. (K) was calling about the month-end billings, and said  ‘Oh! It would be devastating if we can’t get month-ends out in time.’  Huh? Compared to what?  If late billing cycles are ‘devastating’, then how would watching a child’s brains scatter in a street under the wheel of a cement truck seem to you? I have witnessed this. How about the feeling of having your arms protectively wrapped around a wife and daughter while helplessly witnessing the drowning of the husband and father? I have done this.  I really wanted to ask: “What is it that you value here? What is it that drives you to exhaust so much time and energy over a billing cycle? Doesn’t anyone see the Great Cycle to end all cycles, here?  I resisted the temptation, though. Perhaps I’m feeling an internal alarm clock about to go off. A thrust of irrational forces seems to be pushing me off-center. I acknowledge the warning and silence myself.  I cannot seem to find the concise words to express this, but “Give me liberty, or give me death” is running through my mind right now. I have no idea what that has to do with billing cycles. I am working in the corporate world, but I am not OF it. When I enter into this energy, it feels like a machine programmed to treat folders of paper like demigods. I push it away, but the lessons I am learning here are priceless.”

Written months before 9/11/01, I was even then bewildered by the importance placed on things so driven by money, competitiveness, and frankly—fear.  It was about the time I wrote that entry above that I learned my boss had been involved in removing a member from a Chamber of Commerce position simply because that person had not accepted a certain bid for engineering on a local project.  Most in the office patted him on the back, but I noticed him sitting alone in the conference room one day reading over the latest directives from the main office in NY.  Something in me took over and I went to sit with him.  He finally looked up and when he did, I said “Mr. (M), does it occur to you that what happened to that man was unethical? Doesn’t that bother you?” His mouth dropped.  Me, the lowly administrative assistant approaching the Big Man about ethics.  But he engaged me in conversation and wanted to know what I thought was “wrong” about what had occurred.  Well, in the end he just grunted and went back to reading over the directive and I went back to my desk.

Five months after that discussion, 9/11 occurred.  My boss was in PA for a regional meeting.  Because of the chaos of that horrible day, he was not able to fly back into our city.  Eventually, he and a few other managers rented a car and drove straight from Pittsburgh to New Mexico without stopping for the night.  It took them three days and when they arrived at the office, they all looked like they had been on a 3-day binge. They were unshaven and disheveled, with dark circles under their eyes…and they were quite unable to cope almost to tears with the ordeal.

Perhaps a week or so after that fiasco, Mr. (M) confronted me while I was in the copy room.  He wanted to talk about ethics!  Would it be ethical to do this or that…would it be unethical to do another thing.  I finally asked him why he was asking these things of me and he simply said, “I think my world is falling apart.” He later left the company to assist some Indian Pueblos with their civil projects. Mr. (M) took the right path back rather than allowing indifference evolve into Gmork-like behavior.

And the husband of Ms. (K) who had obsessed and stressed so much over billing cycles died in one of the twin towers.

It felt like the world was falling apart for millions of people in the wake of 9/11.  Now, in 2010, we have experienced almost nine years of  what feels like a slow-motion, free-fall planetary collapse.  From my perspective, in the midst of all the breakdown and chaos from the outside world, I have carefully noticed over time the evolving expression of some of the most thoughtful, introspective, Enlightened writings from people around the world I had never known.  And, over time there has been a terrific  groundswell of people going within for guidance and consequently emerging with a more highly developed and exercised soul which in turn is contributing to the higher Collective Consciousness.  Though some may not be able to handle the higher vibration of energy coursing through the aether now, it is my hope that once we rebuild that which has been taken down in the world, it will be built on a Foundation of Love.

Although elitists and their tyrannical puppets behind the push for World dominance (NWO) have quietly planned and thoroughly considered their every step to achieve their goal for many centuries now, there is a component that they did not calculate. They always seem to underestimate (and are thoroughly incapable of considering) the determination in the hearts and minds of  humanity when pushed to the edge of the envelope of Freedom. They cannot factor in understanding love, compassion, unity…they are simply incapable.

So, it surely warms my heart to see the masses now taking it to the streets and making that greatest of leaps to stand outside Self and poke our heads above the waters of illusion to realize our true interconnectedness. Again, from my perspective, the ultimate goal for humanity is and always has been to rise to new levels of awareness of our life purpose, which I express as climbing out of the abyss of darkness and back into the Light [Light IS information]. We have been in the dark for 2000 years and much longer, but we are on the verge of achieving the return of the Light in this generation.  For every villain at the pinnacle, we also have a Benevolent Light worker coming through now to join in witnessing our shift to a higher vibration.

The more we grow our communities on a foundation of Love and Justice, the greater our realization for Higher Consciousness will grow, and easier it will be to once and for all achieve the Slaying Of The Gmork.  As angry as the news these days can make me feel, I can envision a Great Transformation toward a much better, peaceful, enlightened world arising from the depths of our Hearts.   In purely energetic terms, our world is about to move from the negative era of patriarchal push-and-shove to a positive era of matriarchal ebb-and-flow. Onward and Upward, Lightworkers.

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Kill three million of them and the rest will eat out of our hands.”
President Yahya Khan
Robert Payne, Massacre [1972 (p. 50)

  [Added Aug 2011]: I tell you true, what is going on is an infiltration by evildoers —I’ll just call them The Great Gmork’s Crusaders–wherever peaceful protests become threatening, inserting themselves to suppress the Awakening.  We cannot go on getting this message out in parables.  The “NWO” or whatever anyone wants to call it, is deep in the throes of a power struggle at the top of the “world pyramid” to gain strategic control of this planet.  They don’t want a peace-loving  Humanity getting in the way.  Look, Earth may seem on an astronomy map as a dot out in the back 40 in a 3-dimensional view but strategically, Earth’s wealth of natural resources is being fought for off this planet, as well as on it.  The confiscation of public assets and hoarding of stolen money at the hands of a small group of elite banksters is nothing more than an attempt to keep the masses too weak to hit back as they move to take complete control over the planet.    But the gift of The Awakening is reaching Humanity globally now so we can rise up and move past seeing events as  they appear to be and define with much more clarity that which is.

“Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But, conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Middle East and World-Wide Rolling Revolutions: Breaking The Fear Barrier



Egypt court overturns military right to arrest civilians
“But rights groups and politicians challenged the decision, accusing the military of reviving emergency powers that stymied opposition to Hosni Mubarak until a popular uprising ended his three-decade rule in February last year.”
“On Tuesday, a court agreed with them.”
” ‘The court declares in its ruling that the Minister of Justice raped the authority bestowed by the constitution by issuing a decision to give members of the military police and military intelligence powers of arrest,’ a document from the Cairo court explaining Judge Ali Fikry’s ruling read.”
Now if we can just get our Supreme Court justices to stop raping our own Constitution and follow by striking down Citizens United and NDAA, particularly.

Radio Free Europe:
NATO ‘Stands’ With Turkey, But Does Not Invoke Article 5
“NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has vowed that NATO will “stand together with Turkey” amid heightened tensions with Syria following the downing of a Turkish jet last week. “
“Rasmussen said that the security of the alliance is “indivisible” but that NATO diplomats who met in Brussels on June 26 did not discuss whether to invoke Article 5 of NATO’s charter, which would categorize the downing of the jet as an attack on the entire alliance.”
NATO should never have been formed.  By its very nature, it drags countries into wars that are not and never were theirs to fight.   Glad to see that NATO may be figuring this out by itself.


Islamist joy as Morsy elected Egypt president
“The announcement ended a week of angry disputes over the count in the poll to replace Mubarak, pushed aside by his fellow officers 16 months ago to appease the Arab Spring revolution.”
“The generals say they want to hand over to civilian rule but are plainly set on defending their privileges and suspicious of the ability of Egypt’s fragmented, and long oppressed, political movements to establish a stable constitutional democracy.”


Boston Com:
Turkey says Syria down (sic) its air force jet
“A statement following a two-hour security meeting led by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the warplane that went missing near Syria was downed by Syrian forces and that the two Turkish pilots remain missing. It said Turkey “will determinedly take necessary steps” in response, without saying what they would be.”
So, the “Gmork Wars” are getting tenser by the hour.  Igniting catastrophic wars when politically cornered (or out of money) is their game – yet it now seems more like Gmork-on-Gmork wars being waged over all our heads.


Zero Hedge:
Saudi Arabia’s Prince Nayef, Next In Line To Throne, Dies; Saudi Shares Plunge
“Coming into the weekend, most were focusing on key events coming out of Greece and France, possibly Egypt, but nobody expected that Saudi Arabia would be thrown into the fray. That just happened, however, following news that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has died in Geneva, according to Saudi state television, citing a royal court statement. The news has sent Saudi shares sliding, because now 89-year-old King Abdullah must nominate a new heir for the second time in nine months. And the last thing the middle-east region needs, not to mention the world’s biggest oil producer, needs is more geopolitical uncertainty.”
It is pretty safe to say at this point that the entire geopolitical landscape on this planet is changing, and it’s not because global PTB wish to change things – it is because “Universe” has been throwing a mighty wrench into any and all things that prop up old, tired, corrupted regimes around the world.  It’s time TPTB gave up the ghost – figuratively and literally.  A new world is coming, developing exponentially these days, IMHO.


Egypt court dissolves Islamist-led parliament
“The politically charged rulings dealt a heavy blow to the fundamentalist Islamic Brotherhood, with one senior member calling the decisions a ‘full-fledged coup,’ and the group vowed to rally the public against Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister to serve under Mubarak.”
“Activists who engineered Egypt’s uprising have long suspected that the generals would try to cling to power, explaining that after 60 years as the nation’s single most dominant institution, the military would be reluctant to surrender its authority or leave its economic empire to civilian scrutiny.”
Don’t give up, Egyptian activists.  The winds of change (for the better) are in your future.  What is occurring right now is the sound of the death throes of a dying system of old cronies and antiquated belief systems.


Thousands of Israelis stage protest marches
“The largest rally was in Tel Aviv, with more than 3,000 participants calling for social justice.”
“In Jerusalem more than 1,000 people headed towards Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence bearing placards saying ‘Swinish capitalism is not kosher‘, ‘We want justice, not charity’ and ‘The people demand social justice,’ an AFP correspondent said.”
:cool:  But this article is reporting much smaller numbers than the video below implies.


Independent UK:
Egypt’s Mubarak sentenced to life in prison
“Deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison today for ordering the killing of protesters during the uprising that swept him from power last year.”
“Presiding judge Ahmed Refaat also sentenced his former interior minister, Habib el-Adli, to life in prison on the same charge.”
…and another one gone, another one gone


Egypt’s infamous emergency law expires
“Egypt’s emergency laws, widely used under the rule of ousted President Hosni Mubarak to silence political opponents, have expired for the first time in 31 years, the country’s ruling military council announced on Thursday.”
“The stifling effect of the laws, implemented after the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981, were one of the key drivers of the uprising that forced Mubarak from power.”
One small step by their government and one huge step for the Egyptian citizens.


Tunisian military tribunal seeks death penalty for Ben Ali
“It is the first time the death penalty has been sought against the ousted longtime dictator, although he has already been sentenced to more than 66 years in prison on a range of other charges including drug trafficking and embezzlement.”
“[...]  former prime minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, who led the first post-Ben Ali government, has blamed his former boss. “
In January this year, he testified that he called on Ben Ali to tell security forces to stop shooting live rounds against residents in Kasserine.”
“Ben Ali supposedly then said such tactics could be justified as self-defence .
  Coward.  Anyone with that much (former) power who would dare to allegedly suggest “self defense” in these killings can only be thinking about their own hold on that power and money.  The people wanted him out – just stepping down is all they wanted.

Wavering Egyptians vote for president
“Egyptians, choosing their leader freely for the first time in history, voted for a second day on Thursday in an election that is a fruit of last year’s popular revolt against Hosni Mubarak.”


YouTube:  Amazing:  Hundreds of Thousands refusing Bahraini Saudi Union 
“Titled “My Country, Here I am at Your Service” and organized by the Bahraini opposition blocs, the rally has been peaceful with the masses chanting loudly slogans like “No Union without our consent”, “We won’t sacrifice our sovereignty”, “Away with the Government” and the like. Size-wise, the protest has been estimated to be exceeding 300,000 participants, nearing the record-breaking rally of March 9, which Bahrain has never seen before”

YouTube:  English Report About 300,000 Bahrainis Protest Against The Bilateral Union  “”


Zero Hedge:
Israel’s Key Energy Provider, Egypt, Cuts Off All Gas Supplies
” Egypt just reminded at least one country why perhaps caution about the instability caused by having a military in charge of the most populous Arabic country and the one boasting “the Canal”, should have been heeded after Egypt just announced that it is cutting off its natural gas supplies to Israel, which just so happens relies on Egypt for 40% of its energy needs. ” [emphasis embedded in article]


Guns silent in hours after Syria truce deadline
“The Interior Ministry urged rebels to surrender, promising to free those who had not killed, and broadcast an appeal to the thousands who fled battered cities like Homs and Hama to return from the havens they found in Turkey, Lebanon and within Syria.”
“But streets in troubled towns remained nervously empty and, in one clear report of violence after the ceasefire, activists said security forces shot a man dead at a checkpoint in Hama.”


Wash. Examiner:
Yemen: Ex-president’s loyalists attack airport
“Armed tribesmen and troops in uniform driving pickup trucks mounted with heavy weapons opened fire on a tower and destroyed it, he said. Then they surrounded the airport at the capital Sanaa, cut roads and sent passengers’ vehicles away. Authorities canceled flights, the official said.”
“The attack comes a day after Yemen’s new President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi fired key security officials appointed by ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh including his half brother, the air force commander Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar, and his nephew, Tariq, who headed the presidential guard.” [emphasis mine]
  The collective nest of Gmorks in this world are desperate to keep power.  They will soon discover that their time is over—done—kaput—poof.  No one said bringing them down would be easy, but it will be done – this year.


Concerns as UAE shuts down rights groups
“Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, has raised concerns over a move by the United Arab Emirates, a key US ally in the Gulf, to shut down a US-funded rights advocacy group.”
“The closure of the NDI’s office in Dubai came in the same week that a German pro-democracy think tank, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, was ordered to close in Abu Dhabi.”

02/06/12 CS Monitor:Americans face prosecution as Egypt ignores Clinton, Congress
Egypt is bringing criminal charges against at least 40 people, including some American citizens, over the foreign funding of nongovernmental organizations, sharply raising the stakes in a standoff with the US that has put $1.3 billion in US military aid to Egypt at risk.”
“A trial of American citizens in Egypt would bring the tension to near breaking point at a critical juncture. The US is trying to preserve ties with Egypt after the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak, a longtime US ally. US officials have trod carefully with the military council that took power, hoping to preserve access amid a tumultuous time of transition. “
  What a tangled web we weave…..

12/29/11 WaPo:Egyptian security forces raid offices of U.S., other democracy groups
“Security forces and public prosecutors raided the Cairo offices of the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and Freedom House — all based in Washington. They also raided Germany’s Konrad Adenauer foundation and at least two Egyptian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), according to the state news agency MENA. “
” ‘The military council right now is not only trying to produce this third hand but also trying to get rid of all its critics,’ said Ziad Abdel Tawab, deputy director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies. ‘What’s happening right now is vengeance toward groups who’ve contributed somehow in the revolution.’ “
   This is the sort of evil that governments do when they are in their death throes.


National Post:
Libya’s former spy chief walked into trap set by French and Mauritanian authorities
“Gaddafi’s head of intelligence, right-hand man and brother-in-law, Abdullah al-Senussi, was arrested in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, last week. The still murky circumstances of his capture set Libya on a collision course with France and the International Criminal Court, which both want Senussi.”


Al Jazeera obtains secret Syria files
“The files provide an insight into President Bashar al-Assad’s strategy to suppress anti-government protests, including the lengths the government went to for protecting its strongholds.”
“The documents, running into hundreds of pages, point to a government desperate to keep control of the capital Damascus and include clear orders to stop protesters from getting into the city.”


Guardian UK:
Exclusive: secret Assad emails lift lid on life of leader’s inner circle
“The emails offer a rare window into the mind of the isolated Syrian leader, apparently lurching between self-pity, defiance and flippancy as he swapped links to amusing video footage with his aides and wife. On one occasion he forwards to an aide a link to YouTube footage of a crude re-enactment of the siege of Homs using toys and biscuits.”
“Much of Assad’s media advice comes from two young US-educated Syrian women, Sheherazad Jaafari and Hadeel al-Al.  [...] At one point, Jaafari boasts that CNN has fallen for a nom-de-guerre that she set up to post pro-regime remarks. The emails also reveal that the media team has convinced Twitter to close accounts that purport to represent the Syrian regime.”
  Of course, the  email input by “Iranian-connected” persons (which comes as no surprise) got top billing here but I find these two “US-educated Syrian women” boasting of fake names fed to media much more a focus of intrigues.


Egypt’s parliament wants Israel’s ambassador out
“The vote was taken by a show of hands on a report by the chamber’s Arab affairs committee that declared Egypt will ‘never’ be a friend, partner or ally of Israel. The report described Israel as the nation’s ‘number one enemy’ and endorsed what it called Palestinian resistance ‘in all its kinds and forms” against Israel’s’ aggressive policies.’ “
“The parliamentary report also called for the recall of Egypt’s ambassador in Israel and a revision of Egypt’s nuclear power policy in view of the widespread suspicion that Israel has a nuclear arsenal of its own.”
  It appears to be that Egypt is shaping up a much-needed counter balance in the ME.


Turkey condemns Israeli deadly strikes on Gaza
“Turkey called on the world not to remain indifferent but to react to Israel’s “disproportionate and indiscriminate retaliatory attacks” on Gaza on Friday and Saturday, the ministry said in a statement.”
“The strikes, reportedly to be the deadliest tit-for-tat attacks by Israel on Gaza in months, have triggered a barrage of rockets from the Gaza militants.”
  Israel’s militarized “irrational exuberance” is  pushing the envelope on “preventive” strikes way past the threshold of patience by 99% of the world population.

  03/10/12  Guardian UK: At least 15 killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza “Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have killed at least 15 people in an escalation of the worst clashes with Palestinian militants so far this year.”
“The strikes began on Friday, when Israeli air raids killed the senior militant leader Zohair al-Qaisi, the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). Israel claimed he was targeted because he was planning an attack.”


Bahrain delays UN investigator visit
“The Bahraini government has imposed restrictions on groups attempting to monitor reforms and has asked a United Nations investigator to delay a visit to investigate allegations of torture, the UN and rights groups say.”
“Mendez would express his regrets to Bahraini representatives in meetings next week over the ‘last minute postponement’, said Xabier Celaya, a spokesman for the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.”
  Perhaps this sudden turnaround has something to do with this?
03/01/12 NYT:
  Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say


Jordan Islamists want urgent Arab meet on Jerusalem
“Qatar’s emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani told the International Conference on Jerusalem in Doha on Sunday that the United Nations should probe Jewish settlement expansion in annexed Arab east Jerusalem, warning that ‘we must act quickly to stop the Judaisation of Jerusalem,’ “


Rights group urges US to investigate Yemen ex-president Saleh
“In a press release [text] on Tuesday, FIDH argued that because Saleh’s forces have committed serious human rights violations, Saleh should not be shielded by immunity:”

” ‘ International law and conventions stipulate that immunity cannot be granted to perpetrators of grave human rights violations such as torture. As a signatory to the Convention Against Torture and War Crimes Statute, and as a key member of the UN Security Council, the United States has an obligation to investigate the serious and credible allegations of torture and other widespread violations brought against Saleh.’ ” [emphasis mine]

  The WH better pay attention to this.  Forget Obama’s “economic recovery” rhetoric.  The bottom-line issue, as far as Washington D.C. goes, is for charges to be brought against the Bush family, Cheney, Rumsfield,  for torture and crimes against humanity  before this next election.  Period.  However, most of Congress is implicit in these crimes, as well as Obama himself.  Grab the mops and brooms.


Egypt Independent:
Workers and farmers try their hand at constitution writing
“In Shamma, a small village north of Cairo in Monufiya Governorate, about a hundred farmers gathered eagerly last Monday at a local youth center to discuss their dreams for Egypt’s future and what rights they hope the post-revolution constitution will protect, from public services to social security.”
“[Director of ECESR Khaled]Ali explained the meaning of the constitution, asking, ‘Can I write the terms of a contract between you and me and then announce it without you having a say in it? And then you become liable to that contract? The constitution contains your rights and obligations, and that’s why you have to participate in writing it.’ “


Deputy head of Libya’s ruling NTC resigns
“The NTC has the support of Western powers, but it is unelected, has been slow to restore basic public services, and some Libyans say too many of its members are tarnished by ties to Gaddafi.”
“Protesters say the NTC has failed to live up to the aspirations of the revolt against Gaddafi, the most violent of the “Arab Spring” uprisings. ‘We hoped for security, peace and transparency. We have seen the opposite,’ said Miftah Al-Rabia, 28, who was standing outside the NTC’s Benghazi headquarters on Sunday with a group of protesters.”


Raw Story:
U.S. closes Syria embassy, pulls out all staff
“Western powers have vowed to seek new ways to punish Assad’s government amid growing outrage over vetoes by Russia and China of a UN resolution condemning Syria for a deadly crackdown that has claimed the lives of more than 6,000 people since March, according to rights groups.”

Abbas to head Palestinian interim government
“The accord signed in Qatar was welcomed by officials from both rival Palestinian movements Hamas and Fatah, but Israel warned Abbas to choose between reconciliation with Hamas and making peace with the Jewish state.”
“The full line-up of the interim national consensus government, which will supervise the run-up to long-delayed presidential and legislative elections, is to be announced in Cairo next week at a meeting of all the Palestinian factions.”


Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria
“Thirteen countries on Saturday voted for the resolution proposed by European and Arab nations to give strong backing to the Arab League’s plan to end the violence in Syria that has claimed thousands of lives across the country since March 2011.”
“But Russia and China made a repeat of their rare double veto that blocked an earlier draft resolution on October 5.  Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador to the UN, said the veto of the new resolution was necessary because it ‘sent an unbalanced signal to the Syrian parties’.”
  Once again,  a country’s citizens take the horrendous brunt of bloated global politico-corporate  posturing.  This will start coming to an end —in a quite unexpected (and ultra-creative) way this year, IMHO.

More than 200 killed in Syria’s Homs before U.N. vote
“Death tolls cited by activists and opposition groups ranged from 217 to 260, making the Homs attack the deadliest so far in Assad’s crackdown on protests and one of the bloodiest episodes in the “Arab Spring” of revolts that have swept the region.”
“As news of the violence spread, crowds of Syrians stormed their country’s embassies in Cairo, London and Kuwait in protest, and rallied outside Syrian missions in Germany, Greece and the United States.”


Lawyer for Guantanamo detainee seeks to question Yemen president
“Lawyers for alleged al Qaeda senior leader Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri filed the motions seeking to question Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh while he is in the US receiving medical treatment. They argue that because Saleh will be in the jurisdiction of the US he can lawfully be subpoenaed.  Nashiri’s lawyers argue that Saleh, who was president of Yemen when the USS Cole attack occurred, may have information pertinent to their case. They also filed a motion for expedited ruling on the issue so the court should announce a decision on the motion soon.”
   It is way past time for the public to be able to hear the other side of the story from the alleged “terrorists” at Guantanamo.


Yemen’s Saleh says to leave for treatment in United States
“Saleh…asked Yemenis to forgive him for mistakes made during his rule.”
“Thousands of Yemenis protested on Sunday against Saleh’s immunity and demanded he be put on trial for offences they say he committed during his rule.”
“At the capital’s airport, dozens of members of Yemen’s airforce held a sit-in on the runway to demand the resignation of their commander, Saleh’s half-brother, accusing him of corruption.”
   Interesting that this very significant news about Yemen’s air force demanding the resignation of their commander is put at the very bottom of the article.


Yahoo news:
World Football – 73 killed in Egyptian pitch invasion
“Violence at football matches across north Africa has increased significantly since political unrest began

73 killed in Egyptian pitch invasion – Politicans & sports officials blame government Feb 01 2012

sweeping the region more than a year ago, and one player described Wednesday’s riot as ‘a war, not football’.”
Angry politicians and sports officials decried a lack of security at the match between Port Said team al-Masry and Al Ahli, one of Egypt’s most successful clubs, and blamed the nation’s leaders for allowing – or even causing – the tragedy.”
   Tragic. I understand that since this report, the dead counted has risen to 104.


Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous on Twitter: “Great footage of today’s massive march to Tahrir, one of the biggest in Egypt’s history” [emphasis mine]

Sharif Kouddous: “Unbelievable pic of hundreds of thousands in Tahrir and Kasr El Nile bridge leading to it Jan 25 2012″


Egypt Independent
The plot to topple the state
“As the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution approaches, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is continuing to issue shrill warnings of a plot to topple the state. The most direct came from Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi himself, when he said last week, ‘Egypt is facing grave dangers it has not seen before.’ He added, ‘The armed forces are the backbone that protects Egypt. These schemes are aimed at targeting that backbone.’ “
“Tantawi is right. There is a plot to topple the state. Egypt’s revolution has evolved from an uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak into a deeper struggle aimed at uprooting the military regime that has ruled the country for the past 60 years and served as the backbone of its modern autocracy.
   In the 21st century, the global uprising is all about snapping the backbone of tyranny.  It’s no longer about a glancing blow to the Gmork’s minions in this world [which only brought them back in different clothing] but a decisive defeat at its root, anywhere and everywhere it has planted itself over thousands of years .


Guardian UK:
Libya suspends transitional government members
“The announcement came the day after protesters stormed the National Transitional Council offices in Benghazi and carted off computers, chairs and desks while Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, head of the NTC, was holed up inside.”
“Abdul-Jalil told The Associated Press he suspended the six representatives from Benghazi, the main city in eastern Libya. They can continue to serve only if approved by the local city council.”


Protesters attack NTC’s Benghazi headquarters

Protesters attack NTC’s Benghazi headquarters (Reuters) Jan 21 2012

“Residents in Benghazi have been protesting for nearly two weeks, demanding more transparency and justice from the country’s new leaders. There are more protests planned beginning in February to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the revolt that overthrew longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi.”
” ‘We demanded many times before to compensate the injured people and to provide those people with intensive care, but no one respond to our demands. Benghazi has been neglected,’ protester Ahmed Taher told Reuters.”
“Some have pitched tents outside the NTC’s headquarters to protest against a set of election laws they say were drafted by the interim leaders without consulting the public.”
   I hope the protesters there will learn that peaceful protest is best (but they have been through hell), but one thing is for sure—citizens of most countries now protesting their governments will definitely be back if changes are sorta…kinda….maybe going to be made.  The respective protesters know what we want and won’t be fooled again.

HRW calls on West to accept Islamist rise to power
“The Arab Spring revolts began in Tunisia in late 2010 and quickly spread to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, deposing or challenging authoritarian rulers as citizens who long seemed incapable or unwilling to rise against decades of repression took to the streets in a stunning awakening.”
“In some ways, the unexpected Arab uprisings have amounted to a slap to the United States and other Western governments, which had supported autocratic regimes that served as bulwarks against Islamists hostile to the West and appeared to offer stability in a volatile region.”
   This is a very good (but tiny) beginning for bringing healing and true democracy based on a true consensus of the people—not on power mongers and totalitarian mindset.  It’s just a start; however, this will be a year when what used to happen over a span of 100 years could occur in a day.  Next up will be to untangle and sideline the incredible evil behind the Financial Tyranny on this planet.


Yemen parliament approves immunity law

Yemen parliament approves immunity law for Saleh et. al Jan 21 2012

“The Yemeni parliament has unanimously approved a law giving the country’s outgoing president immunity from prosecution in return for his stepping down under a Gulf-brokered transition deal.  The law, adopted on Saturday, gives Ali Abdullah Saleh “complete” immunity and also offers partial protection from legal action to his aides.”
“The immunity, which was a crucial element of the hard-won Gulf Arab deal that Saleh signed in November, had been condemned by US-based Human Rights Watch as a ‘licence to kill’ and criticised by protesters and the UN.  The immunity would cover the 33-year period of Saleh’s presidency and could not be cancelled or appealed against.”
   How is it that someone like Troy Davis was electrocuted despite international outcries about clearly reasonable doubt in his murder case, yet this Yemen leader, who clearly has committed unconscionable human-rights atrocities and kills his people  (as well as Bush/Cheney and other “leaders” who clearly contributed to war crimes) is allowed complete immunity from prosecution?


Turks protest ‘no conspiracy’ ruling in journalist’s murder

Turks protest ‘no conspiracy’ ruling in journalist’s murder (Mustafa Ozer/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images) Jan 20 2012

“Television reports said around 20,000 people joined the demonstration. “
“On Tuesday an Istanbul court sentenced Yasin Hayal, 31, to life in prison for inciting the murder.  But the court acquitted more than a dozen other suspects, ruling that there was no wider plot to kill Dink, who had angered nationalists with his views on Turkish-Armenian history, as alleged by his supporters.”
” ‘They surrounded us with lies. It has been like this for five years and they finally gave us two people and asked us to be content with them,’ journalist Karin Karakasli told the crowd.”
   As I read through this news,  my thought was Wow. sounds like a page taken from the “official” 911 story and the sham “investigation’ by the 911 Commission.


Thousands in Jerusalem protest racism against Ethiopian Israelis
“Some 5,000 people were demonstrating in Jerusalem on Wednesday in protest of the racism against Ethiopian immigrants in Israel.”
“The protesters blocked a major road in Jerusalem and marched in front of the Knesset while holding signs that read, ‘Blacks and Whites – We’re all Equal’, ‘Social Justice,’ ‘Our Blood is Only Good for Wars.’ “

Thousands gather for protest march in Bucharest

Thousands gather for protest march in Bucharest (AP Photo/Octav Ganea) Jan 19 2012

“Thousands of Romanians marched through their capital on Thursday to demand the resignation of their government for imposing harsh austerity measures in order to receive international loans for the nation’s battered economy.”
” ‘We want decent salaries and pensions,” said one protester who only identified himself as Tudor, a 43-year-old locksmith. ‘We want change — from the top to the bottom.’ “
“Another protester, a 55-year-old nurse named Lorelei said, ‘We wouldn’t have needed to have austerity measures if our governments hadn’t stolen so much and bled us dry.’ “
It is becoming crystal clear that protesting populations across the world are wide awake and know exactly who is to blame for this global economic conflagration. The participating global banksters, along with the heads of those governments who colluded with them to pilfer the treasuries of these countries must have their assets liquidated, with all proceeds delivered to the affected countries and redistributed to the people.


Romania’s PM warns protesters on fifth day

Romanian protests enter 5th day (Reuters photo) Jan 16 2011

“Speaking on the fifth day of demonstrations in the capital, Bucharest, on Monday, Emile Boc, the prime minister, said violent clashes would jeopardise stability and economic growth.”
“Romania imposed harsh austerity measures under the agreement, reducing public wages by 25 per cent and increasing taxes.  The catalyst for the protests, however, was the resignation of Raed Arafat, a popular health official, on Tuesday after he opposed health reforms that the government had proposed.”
   The effects of the  asinine tunnel-vision moves by the Federal Reserve and global banksters has reverberated to all corners of the world.  Their greed and lust for power has caused tremendous pain to humanity and in return, humanity demands to see prosecutions undertaken at the highest levels.

AJE 09/27/10: Romania minister quits over protest “Vasile Blaga, the Romanian interior minister, has resigned three days after thousands of police took part in an unauthorised protests and chanted anti-government slogans over wage cuts.”


Arab News Com:
Tunisia marks 1st anniversary of Arab Spring

Tunisia marks 1st anniversary of Arab Spring (AP/Amine Landoulsi) Jan 14 2012

“Now a human rights activist is president, and a moderate Islamist jailed for years by the old regime is prime minister at the head of a diverse coalition, after the freest elections in Tunisia’s history.”
“Tunisian media reported that the new leadership, to mark the anniversary, pardoned 9,000 convicts and converted the sentences of more than 100 prisoners from the death penalty to life in prison.”
  Power to the people!  Congratulations Tunisian citizens.


Christian Science Monitor:
Observer mission in Syria begins to unravel, pushing forward UN option

Observer mission in Syria begins to unravel, pushing forward UN option (Shaam News Network/AP) Jan 12 2012

“One member of the Arab League‘s observer mission in Syria has quit and another is threatening to leave, calling the mission a ‘farce’ and saying their presence in the country made little difference. Their criticism echoes what Syrian anti-Assad activists and much of the international community have been saying from the outset – that the mission had no power and would only be used by the Assad regime as a cover-up.”
“If the league admits that the mission has failed, it will be under immense pressure to refer Syria to the UN Security Council, although some members strongly oppose that action and may try to block it. Russia has also opposed UN action on Syria, although an appeal from the Arab League may sway its decision, according to Reuters.”
  One positive turn of events that Arab Spring and Occupy movements have gifted the world with is that they have succeeded in bringing a vast nest of GMORKS into the limelight.  These Gmorks will fight tooth and nail but in the end, both in the East and in the West, they will fall on their own swords.  The planetary future is on the side of Humanity.

Another French Journalist killed, this time in Syria

Times of IndiaFrench journalist killed in Syria on official trip
“The killing of Gilles Jacquier, who worked for France-2 Television, was likely to become a rallying cry for both sides, as the regime and the opposition blame each other for a recent spate of mysterious attacks. “

The West Australian:French-Algerian journalist found dead in Yemen
“Police said an identification card from France 24 television channel was found with the body. The broadcaster later told Reuters the man was not one of its employees.”


Prosecutor wants death for Mubarak, security boss
“Earlier in Thursday’s hearing, chief prosecutor Mustafa Suleiman said Mubarak was “politically and legally” responsible for the killing of the protesters and charged that the former president did nothing to stop the killings that he was aware of from meetings with aides, regional TV channels and reports by his security agencies.”
“Addressing Mubarak directly, Suleiman said, ‘If you had not issued these orders yourself, then where was your outburst of rage over the lives of your people?’ Testimonies by two interior ministers who succeeded el-Adly, he said, pointed out that the defendant could not have given the order to use live ammunition against the protesters without Mubarak’s personal approval, said Suleiman.”


Arab League calls Syria emergency meeting
“The Arab League has called for an emergency meeting to discuss whether to withdraw its monitors from Syria in the wake of reports that security forces are still killing anti-government protesters despite the observers’ presence.”
“Meanwhile, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy demanded that Assad step down, accusing him of overseeing sickening ‘massacres’ against his own people.  Sarkozy told an audience of French military personnel that the Syrian people should be allowed ‘to freely choose their own destiny’ after facing what he denounced as a brutal repression that inspires ‘disgust and revulsion’. “
  This is the same Sarkozy who recently participated in wiping out Democracy in Greece and Italy, all for the sake of some Grand Plan by a small, psychopathic cartel to control this planet.   The blind leading the blind?  Desperation.


Voice of America:
Tens of Thousands Protest Against Hungary Government

Tens of Thousands Protest Against Hungary Government (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky) Jan 02 2012

“‘Popular discontent has added to pressure on Orban’s government, and some 30,000 protesters gathered outside the Budapest Opera House to voice their disquiet as Fidesz and government leaders arrived for a gala celebrating the Basic Law.”
“Sandor Szekely, co-chairman of the Solidarity movement which organised the rally, told Reuters the heavy-handed ways of the government had generated unprecedented opposition unity and cooperation between political and civilian activist groups.”

Seems that wherever the IMF/EU/FedRes butt in, chaos ensues.  I’m reserving judgment on what exactly is behind this protest until I have more knowledge about it.


Time – World:
Syria: Half a Million People Take to Streets in Protest
“(BEIRUT) — In the largest protests Syria has seen in months, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets Friday in a display of defiance to show an Arab League observer mission the strength of the opposition movement.”
When you have nothing left to lose….unify!


Kazakh activists urge Tony Blair to give up ‘adviser’ role
“In a letter in the opposition newspaper Respublika entitled ‘Blood of the people on your hands, Blair’, 52 activists said that the former prime minister’s links to Mr Nazarbayev implicated him in the deaths of former oil workers after police opened fire on protesters in western Kazakhstan on Dec 16 and Dec 17. “
“Most of the protesters in Zhanaozen and other towns in the west of Kazakhstan were oil workers who had been striking over pay and conditions since mid-May. They were sacked a few months after their strike began. “


Real News:
Egyptian women’s biggest protest in 100 years: “we have no fear”
“10,000 Egytian women protest against the brutal attacks by Egypt’s security forces on protesters generally and on the woman known as ‘the blue bra’ girl. The epic march, mobilised through Facebook and Twitter on 20 December 2011, brought together women of all ages, and across the social and class divide. They were united in the refusal to be intimidated and called for the military government to step down.

  Women of the world, Unite!  Men of the world, stand by them as they protect the future generations!

Another Protest In Moscow Draws Tens of Thousands

Another Protest In Moscow Draws Tens Of Thousands (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko) Dec 24 2011

“The protests have reflected a growing public frustration with Putin, who ruled Russia as president in 2000-2008, and has remained the nation’s No. 1 leader after moving into the premier’s seat due to a constitutional term limit.  Putin has accused the U.S. of fomenting the protests in order to weaken Russia and said, sarcastically, that he thought the white ribbons many protesters wear as an emblem were condoms.”
“In a response to Putin’s blustery rhetoric, one protester Saturday held a picture montage of Putin with his head wrapped in a condom like a grandmother’s headscarf. Another one held a sign saying: ‘Hillary, I’m still Waiting for My Money,’ referring to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. “

Boston Com:

Egypt’s ruling generals face mounting criticism
“CAIRO—Egypt’s ruling generals are coming under mounting criticism at home and abroad for the military’s use of excessive force against unarmed protesters, including women, as they try to crush the pro-democracy movement calling for their ouster.”
Fueling the outrage over the troops’ rough handling of protesters, a retired army general known to be linked to the ruling military council told a newspaper interviewer this week that the protesters should be thrown into ‘Hitler’s ovens,’ a reference to the Nazi gas chambers used during the Holocaust.” [emphasis mine]
  As these absolutely vile, evil, Souless, whatever-they-are, in power find themselves in the throes of extinction on this planet, we are seeing, and hearing, more and more the nature of the collective Gmork beast.


China : Chinese Village Revolts against the Communist Government’s Corrupt Police

Islamists protest against U.S. in Pakistan
“ISLAMABAD — More than 30,000 Islamists have rallied against the U.S. in the Pakistani city of Lahore following NATO airstrikes last month that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.”
Hafiz Saeed, the head of Jammat-ud-Dawa, demanded Pakistan cut off ties with the U.S., which has provided billions of dollars to Islamabad over the past decade to fight Islamist militants.”
  Let me get this straight.  Pakistanis demanding that Western powers stop invading their country and killing their people are social terrorists that threaten “democracy” and with whom the U.S. should be warring, yet the extremist Jews in Jerusalem [ Jerusalem Row Over Status of Women ] actually get support with U.S. dollars AND from this U.S. government, just called “ultra orthodox” and not social terrorists?  The Vatican gets a “pass” from the  U.S. even though they have ruined the lives of countless children for a very long time and have  a long list of money laundering – this is not social terrorism?  And yet, the Occupiers around the world wanting social JUSTICE are being beaten, and the U.S. Constitution pulverized.  Humanity, with a little help from its “friends”,  will stop the madness, stop the insanity.

Clashes continue on streets of Cairo
“Eight people have been killed and hundreds injured in street battles, since renewed fighting erupted between protesters and security forces again on Saturday, on the streets leading to the parliament building and nearby Tahrir Square.”

And all the PM wants to talk about is “drawing foreign investment, about tourism, about developing the Sinai…”.   And not ONE top-of-the-pyramid Wall Street bankster or  global pillager who brought on the crash of the world has been put behind bars.  They will be, though, soon.  Humanity will prevail and incredible evil will be brought to a halt.


Sibel Edmonds -Boiling Frogs:
US and NATO troops train on the Syrian border
“There have been reports of hundreds of American and NATO troops training militants on the Syrian border to overthrow Al-assad’s regime. According to a former FBI official this has been going on since May 2011. Why are we not hearing about this on American mainstream media? Sibel Edmonds, president of the National Security Whistle blowers Coalition, exposes what is going on around Syria.”


Telegraph UK:
Syria death toll increases to more than 5,000
“The latest figure reported to the UN Security Council by Navi Pillay is 1,000 higher than the one she announced just 10 days ago. The toll includes civilians, army defectors and those executed for refusing to shoot civilians, but not soldiers and other security personnel killed by opposition forces, she said.”

Photos of Moscow rally “for fair elections”, from helicopter “December 10 in Moscow at the Swamp area held a protest rally in the all-Russian action against the rigging of elections to the Duma. We present the aerial photographs of the rally. It was made by means of radio-controlled model helicopter, which in the process several times to no avail was fired from the pistol.” [Google translation]

12/09/11  NDR de: German spyware for dictators “Arab Spring: The people are fighting for freedom – against repression. Wikileaks and ZAPP disclose how German spyware have helped the regimes to suppress political opponents.”


Guardian UK:
US firms shipped teargas to Egypt during crackdown, investigation reveals
“Combined Systems Inc (CSI), based in Jamestown, Pennysylvania, has sent at least three arms deliveries

US firms shipped teargas to Egypt during crackdown, investigation reveals Dec 07 2011

to Egypt since the protests began in Tahrir Square on 25 January, according to Amnesty. The most recent delivery, addressed to the interior ministry, arrived in the port of Adabiya near Suez on 26 November, only 48 hours after days of bloody clashes between interior ministry troops and protesters left two dozen dead and thousands injured.”
Amnesty’s arms expert, Brian Wood, condemned the State Department as “irresponsible” for approving them. He said: ‘These licences were authorised during a period where the Egyptian government responded to protests by using excessive and often lethal force. It is inconceivable that the US authorities did not know of evidence of widely documented abuses by the Egyptian security forces. These licences should not have been granted.’ “
This is more than shameful; it is criminal.  Period, point.


Carter Center:
Preliminary Statement on the First Round of Voting in Egypt’s People’s Assembly Elections
” ‘Carter Center witnesses in Egypt reported enthusiastic participation in the election and a largely peaceful process, for which the Egyptian people should be proud,’ former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said. ‘However, the process is far from complete, and there are several areas for improvement before the next two rounds of voting.  We hope that steps can be taken to help ensure the integrity and transparency of these elections.’ “

Gateway Pundit:
Saudi Religious Council: Allowing Women to Drive Will Lead to Scarcity of Women
“A new report written by scholars of the Majlis al-Ifta’ al-A’ala, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, said that allowing women to drive will result in less virgins and a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.”
  Oh, give me a BRAKE! Thank these women who help Patriarchy out the door.  No more room for this kind of venom in our world.

06/17/11 Saudi Women Driving:  Saudi Women Driving Cars with Relative Impunity  “Today, a number of Saudi women cruised through the streets of Saudi Arabia in automobiles, protesting the country’s male-only driving rules.  Fortunately, it appears the rogue drivers got away with the protest with relative impunity, according to reports on Twitter and wire services.”

 Go, girls!!!  The patriarchal war against women started with ancient “religions” that were so frightened by The Feminine, they created cultural taboos to suppress and subject it.   Women, who have risked their lives to birth the children of this breed of arrogantly dominant men over the centuries; women, who have understood most the laws of economics because they are the ones who provide a home rather than just a house; women,   who have nurtured and stabilized civilization itself  have been made for centuries to suffer at the hands of men who somehow find them a threat…but to what?  Their own completely repressed Feminine aspect?  Fortunately, the patriarchal thumb-on-screw mentality in many areas is dying, albeit kicking and screaming as they go.   Get with the Awakening or step aside.


The Observers:
A tank tries to run over protesters in Saudi Arabia
“Amateur footage shows a tank deliberately trying to hit protesters in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Qatif on Wednesday. Our Observer told us that this kind of violence is unprecedented in Saudi Arabia. Similar incidents have, however, recently taken place in Bahrain and Egypt.”

11/25/11 Egypt: Female Journalists Recount Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square

These military thugs are animals. Journalists around the world are being either raped, injured, or killed to instill fear and because they record Truth. We must stand strongly in solidarity with journalists and send strong signal that this must end and end now!

11/25/11: AJE: Crowds swell in Cairo as new PM appointed ” State media on Friday named Kamal al-Ganzuri as the country’s new prime minister as protesters in the capital called for another ‘million-man march’ in protests dubbed ‘the Friday of the last chance’ “.
Ganzuri is an economist who previously served as Egyptian prime minister under former president Hosni Mubarak between 1996 and 1999.” [emphasis mine]
World governments better start getting it or they will face more and more uprisings globally – The People will choose their government. The People will not accept any more puppets backed by the USA, Egypt’s SCAF, Israel, EU or the global banksters/corps.

November 25 protest in NY against majority shareholder of manufacturer of tear gas being used by Egyptian police:


Tahrir Square and Alexandria Egypt – continued violence by police – protesters determined to make SCAF get out of the way of the people!

Yemen president of 33 years quits amid uprising
“(AP)  RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Yemen’s authoritarian President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed Wednesday

Yemen president Saleh steps down (AP Photo/Amr Nabil, File) Nov 23 2011

to step down amid a fierce uprising to oust him after 33 years in power. The U.S. and its powerful Gulf allies pressed for the deal, concerned that a security collapse in the impoverished Arab nation was allowing an active al-Qaida franchise to gain a firmer foothold.”
“Saleh is the fourth Arab leader toppled in the wave of Arab Spring uprisings this year, after longtime dictators fell in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The deal gives Saleh immunity from prosecution — contradicting a key demand of Yemen’s opposition protesters.” [emphasis mine]
  There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment stating that ANY government servant, including the  President will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they are found guilty of war crimes and crimes against Humanity (including our own people).

11/23/11 RT:  Malaysian Court finds Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes “The court in Malaysia where the trial took place may not have the power to convict, but the verdict against the former British and American leaders was unanimous.  “
“Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defence during the Iraq War, is next on the list to have his case heard by the mock court.”


AJE –  Iran: Willing to use oil as a political tool
“As pundits and politicos alike whip themselves into a froth arguing if, when, and how Iran should be the target of a military strike from the United States or Israel, Iran seems more interested in wielding a tool it already has in hand: Oil. Or, more specifically, oil transport routes.”
“Roughly 40 per cent of all tradable oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz, a major choke point running along Iran’s southern and eastern borders, on its way to the world market.”
  It’s always been about the control of “stratgetic”  real estate, not nuclear weapons.   As the Great and Evil Gmork said: “Those who have the control, have the power.”  Humanity is in the midst of a global revolution that will eventually bring down this long, dark Age of Greed and create an Age of Sharing.

AJE: Egypt’s aftershocks: Military vs the people “As the prestigious Cairo-based Al-Azhar underlined in its ‘Arab Spring charter’ guidelines for democracy in the Arab world earlier this month, the use of violence against peaceful citizens delegitimises the ruling authority and ends its reason d’etre.” [emphasis mine]

  Our current American government is teetering at the edge of delegitimizing itself as well.    They come on TV and insist that the violence in Egypt is “deplorable” but where is our White House when it comes to deploring particularly the NYPD and Oakland police brutality.  Hypocrites!
It also becomes clearer by the day that our world “leaders” are desperately, glaringly out of touch with a Humanity collectively embarking on a Great March to dismantle all that is corrupt, all that has become grotesquely  dark in this world in favor of worldwide self determination BY THE PEOPLE!


Irish Times:
Egyptian police fire tear gas at Tahrir Square protesters
“Military police in riot gear fired tear gas at demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today, supporting police who had earlier tried to disperse a protest in the square without success, television images showed. Protests fled from the army police lines, many into side streets.”
“More than a dozen armoured personnel carriers also took up positions around Egypt’s Interior Ministry, a focus for protester anger at heavy-handed police tactics used to try to break up a demonstration in central Cairo, a witness said.”
“Many Egyptians are angry that nine-months after ousting Mubarak, the army remains in charge, and police are still using the same heavy-handed tactics against demonstrators.”
“Protesters demanding an end to army rule and angered by rough police tactics battled with police last night, presenting Egypt’s ruling generals with their biggest security challenge yet, a week before parliamentary elections.”

Police violence breaks out at Tahrir Square in Egypt


Egypt “dictatorship” Protest – estimated over 50,000 in Tahrir

Kuwait opposition protesters disrupt Parliament
“Kuwait City: Opposition lawmakers warned Wednesday of a growing political crisis after dozens of anti-government protesters muscled their way into Kuwait’s Parliament during debate over efforts to question the Prime Minister about corruption allegations. “

 I happened to spot this vid below while searching for the one above.  Why is our National Guard going overseas when their job is to protect this nation, America?

1157th National Guard being deployed to Kuwait


Waking Up in America: Marines Muster to resist the central bankers’ tyranny!

Marines Muster to resist the central bankers’ tyranny! from theRedPillRadio on Vimeo.

 Aiming straight for the heart of a Central Gmork.



 Since the dead body of the current “most wanted in the world”, Gaddafi, is being beamed around the world, there is no reason whatsover for our U.S. administration not to release the photos of Osama bin Laden to its citizens, who also suffered greatly.  

Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo on the resignation of Hazel El-Beblawi, the Egyptian finance minister and deputy prime minister.  [click link to view video report]


Hundreds of Israel’s medical residents skip work amid threats of mass resignations
Representatives of Israel’s protesting medical residents on Monday urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “show leadership” and solve the issues pertaining to their working conditions, after talks with the Finance Ministry broke down. 279 residents failed to arrive at work on Monday morning, amid threats of mass resignation.


Al Jazeera Mubasher Egypt office raided by security officers 



Guardian UK:
Syrian insurrection set to gather momentum
“An armed insurrection inside Syria looks set to gather momentum after the failure to pass a UN resolution against president Bashar al-Assad‘s regime, according to dissidents in two key Syrian cities.”
“Activists from Homs and Hama, where mostly peaceful protests over the past six months have lately become more aggressive and armed, say the failure of the US effort to threaten sanctions against Syria has convinced some that diplomacy cannot protect them.”


Egypt political parties threaten poll boycott
“In a joint statement issued on Wednesday, the groups set a deadline of Sunday for their demands to be met. The military had earlier announced the polls would begin in November.”
The proposed changes would effectively bar many supporters of Hosni Mubarak, the country’s former president who was forced from office after a popular uprising in February, from running for office, the statement said.”
 Stay the fight, Egypt. Awesome!

Egypt court convicts Mubarak’s information minister for corruption, sentences him to 7 years
“An Egyptian court has convicted Hosni Mubarak’s powerful information minister on corruption charges and sentenced him to seven years in prison.”
“Anas al-Fiqqi’s conviction on Wednesday is the latest by an Egyptian court of former regime figures. Those already convicted and sentenced include the former interior and tourism ministers, as well as former ruling party stalwart and steel magnate Ahmed Ezz.”

Silobreaker is tracking interesting Yemeni developments HERE
Like – It appears Saleh lied to the Saudis by telling him he was just going to the airport for something else – but fled.
and like- Tribes sshoot down an airplane.


The Jurist:
Mubarak trial suspended after former ally testifies
“The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak [Al Jazeera profile] was paused on Saturday, after lawyers representing victims and their families filed motions to change both the location and judge for the trial. That morning, confidante to Mubarak and his former defense minister, Field Marshal Tantawi testified against Mubarak in a closed-session, but left early and refused to be cross-examined by counsel for the victims. Due to the closed-session, nothing has been revealed about the testimony [AP report], nor how the lawyers’ actions stem from it. Mubarak is on trial for murder, attempted killing of protesters and other charges related to general abuse of power [Al Jazeera report] stemming from his response to pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt [JURIST news archive] earlier this year. Mubarak’s sons, Gamal and Alaa, are also on trial for corruption charges. “


Yemen president’s return hikes fear of escalation
“President Ali Abdullah Saleh abruptly returned home to Yemen on Friday after more than three months of being treated in Saudi Arabia for wounds from an assassination attempt, in a move apparently aimed to ensure his grip as his loyalists and opponents wage urban warfare in the capital.
The White House was blindsided by the sudden return. U.S. officials conceded it was a surprise and said Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t warned of Saleh’s plans when she met Tuesday in New York with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, which has been working with Washington and Yemen to try to arrange a transfer of power.”
As I have been stating over the last few years here, in so many words: Unexpected upheavals being faced by some of the highest geopolitical figures in our world …will continue until the world gets its energetic yin/yang balance back.


#OCCUPYWALLSTREET takes to the streets of New York’s financial district


Jordanians protest against ties with Israel
“About 300 demonstrators gathered at the embassy on Thursday after Israel temporarily withrew its ambassador over fears of the protest turning violent.”
“Roughly half of the country’s six million population is of Palestinian origin. With Palestinian-Israeli peace talks stalled, some Jordanians fear Israel may try to deport Palestinians to Jordan.  Jordan’s King Abdullah II has spoken out strongly against using Jordan as a substitute for a Palestinian state, a concept favoured by some Israelis.”
  For me, the bigger news in this article is that “some Israelis” see themselves as so superior in this world, they assume they have the right to “deport Palestinians to Jordan.”    Really, self-adulation is such an ugly trait.


Egyptian protesters pull down Israel embassy wall
” Activists who spearheaded an uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak on February 11 have been piling pressure on the ruling military council to fix a date for parliamentary and presidential elections and to get rid of senior officials who served under Mubarak.   Thousands converged on Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the pro-democracy protests that toppled Mubarak, after Friday prayers for what was billed as ‘Correcting the Path’ protests.”
“Some later marched to the opposite bank of the Nile in Giza. Demonstrators used hammers, large iron bars and police barricades to tear down the wall, erected this month by Egyptian authorities after daily protests over the killing of five Egyptian border guards in Sinai.  Protesters scaled the embassy building, removed the Israeli flag for the second time in less than a month and burned it.”

  Citizens of Egypt, like citizens of many long-repressed countries, were never allowed to let off steam over injustices in increments—therefore, the various pressure cookers are blowing the top.  Many Americans are probably just as angry over that entity in our midst called Wall Street as they make that “great sucking sound”, siphoning our  money overseas for bailouts.  Fortunately, we are still enough of a democracy to vent incrementally and to have access to important people and creative activist leaders  to work on righting the wrongs of the banksters.  The Egyptians went overboard here but one can hardly blame the pressure cooker when the chef fails to  acknowledge the needs of the pot.

The egyptian revolution continues. Protest september 9th 9/9

  The Fear Barrier has been broken, people.  They can hear you loud and clear all the way to Jupiter!  Sing loud, clear, and strong  – all together around the world and you can awaken galaxies.  Imagine that!


Jordan Tmes:
Jailed Bahrain doctors go on hunger strike
“A group of Bahraini doctors jailed earlier this year during a crackdown on unrest in the Gulf kingdom have

CLICK PHOTO FOR UPDATES on Jailed Bahrain doctors on hunger strike Sep 03 2011

gone on hunger strike in protest against their detention, a human rights group said on Saturday.”
” ‘The hunger strike was initiated in objection to the continued detention of the doctors and other detainees… as well as the ill treatment and torture, not having access to legal counsel, and what they described as ridiculous charges against them,’ the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) said in a statement.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights


  Keep the flashlight shining on Bahrain, as well.  Once and for all, those who care not a wit about human rights must be flushed out and reined in.  Self-adulating dictators, megalomaniacial banksters, Black-Ops sicko voyeurs, self-righteous extremist religionists, and self-serving political idealogies must be flushed out and reined in.

Some 450,000 Israelis march at massive ‘March of the Million’ rallies across country

Some 450,000 Israelis march at massive rallies across the country (Photo by: Moti Milrod) Sep 03 2011

“Over 450,000 protesters attended rallies across the country last night calling for social justice in what was the largest demonstration in Israeli history.”
“The main protest took place in Tel Aviv’s Kikar Hamedina, where some 300,000 people gathered after marching from Habima Square about two kilometers away. Protest leader Yonatan Levy said the atmosphere was like “a second Independence Day.”
“In Jerusalem, an unprecedented 50,000 people filled Paris Square and the surrounding streets, almost twice the number that attended previous protests this summer.”


  450,000 protesting in Israel would be equivalent to over 2 million people in America. It’s massive and its awesome.

Files Note Close C.I.A. Ties to Qaddafi Spy Unit
“Documents found at the abandoned office of Libya’s former spymaster appear to provide new details of the close relations the Central Intelligence Agency shared with the Libyan intelligence service — most notably suggesting that the Americans sent terrorism suspects at least eight times for questioning in Libya despite that country’s reputation for torture. “

  Um, C.I.A, M16, ISI, and other the Black Ops heads must sleep in coffins at night.  Ya think?
BTW, how many ways of spelling the Colonel’s name are out there?


AJE: Libya Secret Files:  US officials aided Gaddafi Al Jazeera news producer Jamal Elshayyal recently gained access to the Tripoli headquarter of Libya’s intelligence agency. Among the documents scattered throughout the demolished building were secret files indicating that influential Americans advised Muammar Gaddafi since the beginning of the Libyan uprising.” [read report]

  Former State Dept official and now a Bechtel VP for the Middle East, David Welch allegedly was advising Col. Gaddafi on how to retain his grip on Libya against the pro-democracy movement?  Col. Gaddafi had access to billions of $$ to carry out terrorist attacks both internationally  (i.e. Lockerbie, UTA France over Niger, etc. )  and internally with horrendous war crimes against his own citizens.  Gaddafi’s access to money and power made him one of the most effective GMORK servants in the world.  So, this wasn’t about concerns about comparatively small, ineffective, underfunded Al Queda types—this was about Bechtel’s business interests, period.  Welch needs to be investigated immediately.
Now, Congress member Dennis Kucinich has been open about being against the US/NATO mission even going into the fray, but I am surprised he allegedly wanted to collect evidence that would defend Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and, along with Welch, seemed more concerned about petty terrorists while assisting a GMORK servant himself, and that looks very, very bad.
The reporter here was Jamal Elshayyal, who was reporting from the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza when Israeli commandos killed 9 humanitarians on board.  I suspect far-right Christian/Zionist AIPAC members will do their best to tear Jamal apart for his report .


Euronews youtube: Syrian army defections reported on the rise

  When any government responds to peaceful protests by sending its military to kill them—without any attempt to listen—and then they kill military soldiers who refuse to fire on their own citizens, then the writing on the wall spells F  A I L ; they have dug their political grave.


YouTube: Assessing the Situation on the Ground in Libya
“In the wake of the takeover of Tripoli and claims of victory by Libyan rebels, Dr. Mahmoud Traina, an LA-based Libyan American doctor, assesses the situation on the ground in Libya with Uprising host, Sonali Kolhatkar on August 26, 2011.”

  Had to wade through quite a few videos to find one that appears free from misinformation, propaganda, and/or exaggerated reporting.


  I keep getting the impression of Gaddafi prepared to take a (cyanide?) pill if captured.  A bunker, an elevated “mat”, Saif/guards nearby.  Perhaps my imagination is in overdrive?

Haaretz: Rebel spokesman to Haaretz: Libya needs world’s help, including Israel’s “Ahmad Shabani says recognition of Israel by future elected Libyan government is ‘very sesitive (sic) question.  The question is whether Israel will recognize us.”

Haaretz: Israeli activists: Social protests must continue despite escalation of terror “[Stav] Shafir criticized calls by ministers including Ayoub Kara (Likud ) to end the protest due to the terror attacks. ‘The fact that the government is calling on us to halt the protest because of the terror attacks is an attempt to use our pain as citizens hurting for their friends and families to make us bow on the social front, and that’s sad for several reasons,’ she said.”
‘There’s no reason for the protest to die out, we have a very powerful weapon on our side – the truth,’ said Shmueli.” [emphasis mine]

  That’s the spirit!


Miami Herald:
Egypt withdrawing ambassador from Israel – Israel says it is sorry for Egyptian deaths
“Israel’s Defense Minister says Israel is sorry for the deaths of Egyptian troops killed during a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants.”
“Egypt said Saturday it would recall its ambassador from Israel to protest the deaths of at least three Egyptian troops killed in a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants who had launched a deadly attack on Israel from Egyptian soil.”

  Any terrorist attack is deplorable but clearly, Israel didn’t even stay cool-headed enough to investigate this event and charge specific perpetrators before sending their military over to Gaza (Hamas insists they had nothing to do with the attacks), which seems to be their automatic reaction no matter who really did this.  They then compound all this by killing Egyptian soldiers. Not wise.

08/18/11  VOA:   Israel Retaliates Following Attacks Near Sinai “Israeli forces have killed at least 10 Palestinian militants in separate attacks after blaming them for a series of coordinated raids along the Israeli-Egyptian border that killed eight people and wounded 40 more.The dead include leaders of the Popular Resistance Committee, which the Israeli government accuses of being behind attacks in southern Israel that killed seven Israelis earlier in the day.”

  There certainly could be more than one angle to this event.  But, no matter who planned the attacks, they succeeded in canceling the planned social-justice protest this Saturday.   With Israel in an ever growing  social-justice protest movement against the Netanyahu govt, why would enemies attack now?  Many questions.

Boston Com:
US, allies declare that Syria’s Assad must leave
“Executing a global squeeze play, the United States and its European allies on Thursday demanded an end to four decades of brutal family dictatorship in Syria and underscored the tough talk with new sanctions on President Bashar Assad’s government.”
“In Thursday’s coordinated statements, President Barack Obama and the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Canada and the European Union called for Assad to resign, saying his repression of demonstrations inspired by this spring’s Arab uprisings made him unfit to lead. The new effort signals the end of the world’s thin patience for Assad, once viewed as a Western-looking pragmatist who might expand freedoms at home and help achieve an Arab peace deal with Israel.”


Guardian UK:
Police revolt against David Cameron’s reform agenda
“Senior police officers were in open revolt over the government’s police reform agenda on Friday, reacting furiously to criticism of the way they handled the riots, and turning their fire on the home secretary, Theresa May, after she suggested she had instructed the police to take a tougher line.  Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, described the role of the politicians as “an irrelevance”, pointing out that by Monday the police had decided to mobilise huge numbers of officers in London.”

  Noted in above article and making UK police very angry:  “Bill Bratton, the former US policeman admired by Cameron and credited with cleaning up New York, said he has agreed to help the UK government on how to deal with gangs. Bratton, who is now chairman of private security firm Kroll, spoke to Cameron by telephone on Friday to discuss the matter.”
According to Wikipedia, “Kroll has also come to the attention of the mainstream media in relation to various instances of alleged questionable investigative practices. For example, during an investigation into a corporate takeover target in Brazil, Kroll staff members were accused by the Brazilian authorities of undertaking illegal activities, including” [... wait for it....] “phone hacking.”

In a follow-up interview, Mr. Bratton “…added that US police chiefs would be fired if they spoke out against politicians in the same way as Britain’s top police officers have done.”  He actually admits with seeming pride that our U.S. police officers must tow the line of the political agenda, no matter what they see as wrong.  Police officers in America should be outraged by this statement—unless they’ve been bought and sold, in which case, this is a nightmare in the making.

Lockerbie bomber’s case led to ‘political and diplomatic victory’ for Gaddafi
“Guma el-Gamaty, the UK co-ordinator for the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC), officially recognised by Britain as the country’s new legitimate government, said Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi should have remained in Scotland to allow his appeal to be heard.”
” ‘No decent Libyan would disagree that the Lockerbie bombing in 1989 was a barbaric, heinous and shameful international crime,’ The Scotsland on Sunday quoted him as saying ahead of the second anniversary of Megrahi’s release next Saturday.”
  Slowly, but surely, we will get to the bottom of many unanswered questions.


The Israeli protest has turned into a revolution
“We are in the midst of what is increasingly shaping up to be an Israeli revolution. Following decades in which the public has curled up in its indifference and allowed a handful of politicians to run the country as they wished, with no significant involvement from civil society, the rules of the political game have changed.”
“The public has realized that it has much more power and influence than it imagined. Henceforth, every prime minister in Israel will have to take into consideration this emerging force.”

  Epic. Pivotal.  Thus begins Chapter 2 in the Slaying of the Gmork. If masked “protesters” appear and insert violence into this incredibly orderly and smart protest, they will need to look no further than “Black Ops.”


Chronicle Herald CA
Street protests turn violent in Chile

Street protests turn violent in Chile Aug 10 2011

“Violence erupted on the streets of Chile’s capital Tuesday as tens of thousands of students staged another protest demanding changes in public education.”
Masked demonstrators burned cars and barricades, looted storefronts and threw furniture at police and some attacked an apartment building. Officers used tear gas and water cannons.”

Guardian UK:
Birmingham riots: intense anger after deaths of three young men
“Community leaders in Birmingham are working all-out to calm intense anger in the city’s British Asian community over the deaths of three young men who were rammed by a carload of suspected looters.”
“West Midlands police arrested a man near the scene and recovered a vehicle, which forensics experts are examining. They later launched a murder inquiry.”

  The principle of organized chaos feels in play here.  When Gmork Power is threatened, it will utilize the emotions of the people and pit them against one another to vere them away from the vultures’ nests.  It is becoming for more difficult for them to do this with ordinary media manipulation, as they see we are Awakening.  Think bigger.


Guardian UK:
London riots spread
2.21pm: Paul Lewis is back in touch with some more on the role that Blackberry Messenger is playing in all this:”
” ‘There is no doubt that that BBM — Blackberry Messenger — is being used to organise disturbances. Again, I’ve had multiple sources confirm that this BBM message, encouraging people to loot in Enfield Town, was widely disseminated as early as 2pm on Sunday. It appears to have been the main message that was being shared, although there were variations.’ “

Police apologize to Mark Duggan’s family “A row has broken out between police and the body charged with investigating them over who let down the family of Mark Duggan by failing to keep them informed of what had happened to him.”
“”[Dep. Asst. commissioner Stephen] Kavanagh defended decisions on Saturday that left looters in control of Wood Green for several hours. He said police commanders had to decide where best to deploy their resources, prioritising Tottenham High Street, the scene of the worst clashes. Kavanagh denied London’s streets had been ‘left’ to the looters and said his colleagues were making rapid decisions in a ‘difficult, rapidly escalating situation’ “.
“Within the last few weeks the Met has lost commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and assistant commissioner John Yates over the phone-hacking scandal.”

Having watched the coverage today, there is something very strange, very different from this type of rioting I’ve seen over the years. The messages being broadcast by whoever is sending them to these kids just feels to me to be sent by adult forces who are manipulating these youths into “joyful” violence as a smokescreen. Protests are taking place all over the world that are peaceful. Can’t really put my finger on it yet but something here does not smell right. Like a microcosm of our 9/11, we are told the police are “stretched.” All the politicians, even the Mayor of London all happen to be on vacation and in no hurry to return, and social media is the out-of-the-gate OBL All this on the heels of the Murdoch hacking scandal (it was Enron in 2001), which has exposed corruption at Scotland Yard, media, and 10 Downing Street; on Syria, Libya, and Bahrain exposing their dictatorial Gmorks and getting PR-pummeled; and on IMF/EU being exposed for the greedy, corrupted banksters they are, not to mention the stock market chaos. That said, so-called leaders in the UK and around the world have been horrible role models for our young—we’ve seen unbridled corruption, greed, avarice, and plundering by many political, economic, media, security/police, and social institutions everywhere.


Syria increasingly isolated as ambassadors leave
“With the popular uprising in Syria being ever more brutally repressed Syria finds itself being deserted by several Arab countries and under increasing diplomatic pressure from the EU and USA.”

  Humanity is discovering the nests of the Gmorks around the world, and there is a whole lot of nest shaking going on.


270,000 attend Israel’s biggest pocketbook protest

270,000 attend Israel’s biggest pocketbook protest (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

“The snowballing protest, which started out three weeks ago with a few 20-somethings pitching a tent encampment on a posh Tel Aviv street, has swiftly become a big headache for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seen by many middle class Israelis as too friendly to big business. An aide to the Israeli leader said the government would soon devise a program to break the monopolies and cartels he blames for Israel’s economic ills.”
“Protesters appeared to have a more sweeping agenda on their minds. Traveling by car, bus, train and foot, some 230,000 Israelis, according to police estimates, descended on Tel Aviv to mount the largest social protest in the country’s history. Young, old and middle-aged, they beat drums and waved flags, some chanting, ‘Social justice for the people’ and ‘Revolution.’ “


  Awesome!  That’s nearly double the first one last week, so poetically starting on Rothschild Blvd!  If the estimate of 250-270 THOUSAND protesters in Israel is accurate, this would be proportionately equivalent to roughly 11 MILLION+ on the streets in the U.S.A.  Imagine that! I have.

Libyan Embassy in US to reopen under opposition (NTC)
“The State Department has signed off on papers that allow the Libyan Embassy in Washington to reopen under control of the opposition Transitional National Council and give staffers access to roughly $13 million in mission assets that had been frozen.”

Libyan Embassy in US to reopen under opposition (NTC) Aug 02 2011


Boston Com:
Thousands of Israelis protest high cost of living, inequality 
“JERUSALEM—Tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets nationwide on Saturday to protest rising housing prices in the largest turnout since the grass-roots demonstrations began two weeks ago. “Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said more than 100,000 people protested in 10 cities across the country from Beersheba in the south to Kiryat Shmoneh at the northern tip of the country Saturday night. Police closed major streets for the protesters to march.”
“”This is a great success; people are marching in the streets and living in the streets for the past two weeks,” Stav Shafir, one of the protest leaders, told Channel 2 TV. “Finally people are choosing to determine how they want to live. We want affordable housing, health, education and welfare.”

  Next stops? I predict Germany (EU gripes), then Canada (enviro). and then an October Surprise (inequality/Fed Res) in the U.S.A.


AJE Documentary – Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark “The story of the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.

  Exposing the  Gmorks-acting-as-puppet-leaders today for the brutal sadists they are  is half the battle in the quest to shine the Light fully on the incredibly Dark, Evil Force they serve.

UN News Centre:
Syria: Security Council condemns rights abuses and use of force against civilians (Aug 03 2011)
“The Council voiced its profound regret at the deaths of hundreds of the people during mass protests in Syria and urged the authorities in Damascus to fully respect human rights and comply with their obligations under international law.”
“The Council took note of Syria’s stated commitment to the implementation of reforms, but expressed regret over the lack of progress, calling on the Government to carry out the promised political changes.”

AJE – Protesters fill the streets in Syria after Hama massacre  -


Hosni Mubarak goes on trial in Egypt along with two sons.

Hosni Mubarak trial begins 08/03/11

“Case No. 3642 – The Arab Republic of Egypt vs Hosni Mubarak: Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will become the first Arab leader to be tried in wake of the Arab spring, as he faces the Cairo court Wednesday.”
“Mubarak faces multiple charges of conspiracy for his role in killing pro-democracy protesters, as well as

Mubarak trial begins Gamal (left) and Alaa, in the defendants’ cage. (Screenshot: Egyptian TV) Aug 03 2011

abuse of power and corruption charges. Wednesday has already been dubbed a historical day in Egypt’s history, as Mubarak’s trial is unprecedented and is likely to rattle Arab rulers facing unrest across the Middle East.”


BBC (YouTube): Uprising in Syria,Civilians Slaughtered in Hama

  Our Western countries have turned a blind eye to ME dictators “for the sake of stability” (meaning carrying out their agenda for military/corporate/resource dominence)  for at least decades in countries such as Syria, Libya, and Bahrain/Saudi Arabia.  It  is disgusting.  This generation is unified, empowered and coming together across the sprectum as never before to make this the last generation to suffer this planetary scourge.

Boston Com:
Thousands of Israelis protest high cost of living, inequality

More than 100,000 people protest across the country from Beersheba in the south to Kiryat Shmoneh July 30 2011

“JERUSALEM—Tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets nationwide on Saturday to protest rising housing prices in the largest turnout since the grass-roots demonstrations began two weeks ago. “Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said more than 100,000 people protested in 10 cities across the country from Beersheba in the south to Kiryat Shmoneh at the northern tip of the country Saturday night. Police closed major streets for the protesters to march.”
“”This is a great success; people are marching in the streets and living in the streets for the past two weeks,” Stav Shafir, one of the protest leaders, told Channel 2 TV. “Finally people are choosing to determine how they want to live. We want affordable housing, health, education and welfare.”

  Awesome.  Next stops? I predict Germany (EU gripes), then Canada (enviro). and then an October Surprise (inequality/Fed Res) in the U.S.A.


Turkey’s mlitary chiefs quit ahead of key meeting

Turkey’s mlitary chiefs quit ahead of key meeting July 29 2011

“State-run Anatolian news agency said the head of the armed forces General Isik Kosaner and the commanders of the ground, naval and air forces were all stepping down, in what some Turkish media initially described as resignations.”
“Friction between the government and military, traditionally guardians of the secular state, has been fueled by the continuing trial of 200 military officers accused of plotting to overthrow the government..”

Al Jazeera’s report  “This is the first time so many top commanders in Turkey have stepped down at once.”

  Are we having fun yet?  For what it’s worth, I pulled my precious few $$ out of the stock market completely six days ago.


Libyan rebel military leader killed

Libyan rebel military leader killed July 28 2011

“The head of the Libyan rebel’s armed forces and two of his aides were killed by gunmen Thursday, the head of the rebel leadership said.”  The death of Abdel Fattah Younes was announced at a press conference in the de facto rebel capital, Benghazi, by the head of the rebels’ National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil. He told reporters that rebel security had arrested the head of the group behind the killing.”
  My feeling at this point is that he was killed by some people that he thought he could trust.  Coming just a day after the UK formally recognized the NTC could suggest that maybe he was somewhat instrumental in that decision.  Time will tell.


The reconquest of Puerta del Sol – in pictures:
“This weekend, tens of thousands of indignados marched through Madrid and re-occupied Puerta del Sol. Here are some of our favorite pictures.

View many more pictures at RoarMag 

Politics UK:
[UK's William] Hague cuts formal ties with Tripoli
“The foreign secretary ended the UK’s formal ties with Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in a press conference this morning.  ‘The prime minister and I have decided that the UK recognises and will deal with the national transitional council as the sole governmental authority in Libya,’ he said.”


U.S. Recognizes Libya’s Rebel Transitional  Council as Government
“The U.S. and international allies meeting about Libya have recognized the transitional national council as the sole legitimate governing authority in the country, a step that allows for greater funding for the opposition group.”
  Interesting that this recognition came right on the heels of the Gaddaf regime announcement that Italy will receive no more oil and threatened other NATO/Libya partners with same.  Now that oil cutoff is threatened, they finally moved on this.  Playing chess is nerve racking, isn’t it?

Assad loyalists storm US and French embassies

US and French Embassy in Syria attacked July 11 2011

“Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin said that security in Syria is so tight that protesters would not have been able to get so close to the embassies without approval from the government.  Rosiland Jordan, reporting from Washington D.C., said that the US government has accused Damascus of using the embassy attacks ‘as a diversion from protests against Assad … and simply will not work’.”
“But the White House has so far refrained from calling for an end to the Assad family’s four decades of rule, leery of pressing too hard as it tries to wind down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and faces criticism for being part of the coalition battling Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.  Congressional Republicans have pressed the administration to withdraw Ford from Syria, an ally of Iran that supports Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”
  Why can’t we devise a way to place all the fundamentalists Christians, Zionists, and Muslims (with a pedaphile Catholic priest as referee) on one isolated area of this planet so they can duke it out over whose religion represents the “Chosen Ones” so the other 6.2 billion people on the planet can move on toward a peaceful, unified Enlightened era where every living thing on this planet  is “chosen” simply for having the gift of life and sharing it ?

07/05 – 07/12/11

Spiegel:  Tank Deal Reveals New Arms Exports Approach

Tank Deal Reveals New Arms Exports Approach July 2011

“A secretive plan to sell tanks to Saudia Arabia has caused a furor within Germany’s governing coalition, members of which are demanding an explanation. The deal, which violates a tradition of avoiding weapons sales in conflict areas, signals a fundamental shift in German arms trade. Is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s foreign policy still credible?”

Defense-Aerospace Com:
Germany’s Tank Deal Breaks Last Export Taboo
“Germany’s tank deal with Saudi Arabia has caused outrage, drawing criticism from across the political spectrum. But while the government maintains its silence, critics say it marks a sea change in arms export policy.”
“The anonymous Saudi source probably had no idea what trouble he was causing. On Monday, the informant told a Reuters reporter about Saudi Arabia’s deal to buy 200 2A7+ Leopard tanks from Germany.  The news caused outrage throughout Germany. Memories of Saudi troops suppressing Bahraini democracy protestors are still fresh, and the mood was not improved by a video posted to Youtube apparently showing how the 2A7+ can be used to break up demonstrations.”
Jürgen Grässlin, spokesman for the campaign ‘Action Outcry: Stop the Weapons Exports’ – the biggest-ever alliance of German peace organizations and churches – told Deutsche Welle: ‘Apart from Libya, Iran and maybe North Korea, I can’t think of a country with a worse human rights record than Saudi Arabia. To export weapons there just because it is western-orientated and because it has oil is almost illegal. I would almost call it an act of barbarism.’ “

Time:Should Germany Sell Tanks to Saudi Arabia? “The capital’s latest foreign-policy faux pas is an alleged behind-closed-doors deal to sell state-of-the-art tanks to Saudi Arabia. The deal — so secret the government won’t even acknowledge it was ever discussed — has kicked up a firestorm of protest, uniting an unlikely coalition of leftist politicians, human-rights groups, church leaders and senior members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.”

  The panicked decisions being made since the Arab spring and Euro mess are absolutely stunning.  My only consolation is that this inept and incalculably stupid move will bring even more light on Truth when it boomerangs right back upon the German Parliament.  The very idea of thinking more sales of military weaponry around the world to “help” the economy wreaks of devilish priorities.  When this backfires, hopefully,  it will shine light on the REAL TRUTH as to why Israel (who, with the U.S. gave the “green light” to this) has had a vice held to the cohones of  the U.S. and Europe to obey It no matter how high the cost of innocent human life in the world—there is something “not human” about it.  There’s much more to this picture than meets the human eye and we will be astounded when we all finally see that forest behind the tree, or, as the Mayan metaphors would tell, the downfall of the False Sun.

France 24:
US ambassador to observe Hama demonstrations

“The US ambassador to Damascus is visiting Hama and will observe demonstrations in the city Friday. ‘ “
“Ambassador Robert Ford spent the day in Hama, ‘expressing our deep support for the right of the Syrian people to assemble peacefully and to express themselves,’ State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.
“Nuland stressed that the ambassador had made “his own trip” to Hama, unlike a previous visit on June 21 to a restive town near the Turkish border in which Ford and other foreign diplomats were escorted as guests of the regime.”
  The U.S. ambassador is now a human shield of great import for the citizens of Hama.  That said, the Syrian people must be allowed to rebuild their country in their own image and vision—with no foreign intervention for the exception of  peaceful diplomatic relations.

Analysis: Syria’s Assad faces dilemma in Hama
” ‘If tanks go into Hama and crush the protests, Syria will ignite from south to north and from east to west,’ said Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.”

  Well, military might did go into Hama.  The YouTube videos of the massacre are too grusome to post here.  Further in the same article:

“Last Friday, video footage showed tens of thousands of people in the city’s main square and activists said at least 150,000 people attended the rally demanding Assad’s departure.”
“The next day Assad sacked the provincial governor and tanks appeared on the outskirts of the city. The tanks stayed outside Hama on Tuesday, but Syrian forces and gunmen loyal to Assad went in and killed 10 people, activists said.”

Yemen president Saleh with obvious burns/wounds speaks from Saudi Arabia:


Defiant Gadhafi threatens to attack Europe

Defiant gadhafi threatens attacks in Europe July 01 2011

 “A defiant Moammar Gadhafi threatened Friday to carry out attacks in Europe against “homes, offices, families,” unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.”
“The Libyan leader, sought by the International Criminal Court for brutally crushing an uprising against him, delivered the warning in an audio message played to thousands of supporters gathered in the main square of the capital Tripoli.”

  Here is Gaddafi’s impersonation of Hitler…

….and here is possibly the reason by there are so many Gaddafi “supporters” anxiously waving green flags.

Sec. of State John Foster Dulles said during the Eisenhower administration,
The United States of America does not have friends; it has interests”`

It is precisely this convoluted, cynical, dystopian approach to all things material that has marched the rest of us to this juncture


Tunisians discover secret archive in Paris

Tunisians discover secret archive in Paris (Reuters) June 27 2011

“In their quest to find a refuge from the streets of Paris, a group of Tunisian migrants have unwittingly become the centre of controversy. “
“One particular group of recent migrants turned to what they thought would be a legitimate sleeping place. On May 31, around 30 Tunisians took up camp in an abandoned building that had been officially known as the Tunisian Cultural Centre.  They quickly discovered that the site at 36, rue Botzaris, in a northeastern neighbourhood of Paris, had in fact belonged to Ben Ali’s now disbanded political party, the Rally for Constitutional Democracy (RCD). “
” They had stumbled across thousands of pages of archives from the former ruling party.  The migrants found two rooms filled with photos, correspondence, financial records, lists of RCD members in France, information on Tunisian dissidents, along with files on French political figures and journalists, sources told Al Jazeera.”
“The documents, activists promise, could contain many explosive scandals, particularly when it comes to French politicians.”
  Yet another example showing us that swirl of the hyperdimensional “drain” is reversing direction.  Those who have built their life-force around contraction (greed, fear, hatred, corruption) are going to be thwarted in one way or another.  If they cannot release that oh-so-static energy, they will simply be subsumed.   I perceive it as a dramatic “climate change” in Life Force itself.


International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi   

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Gadhafi June 26 2011

The court ruled that there was enough evidence to grant a request for the warrants by the court’s chief prosecutor, who has said he has evidence that links Gadhafi and two relatives to “widespread and systematic” attacks on civilians as part of their effort to hold on to power.  Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has said he has evidence linking Gadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam and brother-in-law Abdullah al-Sanussi to crimes against humanity in their attempt to put down a months-long revolt.
It’s about time.  And the lies of the Bush 6 are stunning: They hate us for our freedoms–remember that completely idiotic tidbit of disinformation?   The amazing people of the ME are fighting and sacrificing their lives to speak Truth To Power!



Boston Herald:
Britain urges citizens to leave Syria immediately “In a statement posted on the website of the British Embassy in Syria, the Foreign Office says Britons should leave ‘now by commercial means whilst these are still operating. ‘ “


Bahrain opposition rally draws more than 10,000
“More than 10,000 demonstrators joined Bahrain’s first public rally in months Saturday as the leader of the Gulf nation’s main Shiite political party urged backers to press ahead with peaceful protests for greater political rights after fierce crackdowns by security forces.  ‘With our blood and soul, we sacrifice for Bahrain,’ the crowds chanted. They later cried ‘we are the winner’ as security forces stayed back in a mostly Shiite area northwest of the capital, Manama. Police helicopters passed overhead. No clashes were reported.
” ‘We salute every mother who lived through the fear of having the door of her home kicked in by security forces or her children taken away. We salute every father who participated in the peaceful rallies,’ said Sheik Ali Salman, head of the Shiite political party Wefaq, whose 18 parliament members resigned in protest of the security crackdown. ‘We have lived through black months.’ “
  The article suggests that Bahrain believes “Iranian forces” seek to make gains in Bahrain.  Bull crappy.  The people in the streets not just in the ME but in Central America, Spain, and elsewhere, have reached critical mass and are fed up with religious, poiltical, and economic control freaks and their corruption.  They are not about to replace these opressive systems with yet another one dressed up in different clothing. These are the Awakened!  America, we have our own house of corruption to clean.  For starters, the Federal Reserve needs to go.

Bahrain Crackdown on Doctors, Nurses.  Deplorable


Syria reported to the UN Security Council for secret nuclear programme
The decision, led by the Americans, coincides with Western condemnation of Damascus’ violent repression of opposition protests. Russia and China voted against the proposal at the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), highlighting big power divisions on the issue.  With 17 votes in favour and six against, the IAEA’s 35-nation board adopted the resolution.  The resolution rebukes Syria for three years of stonewalling of an agency investigation into the Dair Alzour desert site.”
  Nuclear weapons should be scrapped, period.   Japan’s nuclear disaster has nearly destroyed a country already (nature recovers—radiation in living beings will go on killing), and those were not even called weapons.  Now, since the world is in a monumental era of catharsis and accountability  isn’t it about time that Israel (search “Dimona”), too, be brought to account at the Security Council  for “stonewalling” on theirundeclared Dimona nuclear arms facility? Humm?


Libyan ambassador to Italy: ‘Gaddafi’s regime is over’
“The days are numbered for Muammar Gaddafi’s rule and a diplomatic solution for his exit is no longer an option, according to an internationally prominent Libyan diplomat who has defected. Hafed Gaddur, Tripoli’s longtime envoy to former colonial ruler Rome, was well-known in Italy as a powerful Gaddafi associate who had Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on speed dial and brokered multi-billion dollar deals between the two nations.”

Yemen’s Saleh ‘stable” after attack “Yemen’s prime minister and other senior officials hurt in an attack on the presidential palace have been transferred to Saudi Arabia for treatment, the state news agency SABA says.”
“But the condition of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president, was “of no cause for concern”, a medic told AFP news agency on Saturday, after officials said he was ‘lightly wounded in the back of the head’ “.

 Bahrain and Syria (so far) are still standing and committing horrendous war crimes as well.  Then in Western countries, what  will be high on the list is to weed out political corruption at its core.  Just a “feeling”, but the Federal Reserve really, really needs to end and it will end by 2012.


Yemen presidential palace struck with rockets
“A government official tells the Associated Press news agency that Saleh was injured when opposition tribesmen struck the presidential palace with rockets.”
“The official, spoke on condition of anonymity, says rockets hit while officials were praying at a mosque inside the palace compound.”

(NOTE: Later reports say Saleh is “slightly wounded”, will give press conference)

I remarked in my July 15, 2010 post, Hunt For Justice -or- Bagging the Collective Parasites: “If the Awakening taking place on this planet runs its natural course, we will witness an exponential takedown of Parasitic Energy that has allowed the Powers That Be to huddle unseen in the nest of Mind Parasites.”
Clearly, the subtle, intangible, and yet powerful hyperdimensional forces are permeating our planet now, causing a tremendous shift in the human dynamic. What had risen in darkness is falling and what has been hidden behind Truth is (and will exponentially continue) rising for all to see. Dark forces are even eating their own publically with infighting and in the ME, killing their own citizens.  From my perspective, this is only the beginning. Humanity has lost the fear.  Leaders West and East turned a blind eye to leaders they knew were heavily abusing  basic human rights.   Now that much of humanity has lost the FEAR, Gmorks are falling over one another to outdo one another’s talking points.  Here is some what we have seen just in the first five months of 2011.

Egypt – Mubarak charged with murder over protest deaths

Libya : ICC prosecutor seeks Gaddafi arrest warrant

Bahrain: Formula 1 Racing more important than Human Rights?!?

Syrian soldiers ‘switching allegiances’

Yemen’s Saleh defies opponents, and the world
Iran’s conservatives turn up heat on Ahmadinejad

Defiant Sepp Blatter denies Fifa is in crisis

Ratko Mladic arrested: Bosnia war crimes suspect held

IMF thrown into chaos as Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn charged with attempted Rape in New York

Diplomatic row between Merkel (Germany) and Zapatero (Spain) over E.coli infection source

Benjamin Netanyahu rebukes Obama over 1967 plan

Kerry: U.S., Pakistan at critical juncture



Mubarak to be tried for deaths of protesters

Mubarak to be tried for deaths of protesters May 24, 2011

“Egypt’s public prosecutor has referred former president Hosni Mubarak to stand trial in a criminal court for his alleged role in the killing of anti-government protesters during the country’s uprising. The charges included ‘intentional murder, attempted killing of some demonstrators … misuse of influence and deliberately wasting public funds and unlawfully making private financial gains and profits’, the prosecutor said in a statement on Tuesday.”
“The prosecutor also referred Mubarak’s two sons [Ala'a and Gamal] and a close confidant Hussien Salam to stand trial in a criminal court as well.  Salem, a businessman, has been blamed for a controversial deal to supply Israel with gas at lower than usual prices. He has fled the country.”

Powerful Yemeni tribe turns guns against Saleh
“SANAA, Yemen — Fighters for a powerful Yemeni tribe sealed off key government buildings – including headquarters of the ruling party – as the revolt against President Ali Abdullah Saleh spilled into the heart of the capital Tuesday amid fierce clashes with government forces.”
“Yemen is a patchwork of tribes with strong militias whose support is critical for Saleh. In a bitter snub, the head of Saleh’s own Hashid tribe, Sheik Sadeq al-Ahmar, backed the uprising in March but held off sending his militiamen against government forces under an accord to keep the protests unarmed.  That changed Monday after al-Ahmar accused government forces of trying to storm his home – triggering battles in the central Hassaba district, the site of many key government offices.”
 The Arab Spring has surely disturbed a great nest of vipers who had been posing as leaders.  More will fall in their wickedness over the next 18 months – and not just in the Middle East.


Ousted president Mubrak to ask Egypt for forgiveness on air
“Former ousted president Hosni Mubarak is expected to apologise to the nation soon, according to media reports, and is aiming for amnesty.”
“According to the Shorouk newspaper, the speech is currently being prepared and will be aired on several Egyptian and Arab channels. Mubarak will apologise for his or his family’s wrongdoing against the Egyptian people, which he is expected to blame on bad advice and misinformation given to him by his consultants.”


France 24:
ICC prosecutor seeks Gaddafi arrest warrant

ICC prosecutor seeks Gaddafi arrest warrant May 16, 2011

“The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo requested Monday that arrest warrants be issued for Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and the country’s spy chief for crimes against humanity.”
“The prosecutor moved with unprecedented speed in his investigation into the early violence in the uprising against Gaddafi’s rule, with the request for arrest warrants coming just 2-1/2 months after the Security Council referral.  He added the office of the prosecutor also documented how the three held meetings ‘to plan the operations’ and Gaddafi used his ‘absolute authority to commit crimes in Libya.’ ”
“Moreno-Ocampo said the swiftness of his investigation stems from global consensus that the crimes committed in Libya had to be investigated, although judges will now need to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the warrants.”


AJE Special: Schoolgirls targeted in Bahrain raids

The visciousness and evil being perpetrated by these crazed leaders is manifesting for all to see. The momentum of these uprisings by The People must not diminish. Although we are viewing the worst of these sadists, they, too, are just tools for a much more hidden “force.” The People, having lost the fear, have an opportunity to expose these forces.
I can’t help but be reminded of what President Woodrow Wilson stated in The New Freedom (Section I: “The Old Order Changeth”, p. 5.) .  He wrote this in the context of our own country but it has since grown into a global beast.  Witness how China continues to suppress its people in an atrocious manner and yet, the U.S. is far more interested in banking (called “economic”) interests than in the rights of the people when it comes to China.  Witness how the interests of Israel take a front seat to bringing some of these brutal dictators to the ICC (i.e. Bahrain).

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”


Gaddafi’s forces bomb fuel depot in rebel-held city
BENGHAZI, Libya — Moammar Gadhafi’s forces rocketed the main fuel depot in Misrata on Saturday, intensifying a two-month siege on the rebel-held city that has claimed many civilian lives and prompted warnings of a humanitarian crisis.”
” ‘After a few days, we may have a big crisis,’ said Misrata resident Mohammed Abdullah, speaking by Skype since regular phone lines have been cut. ‘He wants to bring Misrata’s people to their knees, and make them surrender. Surrendering is impossible.’ “


Iran’s conservatives turn up heat on Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad row with Khamenei intensifies May 06, 2011

“The clash over control of the intelligence ministry triggered a conservative backlash against the president that shows little sign of abating.”
“One Ahmadinejad ally, presidential prayer leader Hojatoleslam Abbas Amirifar, was arrested May 1 for his murky role in the distribution of a DVD announcing the imminent return of the hidden imam, whom Shiite Muslims believe to be the ultimate saviour of humankind who will bring justice to the world. A court also insinuated the arrest of a “sorcerer” who was allegedly linked to Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff, Esfandiyar Rahim Mashaie.”
Iranian “Witch” trials? Amazing how a collective Awakening brings out news of “deeper workings” in our world that get more bizarre day- by-day now.


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AJE: Egypt’s former interior minister sentenced

Egypt’s former interior minister sentenced May 05, 2011

“Habib al-Adly, Egypt’s former interior minister, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for money laundering and profiteering.
“Al-Adly, who is accused of ordering police to fire upon pro-democracy protesters who ousted Hosni Mubarak, the president, in February, is one of the most senior ministers from the former government to be put on trial.  His conviction on Thursday in a Cairo court came as Mubarak and his sons are being quizzed for abuse of office .
[AJEs Rawja Regeh said]  “He was interior minister for 14 years and despite repeated campaigns against him by activists over a lot of accusations and not least … brutality and overseeing systematic torture, al-Adly was never questioned and managed to retain his position for all these years.”
 One more Gmork down….many more to go.


AJE: Bahrain arrests opposition politicians
“The Bahraini government has arrested two prominent politicians belonging to the mainly Shia opposition Al Wefaq party, Al Jazeera has learnt.”

Shortly before his arrest, MP Mattar Ibrahim Mattar spoke to Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Bahrain [Al Jazeera


Sky News:
Gaddafi’s Son and three grandchildren said to be killed in NATO strike

Missing Iran leader Ahmadinejad under pressure from MPs

Missing Iran leader Ahmadinejad under pressure from MPs April 30, 2011

“Powerful MPs in Iran have called for a closed debate on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s apparent boycott of his official duties. “
“The president has not been seen at his office for eight days, missing two cabinet meetings and cancelling a visit to the holy city of Qom. One unnamed reformist politician told the BBC that a ‘game of chicken’ had begun. ‘I hope one side yields at the end – otherwise it will move the country toward unprecedented instability that will certainly suck the current Arab uprisings into the country,’ the politician added.”


Libyan port quiet after government bombardment

Libyan port quiet after government bombardment (AP Photo) April 25, 2011

“The port of a rebel-held city in western Libya was quiet Wednesday after NATO airstrikes drove back a determined government assault on the besieged city’s lifeline.  The relative calm allowed an Albanian ship, the Red Star 1, chartered by the International Organization of Migration, to dock at the port of Misrata with 10 shipping containers of aid and two ambulances.”
“British Defense Minister Liam Fox said Tuesday that the airstrikes have helped put the regime on its “back foot” and aided the rebels in making progress, though for the past weeks, there has been little movement on any of the war’s fronts.”
” ‘There is little doubt across the alliance that this key contribution has proven to be of immense value protecting civilians in Misrata and have helped opposition forces to defend themselves against this brutal regime there,’ he said.”


Bloomberg Businessweek:
Syrian Forces Storm Daraa, Deploy Tanks Against Protesters

Syrian Forces Storm Daraa, Deploy Tanks Against Protesters April 25, 2011

“Syria has intensified a violent crackdown on protesters in the past week, leaving more than 100 dead. Assad’s decision to end an emergency rule in place for half a century, and his pledges of future political and economic measures, has failed to halt the spread of demonstrations against his regime echoing those that toppled rulers in Egypt and Tunisia this year.”
“Syria is an ally of Iran and a power broker in neighboring Lebanon, where it supports Hezbollah, an armed Shiite Muslim group. Assad and other officials say foreign-backed conspirators are seeking to exploit the expression of legitimate popular demands as a pretext for violence.”
“Sheikh Ahmad al-Sayasneh, the imam of the Omari mosque in Daraa and a member of a delegation that held talks with Assad after the first wave of violence last month, said yesterday that he has joined the protesters. In an interview with al-Jazeera, the imam said he is in hiding as security forces were looking for him because he had denounced them as ‘killers.’ ”
‘We have reached a point of no return with them after they killed our sons, and there is no room for discussions anymore,’ he said.” (emphasis mine)

 Five words to begin stopping most of the “foreign-backed conspirators” : Neutralize the Psychopathic Globalist Banksters.
Although it may seem only opaquely apparent right now, the world will come to realize that we are witnessing the bursting seeds of a worldwide real-estate war by a cabal of global bankster/corporate elite upon the rest of a now-Awakened humanity.  As humanity readys to pull the plug on their grinding engines of power in “special” places around the Cradle of Civilization in a rolling movement aimed at world freedom once and for all, we will at some point see the real Gmork behind the “little” Gmorks.  Location, location, location.   Think bigger.

Pakistanis rally against drone strikes

Pakistanis rally against drone strikes April 24, 2011

“The main supply route for NATO troops in Afghanistan was temporarily closed after thousands of people blocked a key highway in Pakistan to protest against US drone strikes.”
“The call for Sunday’s blockade of the supply line came from cricketer-turn-politician Imran Khan after US officials rejected Pakistan’s demand for sharp cuts in drone strikes in its tribal regions where al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters are based.”


AJE Listening Post:
Bahrain Under The Radar 
“Bahrain – a small kingdom cracking down on the media in a big way. Plus, a look at state media in post-revolution Egypt”

CTV Edmondton Canada:
Death toll in Syria hits 120 in two nights; rights group

Death toll in Syria hits 120 in two days; rights group (AP photo) April 23, 2011

“A Syrian human rights group says 120 people have died over the last two days at the hands of government security forces as the country continues to be rocked by a violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations.”
“The killings prompted two local lawmakers, Nasser Hariri and Khalil Rifai, from the southern region of Daraa to resign. ‘If I cannot protect the chests of my people from these treacherous strikes, then there is no meaning for me to stay in the People’s Assembly. I declare my resignation,’ Hariri told Al-Jazeera.”

YouTube Post:  “Syrian Revolution Summary April 22, 2011

The horrors being perpetrated upon these people shows the world where many of the Vipers’ nests are in our world.  The courage and determination of the people to dislodge these nests of evil will, probably within the next 18 months, help to reveal many Truths.  We are coming closer to discovering the ultimate Power behind these powers for at least 2000 years—and it may be a very ugly path until we get there.  But once the Truth about who we are and about who THEY are is revealed, we will have taken a huge evolutionary step.


Court: Remove Mubarak’s name from public facilities
“An Egyptian court on Thursday ordered the name of ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his wife Suzanne removed from all public facilities and institutions, the latest step in dismantling the legacy of the former leader’s 29 years in power.”
“In announcing the ruling, Judge Mohammed Hassan Omar said ‘people have uncovered Mubarak’s journey of corruption. ‘It has become clear that the size of the corruption (under Mubarak) that’s being uncovered every day exceeds by far anyone’s imagination,’ he said.” (emphasis mine).

Syrian president ratifies end of emergency rule
“President Bashar Assad is trying to calm angry protests against his authoritarian rule by issuing a series of concessions, including an end to the emergency law that gave authorities almost boundless powers of surveillance and arrest.”
“In addition ending the state of emergency, he fulfilled a decades-old demand by granting citizenship to thousands among Syria’s long-ostracized Kurdish minority, fired local officials, released detainees and formed a new government.  But the crackdown has only fueled the protests. Activists say Assad has unleashed his security forces along with shadowy, pro-government thugs known as ‘shabiha’ to brutalize and intimidate them. At least 200 people have been killed in the government crackdown since the protests erupted, human rights groups say.”

The Libyan Resistance Battle For Misurata
This video was allegedly taken on 03/06/11 in Misurata, Libya. Clearly, it was shot recently in Libya and it shows just how brutal self-adulating, self-magnified, psychopathic dictators will behave when they are exposed for what they really are. They serve Masters we cannot even imagine—yet—but it will be revealed, no doubt.

Gulf mediators urge Yemen’s Saleh to quit

Gulf Arab mediators seeking an end to Yemen’s unrest have called for a three-month transition plan that would end with a presidential election, a government official has said.  Their proposal, which called for an immediate end to protests, would see Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president, step down within a month of signing the initiative and hand over powers to his vice-president.”

Increasing pressure on Yemen’s Saleh


Reuters: Killers of Italian activist die in Gaza Raid:
“Arrigoni’s killing posed an unprecedented challenge to Hamas, which has governed Gaza since it seized control of the coastal territory from forces loyal to U.S.-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007.”
” ‘Vittorio’s killing was meant to show Hamas was not in full control of the security situation and therefore the speed of action against the group was meant to show that they are still in control,’ said Hani Habib, a political analyst.”

04/15/11Raw Story:
Italian activist killed in Gaza after kidnap

Italian activist killed in Gaza after kidnap April 15 2011

“The pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM) named the activist as 36-year-old member Vittorio Arrigoni, who had been living in the Gaza Strip for much of the past three years.”
“In a video posted on YouTube, the kidnappers said Arrigoni had been taken hostage in order to secure the release of an unspecified number of their members detained by Hamas security forces, including a jihadi leader called Sheikh Hisham al-Suedani.”

   A little “birdie” informs my thoughts that there is something really wrong with this entire scenario.   There very well may be a Power behind  the power of the group that brutally killed this man.   A western involvement cannot be ruled out.  The ME rolling revolution is shaking up governments in the US, Israel, and Europe and this tragedy is not exclusive  of the bigger picture in that region.  Time will tell.


Boston Herald:
Libyan woman recounts gang rape by Gadhafi troops

Libyan woman recounts gang rape by Gadhafi troops April 12 2011

“Recounting her story in graphic detail for the first time alone with two female reporters, al-Obeidi claimed she was brutalized for two days and wept as she recalled the ordeal. She said she was repeatedly raped by 15 different men — one of them a cousin of Gadhafi — who were drinking alcohol that they poured in her eyes, nose, mouth and vagina. She said she was sodomized with a Kalashnikov rifle.”

Opposition figure: 2 Syrian villages under attack
“Pro-government gunmen launched an attack on two villages in Syria‘s northeast on Tuesday, two days after security forces shot dead four protesters in the same region, a leading Syrian opposition figure said.”
” ‘Some residents of the two village (sic) took part in the anti-regime protests in Banias,’ the resident said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of government reprisals. The remark raise (sic) concern Tuesday’s attack meant to intimidate the villagers in the wake of the deadly Banias event.”
Yet another horrible crime against humanity. What is horrible as well is how blatantly the “democratic” heads of State are glaringly selective in how they deal with ruthless dictators according to how it affects their “strategic interests” and “economic” concerns.  This cold, calculating approach is a showcase to the world of their true character. I never thought I would say this because I want nothing to do with a gun, but it is a good thing that our citizens can still arm themselves for self-defense in America


Salon Com:
Libyan rebels reject peace while Gadhafi in power:
“Libyan opposition supporters protested Monday against a delegation of African leaders who arrived in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi to try to broker a cease-fire with Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, saying there can be no peace until the longtime leader gives up power.  More than 1,000 demonstrators waved pre-Gadhafi flags that have come to symbolize the rebel movement and chanted slogans against Gadhafi outside a Benghazi hotel. They said they had little faith in the visiting African Union mediators, most of them allies of Gadhafi who are preaching democracy for Libya but don’t practice it at home. “
“The African negotiators met with Gadhafi late Sunday in the capital Tripoli and said he accepted their proposal for a cease-fire. However, an Algerian representative of the delegation was vague on whether the proposal includes a demand for Gadhafi to give up power and would only say that the option was discussed.  The protesters in Benghazi and the opposition leadership based in the city are demanding that Gadhafi step down immediately.
‘On the issue of Gadhafi and his sons, there is no negotiation,’ said Ahmed al-Adbor, a member of the opposition’s transitional ruling council.   Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini supported that position. ‘ The sons and the family of Gadhafi cannot participate in the political future of Libya,’ he said.”
It is ludricrous and insulting to even suggest that any head of power, anywhere, who is willing to massacre its own citizens to maintain that power and self-adulating idealogy should even be considered in a transitional phase.


BBC News Africa:
Egypt: Hosni Mubarak to be quizzed over deaths

Hosni Mubarak summoned by state prosecutor for questioning over alleged corruption and killings of protesters April 10 2011“Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been summoned by the state prosecutor for questioning over alleged corruption and killings of protesters.”
“On Friday, Cairo’s Tahrir Square once again filled with demonstrators calling for Mr Mubarak and his family to be tried for corruption. At least one person was killed and dozens were injured when troops moved in to clear the square. The injured suffered gunshot wounds but the army denied using live rounds. Protesters and anti-corruption campaigners have been pressing for an investigation into the Mubarak family’s assets, put at anywhere from $1bn to $70bn (£616m-£43bn).”  

04/07/11 VOA “Egyptian state media say authorities have detained former President Hosni Mubarak’s top aide while corruption allegations against him are investigated.  The Middle East News Agency says the judiciary ordered ex-presidential chief of staff Zakariya Azmi to be detained for 15 days.  Azmi is the latest in a string of Egyptian officials under investigation for corruption.”

If a miracle happens and the world actually DOES see a true and independent prosecution of this former Egyptian leader, it will give humanity a great boost in removing Gaddafi, Bush/Cheney Admin, Netanyahu, Selah, Assad, various Banksters—and other Gmorks—out of power and and into whatever psychiatric ward will take them.

Foreign Policy:
Gbagbo arrested in Ivory Coast
(Cote d’Ivoire)
“Forces of president-elect Alassane Ouattara arrested outoing President Laurent Gbagbo at his residence in Abidjan on Monday, after an assault on the compound that involved French and U.N. troops. Reuters reported that 30 tanks made their way from the French military base toward the neighborhood where Gbagbo resides. The battle that followed has finally put an end to a four-month long crisis over who was running the Ivory Coast.”


Ex-Libyan oil minister says many Gadhafi insiders too scared to defect

Omar Fathi bin Shatwan says he witnessed the destruction of Misrata and the indiscriminate shooting of civilian residents (Photo: Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters) April 07 2011

“Libya’s former-energy minister said Wednesday that several members of Moammar Gadhafi’s inner circle want to defect, but many are too scared to abandon the dictator fearing the safety of themselves and their families.”
“Omar Fathi bin Shatwan, who also served as industry minister, told the Associated Press that he had fled by fishing boat to Malta on Friday from the western Libyan city of Misrata.  Shatwan, who left the government in 2007, said he still had contact with some government figures and explained that many feared for their safety. In some cases, their families are under siege, he said.”

Yemeni forces fire on protesters in 2 cities seeking president’s ouster; several wounded


Final battle wages in Ivory Coast, forces prepare
“Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo is negotiating his surrender, a diplomat said Tuesday after United Nations and French forces bombarded military sites, backing Ivorian fighters who are trying to install the elected president.”
“Following four months of attempts to negotiate Gbagbo’s departure, the U.N. Security Council unanimously passed an especially strong resolution giving the 12,000-strong peacekeeping operation the right “to use all necessary means to carry out its mandate to protect civilians under imminent threat of physical violence … including to prevent the use of heavy weapons against the civilian population.  Gbagbo, 65, has stubbornly refused every olive branch extended to him since last November, when he lost the presidential election to International Monetary Fund economist, Ouattara. Gbagbo insisted he had won, even though his country’s own election commission declared him defeated and the United Nations certified his opponent’s victory.”


RSN/Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi:
Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?
“I came across the curious case of the Arab Banking Corporation, better known as ABC, while researching a story about the results of the audit of the Federal Reserve. That story, which will be coming out in Rolling Stone in two weeks, will examine in detail some of the many lunacies uncovered by Senate investigators amid the recently-released list of bailout and emergency aid recipients – a list that includes many extremely shocking names, from foreign industrial competitors to hedge funds in tax-haven nations to various Wall Street figures of note (and some of their relatives). You will want to see this amazing list when it comes out, so please make sure to check the newsstands in two weeks’ time.”
“When I first started working on this story, one of Sanders’s aides was careful to point out the ABC loans. Later, I took a closer look at the company and found that it was 59% owned by the Central Bank of Libya, which I found very odd, even by the generally insane standards of the bailout era. Why, I wondered, would the Federal Reserve be giving Muammar Qaddafi $26 billion in near-zero interest loans? Exactly how does that address America’s financial problems? What bailout plan could that possibly be part of? ” [emphasis mine]

Human Rights Watch:
Egypt: Drop Charges Against Blogger Critical of Military

Egypt: Drop Charges Against Blogger Critical of Military April 05 2011

“Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces should drop all charges against a blogger for his internet posts critical of the military, Human Rights Watch said today.”
” ‘It’s pretty stunning in Egypt’s supposed new era of rights to see the military government prosecuting someone in a military court for writing about the military,’ said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. ‘This trial sets a dangerous precedent at a time when Egypt is trying to transition away from the abuses of the Mubarak era.’ “
Human Rights Watch strongly opposes any trials of civilians before military courts, the proceedings of which do not protect due process rights. The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, in interpreting the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, has said that military courts ‘should not, in any circumstances whatsoever, have jurisdiction over civilians.’ ” [emphasis mine]
 Are you listening Obama? Holder?  You have caved into pressure from elements in our government who seek to militarize and repress the  rule of law; namely, innocent until proven guilty in a Civilian Court.  Secret Military Tribunals are immoral and unjust – period, point.   Shame….shame!

Egypt’s military keeping repressive practices in place
“Egypt’s armed forces have detained and tried thousands of people since taking control of the country this year, according to human rights and legal activists, who see it as a sign that the toppling of a president was just the start of Egyptians’ battle for democracy.”
” ‘We have another battle ahead with the army,’ said Mona Seif, an activist with the Hisham Mubarak Law Center, a legal firm that works in the human rights field. ‘ The army has a big part of it still loyal to the old regime. They have economic interests in the old system. They won’t let go of that easily.’ “


Obama strongly defends US military action in Libya

President Obama speaks about Libya at the National Defense University in Washington March 28, 2011

“Defending the first war launched on his watch, President Barack Obama declared Monday night the United States intervened in Libya to prevent a slaughter of civilians that would have stained the world’s conscience and “been a betrayal of who we are.” Yet he ruled out targeting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, warning that trying to oust him militarily would be a costly mistake.”
“He never described the U.S.-led military campaign as a “war” and gave no details on its costs, but he offered an expansive case for why he believed it was in the national interest of the United States and allies to act.”
I really want to know specifically what our government considers “our national interests.” I believe if we had a precise list of what the WH considers national interests and what We The People consider national interests, we would be stunned that their list would show very few concerns of the interests of Americans but the interests of the corporatocracy, banksters, and Israel.

Cornel West and the fight against injustice: The provocative US intellectual discusses issues of race, civil liberties and Barack Obama’s leadership.


Rebels besiege Ivory Coast’s [Cote d'Ivoire] main city of Abidjan
“Rebels fighting to install Ivory Coast’s democratically elected president began besieging the main city of Abidjan on Thursday after seizing a key seaport overnight, as he vowed to “re-establish democracy and enforce the choice of the people.”
“The top military commander of the country’s entrenched ruler fled to the residence of South Africa’s ambassador. However, an adviser to longtime president Laurent Gbagbo said he would not step down even in the face of a rebel onslaught on the country’s commercial capital.”

Gotta say, “Gmorked Minds” definitely suffer from Seven Macaw Syndrome and are absolutely void of human vision. But not to worry; We The Humanity have plenty of collective vision to help them see the error of their ways. :cool:


Libyan Interim National Council: A Vison of a Libyan Democracy

Must read: The Libyan National Interim Council publishes its Vision of a Democratic Libya
Item 7a
“The nation’s economy to be used for the benefit of the Libyan people by creating effective economic institutions in order to eradicate poverty and unemployment – working towards a healthy society, a green environment and a prosperous economy.” (emphasis mine)

Item 7c: “Support the use of science and technology for the betterment of society, through investments in education, research and development, thus enabling the encouragement of an innovative culture and enhancing the spirit of creativity.  Focus on emphasizing individual rights in a way that guarantees social freedoms that were denied to the Libyan people during the rule of dictatorship.  In addition to building efficient public and private institutions and funds for social care, integration and solidarity, the State will guarantee the rights and empowerment of women in all legal, political, economic and cultural spheres.” (emphasis mine)

CTV News:Bahrain accepts resignation of opposition MPs

Bahrain accepts resignation of opposition MPs March 29 2011

“Bahrain’s parliament on Tuesday accepted the resignations of 11 lawmakers from the Shiite opposition, a sign that the political crisis and sectarian divisions are deepening in the tiny Gulf kingdom.  The state-run Bahrain News Agency reported the 40-member house approved the resignations of 11 Al Wefaq legislators. They and seven other lawmakers from the party submitted resignations last month over the deadly crackdown on anti-government protests. BNA said parliament postponed deliberations on the six other resignations.”

02/23/11  Bahrain: Uprising Against the US-backed Regime Gains Critical Mass – By Finian Cunningham  “”Their new masters and their rapacious way of existence, plus crucial British material and political support, made short work of these people’s natural hospitality to install a dynasty that has bled the island dry. The present prime minister, and uncle of the king, has been in office for 40 years since the country gained nominal independence from Britain in 1971. The prime minister personally owns many of the skyscraper properties that have sprung up in Manama’s financial district, including the twin towers of the Financial Harbour.”
“But after decades of exploitation, Bahrainis seem to have finally lost their tolerance of these ‘pirates’ thieving off them, imprisoning them, torturing them, killing them, stealing their beaches and their natural resources – all with the full support of Britain and latterly the US government – with its Fifth Fleet moored here.”
Now, why did this article send me back to 09/11/01? Washington DC: Find That Illusive Moral Compass and Give The World The TRUTH about 9/11

Guardian UK:
The single demand that can unite the Palestinian people
“Since January Palestinians in the refugee camps and under military occupation have all been asking the same question: is this not our moment too? Yet how are we to overcome the entrenched system of external colonial control and co-optation, the repression, the internal divisions and the geographical fragmentation that have until now kept us divided and unable to unify? The situation appears a thousand times more complex than Bahrain, or Egypt, or Libya, or Syria.”
“The solution to this fierce dilemma lies in a single claim now uniting all Palestinians: the quest for national unity. Although the main parties might remain irreconciled, the Palestinian people most certainly are not. Their division is not political but geographic: the majority are refugees outside Palestine, while the rest inside it are forcibly separated into three distinct locations. The demand is the same universal claim to democratic representation that citizens across the Arab world are calling for with such force and beauty: each Palestinian voice counts.”
Related Posts: Israel: Developing Pressure on the Bully in the BlocIsraeli Commandos Attack Gaza Aid Flotilla


Syrian Cabinet resigns amid huge protests
“Syria’s Cabinet resigned Tuesday to help quell a wave of popular fury that erupted more than a week ago and is now threatening President Bashar Assad’s 11-year rule in one of the most authoritarian and closed-off nations in the Middle East. “
“Assad, whose family has controlled Syria for four decades, is trying to calm the growing dissent with a string of concessions. He is expected to address the nation in the next 24 hours to lift emergency laws in place since 1963 and moving to annul other harsh restrictions on civil liberties and political freedoms.”


IRIN Africa:
COTE D’IVOIRE: Protests ahead of regional peace meeting

Hundreds protest in the main rebel-held northern town of Bouake to demand departure of Pres Gbagbo March 24, 2011

“Hundreds of people protested in the main rebel-held northern town of Bouake on Wednesday to demand the departure of President Laurent Gbagbo ahead of a regional meeting on Cote d’Ivoire aimed at unblocking an impasse on the divided country’s future.”
” ‘We, the residents within the zones controlled by the New Forces, condemn the head of state and all of his henchmen for all of the hindrances in the peace process and appeal to ECOWAS and the African Union to demonstrate courage and firmness in their decision,’  said Zoumana Ouattara, coordinator of civil society organisations in the rebel-controlled zone.”


Telegraph UK:
Bomb rocks Israeli army bus stop
“It is thought that a man dressed as a soldier got out of a car and ran towards the bus stop before detonating his explosives. The blast tore through the bus stop, throwing victims across the street.”
“Israel condemned the attack and said Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, was ‘responsible for the slaughter’ “.
At this point, the field is wide open as to who/what caused this terrible event – anything from a disgruntled Israeli citizen, to Gaza/Hamas/Syria/You Name It, to a purposely self-inflicted wound to provide an excuse for MORE military aid.

Protesters killed in Syria mosque attack amid wave of detentions
“At least six people have died after security forces fired on protesters outside a mosque in the Syrian city of Deraa, human rights activists say. Hundreds of people had gathered in the streets outside the Omari mosque to prevent troops from storming it.   The mosque has been the focus of anti-government demonstrations – at least 10 people have now been killed in clashes.”

Syrian soldier killed for refusing to participate in the storming of the Mosque “Syrian Committee for Human Rights condemns this crime, and considers it murder outside the scope of the law, and calls for an independent investigation the incident and bring the perpetrators of an independent judiciary.”

AJE YouTube: Yemen War – Civil War or Saleh Out



Fact Check: Senate did favor Lybia no-fly zone
“Some lawmakers are grousing loudly that President Barack Obama sent the nation’s military to Libya without Congress’ blessing.” “They’re ignoring a key fact: The Senate a month ago voted to support imposing a no-fly zone to protect civilians from attacks by Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s forces. “
“With no objections, the Senate on March 1 backed a resolution strongly condemning ‘the gross and systematic violations of human rights in Libya’ and urging the U.N. Security Council to take action, ‘including the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over Libyan territory’. There was no recorded vote. It was simply approved by unanimous consent.”

Dennis Kucinich: Obama v. Obama
” ‘The last thing we need is to be embroiled in yet another intervention in another Muslim country. The American people have had enough. First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq. Then bombs began to fall in Pakistan, then Yemen, and soon it seems bombs could be falling in Libya. Our nation simply cannot afford another war, economically, diplomatically or spiritually,’ said Kucinich.”

Some early manifestations of elitist infighting:

“Those negative, parasitic energies are now reflecting back upon the Powers That Be to attack one another as they go down in impotence.”03/21/11 - Yemeni generals defecttanks deploy03/18/11 –  Gorbachev: Time limited for Putin - ” ‘People … do not want to be a mass, a flock led for decades by the same shepherds.’ ”  03/21 Medvedev criticizes Putin for Libyan remark03/16/11 – Clinton says she won’t serve in Obama’s second term “ ‘I’m going to be, you know, moving on.’ “02/28/11 – Bahrain opposition MPs resign en masse02/21/11 – Libyan military begins to defect


Guardian UK:
Jet shot down and shelling in Benghazi despite UN air strike threat

Jet shot down and shelling in Benghazi despite UN air strike threat (Photo:Patrick Baz/AFP-Getty) March 19 2011

“A fighter plane has been shot down and plunged into Benghazi after a night of large explosions and shelling in and around the Libyan rebel stronghold. Fighting has continued despite the regime declaring a ceasefire under threat of UN-backed air strikes.”
“Libyan state media all but ignored the ceasefire, continuing the stream of patriotic programmes and announcements, playing clip after clip of pro-Gaddafi demonstrators declaring support for their leader. Tripoli seemed calm but tense throughout the day, with police patrol cars visible in unusual numbers in the city centre as officers checked identity cards. Several explosions to the west added to an already jumpy mood.”
Later reports state the pilot who ejected did not survive and that this was one of only two opposition jets.  Unfortunately, the pro-liberation forces shot down one of their own in confusion.

Telegraph UK:
Libya: UN approves no-fly zone as British troops prepare for action

Libya: UN approves no-fly zone as British troops prepare for action March 17 2011

“The first raids, possibly conducted by unmanned drones, could happen within hours if Colonel Gaddafi acts on his threat to “show no mercy” to rebels in Benghazi.”
The RAF could become involved in any operation by this evening, according to British sources. However, the raids may be spearheaded by an Arab nation such as Qatar or the UAE.”

And to think, just two years ago, John McCain and Joe Leiberman were gushing over Gaddafi and son(s): Cablegate [09TRIPOLI677, CODEL MCCAIN MEETS MUAMMAR AND MUATASSIM AL-QADHAFI]- “Senator McCain assured Muatassim that the United States wanted to provide Libya with the equipment it needs for its TRIPOLI 00000677 002.2 OF 002 security. He stated that he understood Libya’s requests regarding the rehabilitation of its eight C130s (ref D) and pledged to see what he could do to move things forward in Congress. He encouraged Muatassim to keep in mind the long-term perspective of bilateral security engagement and to remember that small obstacles will emerge from time to time that can be overcome. He described the bilateral military relationship as strong and pointed to Libyan officer training at U.S. Command, Staff, and War colleges as some of the best programs for Libyan military participation.” (emphasis mine)

Public Radio East:
Yemen forces open fire at protest, eight dead

Yemen forces open fire at protest, eight dead March 18 2011 (Photo: Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh)

“SANAA (Reuters) – Yemeni security forces and pro-government gunmen killed 10 people and wounded around 50 others when they opened fire at a protest in Sanaa after Muslim prayers on Friday, medical sources and witnesses told Reuters.”

Yemen security forces open fire on Sanaa protest

Anti-Saleh protesters have often faced fierce resistance from security forces March 09 2011

“Security forces in Yemen have opened fire at a large protest outside the university in the capital, Sanaa. They were trying to stop thousands of people joining a protest camp at the university calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign.”

Telegraph UK:
Bahrain protests: eye-witness report
“A doctor trapped in Bahrain’s main hospital has described how Saudi troops have surrounded the building and are preventing protestors suffering bullet wounds from being appropriately treated.”
“The surgeon, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘We are all inside, all of the medical staff. We are sitting doing nothing. We have a thousand beds and room for another thousand but can’t treat anyone because the injured can’t get to us. They have even barred women in labour from entering.’ “


The Eagle:
Saudi force aiding Bahrain monarchy

Saudi force aiding Bahrain monarchy March 18 2011

“MANAMA, Bahrain — A Saudi-led military force crossed into Bahrain on Monday to prop up the monarchy against widening demonstrations, launching the first cross-border military operation to quell unrest since the Arab world’s rebellions began in December.”
“Opposition groups immediately denounced the intervention as an occupation that pushed the tiny island kingdom dangerously close to a state of  ‘undeclared war.’
“Bahrain’s majority Shiite Muslims see an opportunity to rid themselves of two centuries of rule by a Sunni monarchy. But Gulf Sunni leaders worry that any cracks in Bahrain’s ruling system could threaten their own foundations. Protests are already flaring in Oman, Kuwait and even tightly ruled Saudi Arabia.”

King of Bahrain’s Invite to Prince William’s Wedding Causes Outrage “LONDON — Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding next month has been billed as the media event of the decade. But the young couple’s big day could now be overshadowed by a row over one of the royal family’s guests of honor: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain.”
“The Sunni monarch is conducting a bloody crackdown on his majority Shiite population, crushing their calls for democracy with bullets, tanks and tear gas. Amnesty International reports that shotgun-wielding security forces have killed at least eight Bahraini protesters in recent days, and many more people — including medical personnel — were injured during a heavy-handed police raid on the country’s main hospital earlier today.”

Syrian protests in Damascus and Aleppo

REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri

“Tuesday’s march started after noon prayers in the old town of Damascus and fanned out to neighbouring streets, the witness told the BBC.  He said the security forces did not use force against the protesters, but detained six of them. He added that more people were expected to join demonstrations after the evening prayers.”
“Syria – like Egypt – is ruled through emergency law and suffers from high poverty and unemployment. Critics say corruption and cronyism are rife in Syrian business and political circles.  President Bashar al-Assad – who came to power in 2000 after three decades of rule by his father Hafez – has moved slowly to open up the economy, but his administration does not tolerate any dissent.”


DN!“We’re Witnessing the Violent Lashings of a Dying Beast”: Libyan Novelist Hisham Matar on the Gaddafi’s Brutal Crackdown in Libya
Well, I have been waiting for the day when we would hear such words. Awesome.  In the 21st century  tyrants, dictators, and other governing bullies must be relegated to history.


Egypt Protests Continue As Military Stands By
“While some protesters clashed with police, army tanks expected to disperse the crowds in central Cairo and in the northern city of Alexandria instead became rest points and even, on occasion, part of the protests as anti-Mubarak graffiti were scrawled on them without interference from soldiers.”
” ‘Leave Hosni, you, your son and your corrupted party!’ declared the graffiti on one tank as soldiers invited demonstrators to climb aboard and have their photographs taken with them.This is the revolution of all the people,’ declared the side of a second tank in downtown Cairo. Egyptian men all serve in the army, giving it a very different relationship to the people from that of the police.” [emphasis mine]
 Wow!  The Bridge is sooo symbolic, moving away from the past and into the Awakening.  Awesome.

Law Blog:
Thousands of Cairo Egypt Protesters attempt to storm Parliament
“CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports small expected protests in Cairo, Egypt, have ballooned into tens of thousands.”
I think it is now safe to say we have a worldwide revolution underway to proactively remove the political parasites.


Once-feared Tunisian police join protesters
“Tunisia’s once-feared police staged a rally of their own Saturday, demanding better salaries and insisting they’re not to blame for shooting deaths among protesters who forced the North African country’s longtime autocrat to flee.  At least 2,000 police rallied in downtown Tunis, an epicenter of protest and clashes between youths and police that forced President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to quit the country he ruled with an iron fist for 23 years.”
“Officers climbed onto their official cars, blew their whistles and waved flags and signs. Some exchanged hugs to congratulate each other about their chance to protest. Many were joined by their families.”


“Iron-fisted” Tunisian President flees amid riots
“Turmoil has continued in Tunisia overnight after popular protests swept the president from power.”
“Our correspondent in the Tunisian capital, Jamel Ezzedini, says this is a new independence for people who belived in their right to freedom and dignity. ‘This is what hundreds of Tunisians on the streets exclaimed, despite a curfew and state of emergency, expressing their delight and joy at the president’s departure. He has been replaced by the prime minister on a temporary basis. What lies ahead for Tunisia remains to be seen,’ Ezzedini said.” [Emphasis mine]News Junkie Post:
Will Ben Ali’s Resignation Inspire Revolutions In Other Arab Countries?
“Today, in a completely dramatic and unexpected turn of events, Tunisian autocratic President Ben Ali was forced out of office by the will of the Tunisian people. He quit his post on Friday night, panicked and fled the country defeated by the Tunisian popular uprising. The protests started a few weeks ago, originally triggered by rising food prices and food shortage. The protests quickly expanded and became more about social justice, freedom of expression and denouncing the corruption of Ben Ali’s regime.”Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution
‘Not once in my 43 years have I thought that I’d see an Arab leader toppled by his people. It is nothing short of poetic justice that it was neither Islamists nor invasion-in-the-name-of-democracy that sent the waters rushing onto Ben Ali’s ship but, rather, the youth of his country.”
“For decades, a host of Arab dictators have justified their endless terms in office by pointing to Islamists waiting in the wings. Having both inflated the egos and power of Islamists and scared Western allies into accepting stability over democracy, those leaders were left to comfortably sweep ‘elections.’ Ben Ali was elected to a fifth term with 89.62 percent of the vote in 2009.”
One more parasite gone….many to go.


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February 4, 2010

2012: Is Humanity Poised for Restoration of “Junk” DNA?


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Spontaneous DNA, The Rapture, and The Rise to Fourth Density

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“Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. 7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. 8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. “
[Genesis 11:1-10]

“This time the beings shaped by the gods are everything they hoped for and more: not only do the first four men pray to their makers, but they have perfect vision and therefore perfect knowledge.  The gods are alarmed that beings who were merely manufactured by them should have divine powers, so they decide, after their usual dialogue, to put a fog on human eyes.”
[From the Mayan Popol Vuh Definitive Edition (1996), pg. 44]

“In essence, the genetic apparatus operates as follows. The texts, written in the ‘DNA language’, are first translated by the organism into the ‘RNA language’ and then into the ‘Protein language’.
[Crisis in Life Sciences. The Wave Genetics Response.]

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I have long wondered about the story of these gods who confounded their language in the story of the Tower of Babel.  It has also seemed to me that if their actual vocalization was no longer understood between them, it would have taken generations to develop a new common language, but I am no linguist.  It seems more likely that the DNA language for visual projection and telepathy was confounded. That they suddenly scattered all over the world does not make sense either unless there was far more involved than losing the ability to understand each other’s speech [might "speech" more accurately been translated as "concepts"?].

Interestingly, “Sometime before 3,000 B.C. the Sumerians began to produce written records in Babylonia.    The writing consisted of picture like symbols scratched on lumps of clay. ” [The Tower of Babel and Babylon, Gilgamesh, Ningizzida, Gudea] The Mayan Calendar makers began their marker (retroactively) in 3113 BCE , at which time the Sumerians were beginning to adopt writing as a tool to communicate.  Coincidence? Maybe, but it is an intriguing coincidence at that.

Is it plausible to consider that the advent of written communication did not evolve through natural progression but was a nessessity that took a culture several steps back in time from a very advanced form of nonverbal communication? Imagine Da Vinci suddenly not being able to distingush beween the colors on his palette or a circle from a triangle in his mind-vision .  Much of  his awesome work would not have seen the light of day (so to speak).

Is it possible that their DNA frequencies were fragmented in such a way as to dial down or completely splice off DNA that provided an essential knowledge base previously allowing: “The whole universe, the people in unison (?) To Enlil in one tongue (spoke). …” [translation from "The Babel of Tongues: A Sumerian Version" by Kramer, S.N., Journal of the American Oriental Society 88:108-11,1968]  ?  We certainly are aware that in the 20th and 21st Centuries HAARP, arguably the greatest weapon of mass destruction on the planet (perhaps second only to the Hadron Collider) has developed the technology for mind control and weather manipulation through frequency control.  Geneticists certainly are beginning to master DNA manipulation through frequencies.

One hypothesis on Junk DNA: “These chromosomal regions could be composed of the now-defunct remains of ancient genes, known as pseudogenes, which were once functional copies of genes but have since lost their protein-coding ability (and, presumably, their biological function). After non-functionalization, pseudogenes are free to acquire genetic noise in the form of random mutations. “

With all the above in mind, would it be plausible to consider that the Mayan calendar reflects a period between when the ‘gods smited” that portion of human DNA that functioned for telepathy, shared holographic communication, mental lifting of inanimate objects, etc. and the period when that lost DNA reawakens?  I do think it is plausible.

In his book The End of Days, Zecharia Sitchin discusses how weapons of mass destruction used in (what is now) the Sinai Desert marked the end of the Age of Enlil [Taurus] and the beginning Age of Marduk [Aries].  He pinpoints that mass destruction to the year  2024 BCE .  It seems apparent to me that in the 1000 or so years between the Tower of Babel incident and the nuclear holocaust brought on by gods-fighting-gods with not a care about mankind and Creation, not only had mankind intellectually deteriorated to a great degree, their “gods” became “hidden” from them after this great cataclysm and left them in a way at square one.  (Sidenote: This may be the root of the concept of religion as a means to “bind back” the people from anarchy, IMHO).

Could whatever was lost to humanity that suddenly caused us to construct written (conceptual) language in Sumer in ca. 4th Century BCE [The end of which the Mayan Calendar began (3113 BCE) and the era in which the building of the Temple of Anu was constructed (c. 3200 BCE) ] gradually but exponentially be poised to restore that “junk” DNA as we come back into alignment with the Galactic Center?

I recall a thought running through my mind when I heard that the Human Genome Project had published its first draft report on the full DNA sequencing in April 2000 (official completion came in 2003). That thought was Oooh, the 100th monkey just might tip the collective flow of consciousness soon (recorded in my diary). Odd thought, I know, but it occurred to me even then that with the DNA sequence essentially completed, the very manifestation of  lost knowledge would kick in soon….but I was not sure exactly WHAT would manifest. After my “..and so it has come” dream and when 09/11/2001 occurred shortly thereafter, I began to ponder this more deeply.

It is plausible that the Mayan 2012 calendric system was created to mark the “fall of man” when their DNA was essentially reduced to “junk”, cutting away our natural and inherent ability for Vision and Telepathy—Wholeness.  The end of the Mayan calendar is thought to be 2012.  Having gone on a week-long journey to Yucatan in September 2000, touring Mayan ruins and history under the guidance of Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, I do believe that the year 2012 will be of immense import to humanity.  The unprecedented free flow of information sweeping around the world is awakening sleeping DNA.  Light = Informaton.  I certainly do not doubt that we are swiftly moving toward a critical-mass event.  It well may be that as we move back toward our Galactic Center [we are already crossing the edge of photon belt ], the engineered splicing off of  higher-consciousness DNA in Earth forms will be restored; that ol’ junk DNA that so puzzles geneticists.  The Light photons (via the Sun) may correct the coding (which I have a hunch is contributing to extinctions in some cases and new lifeforms in others), but something tells me that off-planet Intelligence is helping all of this along.  Call it a redeeming act on their part…call it benevolence.

However, it just may be that making mankind whole again will not be the destiny of those who have practiced darkness and greed on this planet for centuries and in particular, those in power with specific gene “switches”.  I notice these days that those who have ruled endlessly are now being squeezed ever more between the twilight and the dawn of the human collective consciousness. A day hardly goes by anymore without those in the public eye in government/politics, religion, finance, media, filmmaking, etc. who had carefully concealed their dark intentions for humankind by throwing a cloak of glamour around themselves find they can no longer do so. Why? Because there has been a massive shift on the collective level. The masses are beginning to see the Light more than ever before…it is coming in leaps and bounds now.  Personally, I believe that the trigger was the completion of knowledge about DNA sequencing and the fired shot was 911.

From my perspective, the joke is on the Dark T-Shirt Team because those without a clear sense of conscience, ethical behavior, and compassion, which increase DNA frequencies, will not make the transition.  I recently watched an episode of Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” show (see bottom of page to view) and had to laugh because the highly elaborate underground fortresses the “select elite” are preparing to use in the event of cataclysm (or to hide from the masses) will not, I suspect, protect them from the DNA changes that, in their case, because their frequencies are entirely too low, will degenerate rather than restore.  DNA frequencies know no physical boundaries, which is something they seem to have forgotten.  The “change” is taking place at the molecular level, then it will accelerate into a quantum leap; far, far more of humanity (albeit in advanced form) will survive the changing earth than is presently thought, due to the DNA/quantum change, if we have our Hearts in order.  As we move ever closer to Enlightenment, the darkness between the twilight and the dawn will be subsumed.   There is always dishonor among thieves and in 2010 the factions are in a fight to the death for ultimate control of Earth—both will fail disastrously and live or die in their impotence; many wannabe thieves will soon find themselves starving for Light as their cohorts go down one by one….it is the nature of the Beast.

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §

Some final thoughts…

Humanity has trudged a long and winding road through the darkness that fell onto this planet several millenia ago. As we look back on the past twenty-five-hundred years alone we have seen Empires expand then collapse with endless carnage and debris from wars fought for domination and Crusading hatred. The tremendous power of those who are wired to feed off the fear generated among the masses to maintain power and control has been part of the only reality we in this cycle have known. I perceive that these Feeders are keenly aware that an extremely ancient global castastrophe so overwhelmed the psyche of the survivors as to carry down fear genetically to this day and use it to manipulate the planet. A few scattered Enlightened beings have intervened in our long journey and endeavored to seek out those in the ongoing generations who would carry the torch lighting the way toward the Knowledge, Light, and Harmony that once existed for the ancients and will exist once again. The realm of wired power mongers, feeders on negative energy, seized their messages and turned them into an entity called religion (supernatural constraint, perhaps from religare to restrain, tie back) in order to keep the thumb to the screw and the lid on the Truth. Jesus, Ghandi, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha and other Enlightened beings had no intention of organizing their messages into a tightly controlled box. They simply gave guidelines, road signs, and Faith to keep moving toward a return of Self-Realization of our own incredible Spiritual capacity.

As horrible and tragic a day as 09/11/2001 was, it also opened a doorway to Light that the “supernatural constrainers” in this reality would never have perceived since dark thoughts focus only on dark outcomes. Until that day in Earth time, the revolving-door mentality still had the masses going in circles. The schizophrenic dimensional split occurred that day and the revolving door began morphing into a Light-emitting open door. It took a few years in Earth time to realize that we could even leave this contained circle dance and walk away and another few Earth years to have the courage to step into the Light and speak Truth to Power.

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Natl Geo:
Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps – A First

Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps – A First (Photograph courtesy Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund) July 19 212

“On Tuesday tracker John Ndayambaje spotted a trap very close to the Kuryama gorilla clan. He moved in to deactivate the snare, but a silverback named Vubu grunted, cautioning Ndayambaje to stay away, Vecellio said.”
“Suddenly two juveniles—Rwema, a male; and Dukore, a female; both about four years old—ran toward the trap.”
“As Ndayambaje and a few tourists watched, Rwema jumped on the bent tree branch and broke it, while Dukore freed the noose.”
“The pair then spied another snare nearby—one the tracker himself had missed—and raced for it. Joined by a third gorilla, a teenager named Tetero, Rwema and Dukore destroyed that trap as well.”
Our animal cohabitants are Waking Up with this  consciousness leap as well.  Amazing.


Space Com:  Celestial Stunner: Venus to Cross Face of Sun This Year  “On your 2012 calendar, be sure to put a big red circle around June 5.  On that day, a celestial occurrence that will not be seen by human eyes until well into the 22nd century — the year 2117 to be exact — will take place.”
“The planet Venus will cross the face of the sun.”
And with this, the other critical galactic alignments will begin to take center stage in 2012, making this transit quite unique.  From my study (both by research and direct teaching by two Mayan elders when I was in Yucatan in year 2000),  we may expect to see “unexplained”  spontaneous DNA “leaps”  in nature generated by a dynamic change in solar output (flares).  Though the DNA aspect is not mentioned in a report by Will Hart [Stargate: 2004-2012 - Venus Transit], he does make other interesting correlations worth reading.


Wake Up World:
Scientist Prove (sic) DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies “Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA.” Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.”


Chinese elders spouting horns since 2006 :eek:
“Huang Yuanfan, 84, of Ziyuan, China, is the latest person to report an unusual growth protruding from the head. His horn began growing two years ago and has reached a length of 3 inches, according to and other British news sites.”
“China has produced a number of other elderly horny folks in recent years. In 2007, 93-year-old Ma Zhong Nan flaunted a 4-inch horn growing atop his head. He paid little attention to it until it became itchy, at which point he sought help.”


CNEWS Canada:
Australian lizards on verge of evolutionary leap “Scientists observing a small group of Australian lizards very closely, believe they may be watching evolution happen right before their eyes.”


Daily Mail Online:
Computers to translate world’s ‘lost’ languages after program deciphers ancient text “Scientists have used a computer program to decipher a written language that is more than three thousand years old. The program automatically translated the ancient written language of Ugaritic within just a few hours.  Scientists hope the breakthrough could help them decipher the few ancient languages that they have been unable to translate so far.”
Some of these undecipherable texts might have rudimentary elements of ancient flight data that is being overlooked, IMHO.  Just a thought.  Think BIGGER.

Five of the world’s undeciphered scripts:

Etruscan – Repeated attempts to decipher this language have led little further than the numbers one to six.
The Rohonc Codex - Discovered in Hungary, it contains 10 times more symbols than any other known alphabet
Rongorongo – Discovered on Easter Island, scientists are not even sure if it is language.
Linear A – An ancient Minoan script from Crete from around 1900-1800 BC
Vinčasymbols - Believed to be the earliest ‘proto-language’ known to man, these symbols were found in Hungary in 1875. They date from around 4000 BC.


Atlantis and the Anunnaki


Wired Science:
2-Billion-Year-Old Fossils May Be Earliest Known Multicellular Life“The fossils — flat discs almost 5 inches across, with scalloped edges and radial slits — were either complex colonies of single-celled organisms, or early animals.”
“Either way, they represent an early crossing of a critical evolutionary threshold, and suggest that the crossing was made necessary by radical changes in Earth’s atmosphere.”
Are we again on the threshold of a DNA “radical change” perhaps seeded by the progressively worsening oxygen-starved Gulf of Mexico?


Rex Research:
DNA Phantom Effect “Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues have been carrying out cutting-edge research the more esoteric nature of DNA. They simply did not believe that 90% of our DNA is ‘Junk DNA’.
“When in vitro DNA in test tubes was exposed to coherent laser light, the laser light spiralled along the DNA helix as if it was guided by the structure of the DNA molecule. The most amazing effect was noticed when the DNA itself was removed and the laser light kept spiralling!
“The effect is now becoming well known as the DNA phantom effect. Vladimir Poponin and his team of Russian Academy of Sciences repeated the work of Garjajev at the Heartmath Institute in the U.S.A.”

Creative Physics and the Evolution of the Sphenoid Bone There is a current epidemic of children’s teeth nonalignment due to evolving torque force movement of the sphenoid bone. This process can be seen to employ the same physics forces discovered by the Centre. In order to generate rigorous human survival simulations it becomes necessary to modify the key paradigm upholding the present fixed scientific worldview. The use of 20th Century scientific logic can only generate deformed futuristic life form simulations rather that the heathy ones generated by the harmonic formulae alluded to in this essay.”

12-Strand DNA:
Evidence of Changes in our DNA “Everyone has one double helix of DNA. What we are finding is that there are other helixes that are being formed. In the double helix there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral. It is my understanding that “we will be developing twelve helixes. During this time, which seems to have started maybe 5 to 20 years ago, we have been mutating. This is the scientific explanation. “It is a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known.”


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2012—Jesse Ventura:

December 11, 2009

Norway UFO Chronology: A Mysterious Event in Skies

CLICK HERE for News on Other Strange Phenomena

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:!: Chronicle of Neil Keenan’s Trillion Dollar Bonds Lawsuit: The BIS, Bretton Woods, Black Gold and Maklumat Codes

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Contra Costa Times:
European Parliament issues warnings on HAARP
“European Parliament quickly issued warnings on HAARP 11 days after the Japan earthquake.”
“One of the most damning statements in the document reveals an American refusal to account for itself regarding HAARP research:”

“[The European Parliament]… regrets the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the high Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) programme currently being funded in Alaska.”


HAARP Acknowledged officially by EU as a very dangerous (weapon)


Pakistan Daily Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into ChaosRussian scientists are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that the high-energy beam fired into the upper heavens from the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) radar facility in Ramfjordmoen, Norway this past month has resulted in a “catastrophic puncturing” of our Plant’s thermosphere thus allowing into the troposphere an “unimpeded thermal inversion” of the exosphere, which is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere.
A possible correlation between The Norway Spiral and the sudden climate freeze on our planet has been on my mind since this “cold snap” began. However, I have not found any serious independent info, so it is conjecture for me until there is a more solid science to back up the claim.



Divine Cosmos: Disclosure Endgame “Survey the incredibly wide-ranging evidence — including video — that certain insider factions are pushing for UFO/ET Disclosure very soon. The Norway Spiral is only the most recent attempt to ‘force’ the issue — after the US failed to deliver on November 27th.”
Brilliantly argued perspective, in-depth critical-thinking piece. Reading through in its entirety provides a very coherent and resolving picture of the magnitude of a warring geopolitical gang fight in the process of killing its own as it “spirals” out of control.


Plane Talking Com Millions see unexplained sky lights over Norway: Whatever it was, it should have been registered by a number of weather and spy satellites, and possibly generated ionospheric radio abnormalities that could give a better understanding of its nature.”
Good point.


Pippi Are Gobalists’ Minds actually manipulating the atmosphere, as well as the scientists and psychologists**? Seems to me that a correlation is developing between the Norway Spiral, Climategate [and its "sequel" reported today], and a level of awareness on this planet that has jumped tremendously in the past few months, actually dwarfing Al Gore’s “hockey stick” graph (or gaff) :smile: Sort of the ends-justify-the-means mentality: To achieve a “desired solution” , create the problem.
**”It’s hard for people to get excited about a threat that seems far away in space and time, psychologists say.”

Pippi I did a sort of makeshift diagram below on Google Maps to get a feel for the situations in that area of the world in the 24 hours pre- and post-spiral events (Norway, China, possibly Russia). I would really like to hear reports about any strange behavior the animals and aquatic life in that part of the world.

Earthquakes >mag. 5 , 12/09—10/09:
Sea of Okhotsk N°53 E°153
6.4 SE of Loyalty Islands S°22 E°171
6.4 Central Mid Atlantic Ridge S°0.7 W°21
5.6 Pacific-Antarctic Range S°55 W°135
6.0 Simeulue, Indonesia N°3 E°96

08/07/07 Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research: North American Integration and the Militarization of the Arctic: “The Battle for the Arctic is part of a global military agenda of conquest and territorial control. It has been described as a New Cold War between Russia and America. “
The Thule Air Force base in Northern Greenland is under the jurisdiction of the US Air Force 821st Air Base Group. It constitutes the US’s northernmost military facility (76°32′N, 68°50′W). The military base lies approximately 1118 km north of the Arctic Circle and 1524 km south of the Terrestrial North Pole. The Thule base is 885 km east of the North Magnetic Pole.
The Thule US Air Force base also “hosts the 12th Space Warning Squadron, a Ballistic Missile Early Warning Site designed to detect and track Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) launched against North America.”
The Thule base links up to NORAD and US Northern Command headquarters at the Peterson Air Force base in Colorado. The Thule base is also “host to Detachment 3 of the 22d Space Operations Squadron, which is part of the 50th Space Wing‘s global satellite control network.”


Coast To Coast A.M. Show: “In the first half of the program, historian of the future Charles Ostman discussed how the spiral in Norway could be evidence of a covert space race. He explained that the failed Russian test seen over Norway was most likely an experiment to either create an opacity to block American satellite communications or some kind of climate adjustment attempt.” [NOTE: Requires subscription]


Bad Astronomy: Another Russian rocket spiral lights up the sky “That is not a different view of the Norway spiral light; it was taken in Russia over a day later. It looks like the Russians are testing more rockets, and creating more lights in the sky.”

Pippi Wait one. One day AFTER the “failed Russian ICBM” debacle over Norway, Russia launches another rocket? Sorry, but I am far inclined to perceive that this was a “cover” to try to replicate the Norway incident using a real rocket and it failed [pun intended] miserably, IMHO; however, rockets take lots of time to plan so was it another “opening” or a holographic projection? Time will tell us. [The "swiggly" artifact toward the end, seen lower left, appears somewhat like the Stephenville lights, huh?]


Examiner Com Two researchers attribute Norway light to HAARP, anti-ET space-based weapon of mass destruction: “…(T)wo researchers have independently posited that HAARP, a space-based weapon of mass destruction one of whose antenna fields is close to the site of the Norwegian spiral light.”
Pippi I’m pretty sure the “offical truth” will not be the Truth, but that is common in these days just prior to learning many Truths. HAARP (in conjunction with Hadron/CERN?) has too much invested to have a spotlight placed there. [See blog: My "Alien Visitor's Dream..." for other Hadron/Cern updates].

AreoSpace Web: Launch Speeds And Earth Rotation: “The Shuttle launches to the east because this is the direction in which the Earth rotates.”
“…because of range safety constraints……A Shuttle will not launch due west from the Cape since it would be launching over populated land.”
Pippi [The "Russian ICBM" trajectory per the above map is ~75+ percent over land---going quite westerly]

08/22/08: Space.Com Russian Rocket: All Fueled Up, But No Place to Fly
Pippi An interesting discussion on launch trajectory problems for Russia.


English Translation of Norweigan Article: Presseattache Vladimir Isupov at the Russian Embassy in Oslo says to VG Nett that they do not sit with any information that might explain lysfenomenet in northern Norway.


Unknown Country Bizarre Astronomical Event Stuns Norway: “A bizarre and massive spiral of light appeared over northern Norway between 7:50and 8:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday, December 9. The phenomenon was visible across a wide area, indicating that it was very large and very high. Speculation about the phenomenon has ranged from claims that it represents first contact or the opening of a stargate, to the possibility that it may have been a malfunctioning Russian rocket.”


At about 1:11 min., what is that vertical "beam" that comes from above to contact the "spiral"?

Pippi Stargate? Malfunctioning Russian rocket? Staged holographic “alien light show”? Real alien light show? Oddly, it occurred not far North of the site of the Copenhagen summit and occured in Norway, where President Obama received his “war-is-peace prize” today. Coincidence? Stay tuned. Wired Science has several videos of major rocket malfunctions on their website called: When Good Rockets Go Bad. I am posting it to provide some comparisions but I don’t see any that simulate this event. Any possibility that the Hadron Collider [in nearby Switzerland] manifested this? [Large Hadron Collider (CERN) website]
Pippi Note to self: I was standing outside my NM home at 5:58 p.m tonight when right out of nowhere, an array of bright white orb shapes appeared and began to zig-zag as though switching positions in a triangular pattern. Interestingly, just ~15 minutes before that, the sound of fighter jets flew so low over my area, my home shook—then they came back again…almost unheard of here at night. I’m hoping we get some news about it. They were spectacular! (12/11/09: Not a word I can find about this, not even the jets.)

Video of the 02/01/03 tragic Columbia Shuttle: Do you see spirals, vortices opening, huge halos? Not me.


Anomolies around the Norway Spiral


KRLD News: Sperm whale pod beached on Italian shore“A pod of sperm whales beached on Italy’s southern coast and at least five died in what experts said Saturday was a rare and puzzling mass beaching for such a large species.” [event 12/10/09, reported 12/12/09]


Mail OnLine: Graveyard on the shore for thousands of starfish as storm throws them from the sea (update 12/11/09: This shoreline is roughly 700 miles SW of Norway)

UK Register LHC pulverises previous record: 2.36 TeV surprise collision

Scientists at the colossal subterranean ATLAS instrument cavern, observed the new record-breaking event at 21:40 Swiss time last night (12/08/09). Norway sighting took place almost precisely 10 hours later.

New Scientist: Rumours that first dark matter particle found “The physics blogs are abuzz with rumours that a particle of dark matter has finally been found.
“If it is true, it is huge news. Dark matter is thought to make up 90 per cent of the universe’s mass and what evidence there is for it remains highly controversial. That’s why any news of a sighting is seized upon.”

TRIUMF:World-Record Energy Collisions Achieved at LHC: ” ‘This is it,’ said Nigel S. Lockyer, director of TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics that led Canadian involvement in the project. ‘We are the edge of what we know and are boldly stepping forward: we are now doing physics that has never been done before! It’s amazing…and I’m glad Canada has a piece of the action.’ ”
Pippi Yes, Mr. Lockyer, this may well be “it” alright. The 21st Century is shaping up to be The Century of the Death Wish. What a trip. More on CERN on my blog: My “Alien Visitor’s Dream…”


Nick Pope responds to the MOD’s closing of their UFO hotline “It is certainly peculiar that the Ministry of Defence began releasing UFO documents en masse last year, which have included reports from credible witnesses, such as military personnel, police officers, radar operators, University professors, and others, and then subtly cancel their investigations into a subject that should obviously be of concern.”
Interestingly, it suddenly shut down investigations less than a week before the Norway Spiral event.

11/12/09 CERN: Something May Come Through ‘Dimensional Doors’ “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week.”
“It has also been suggested that cack-handed boffins at the LHC might inadvertently call into being a miniature black hole and carelessly drop this into the centre of the Earth, rather irritatingly causing the planet to implode.”

Crop Circles:

07/14/09: England

07/12/09: Germany

07/09/09: England

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §


09/21/08: George Knapp hosted Coast to Coast and conducted an interview with George Ure (Urban Survival Com) and “Cliff” (Half Past Human Com) about their Calamitous Web Bot Predictions interpreted from the web bot linguistics system they had developed. One of the most interesting mysteries they are tracking is what they call a Coherer.”**“They….spoke about strange disappearances next year, in which people, including those in power, will vanish without a trace into interdimensional doorways. Additionally, an object they call a “coherer” — a reverse-engineered or left-behind dimensional artifact is currently in the possession of people [the "good guys" as they put it] who are concerned for their lives.” [Copied from my 2008 blog: STEPHENVILLE EPISODE II: Pondering the “Coherer” Mystery]

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §

News on Other Strange Phenomena



Mysterious, Glowing, Aerial “Gyroscopes” Over Florida’s Isles of Capri

On May 26, 2010, Ann Hall sketched what they saw. Illustration © 2010 by Ann Hall.

“November 30, 2010  – At 8:30 PM Eastern, on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, Steve McInerny, who is the Naples Fire Chief, says the Police and Fire-Rescue Communications Center in Naples began to receive the first of many 911 callers who were reporting ‘strange, orange lights being shot up from the surface of the ocean into the sky’ and ‘flashing on and off.’ At first, callers believed a boat was in distress and that the orange lights were distress flares.”


Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan? “All started suddenly and thousands died, millions displaced, hundreds of villages vanished in the matter of just 4 days!!…strangely there were no weather warnings, no alarms.. these are the worst floods in the history of Pakistan BUT no one from Global MET offices could even trace what is going on in this region?”
“We have investigated this matter and concluded that HAARP has recently been used in NW area of Pakistan .. the choice of starting point was perfect.. all the flood is going in downstream i.e. Khyber (Hills) to Karachi (Sea)…  it is designed to submerge entire Pakistan and bring up the worst crises and chaos ever happened.. they know they cant win a war with Nuclear armed Pakistan – it would be a mutual destruction, so they have other ways to do it!.”
It has been a haunting thought in the back of my mind since the Pakistan flood calamity began….HAARP is something to consider here. I decided today to run a search and found this article to be revealing, i.e. “strangely there were no weather warnings, no alarms.. these are the worst floods in the history of Pakistan BUT no one from Global MET offices could even trace what is going on in this region?”

The HAARP Weapon: Explosion of Air Blue and the Flooding of one fifth of Pakistan “There are two version of stories being reported on the Air Blue crash near Margala Hill [see 7/28 entryhere]. Nawai Waqt reports that the plane was hijacked by Blackwater mercenaries who wanted to crash it on the Kahuta Nuclear plant. According to Nawa e Waqt, the pilot avoided Kahuta and deliberately crashed the plane in the Margala Hills near Islamabad. The other version says that the Air Blue plane was hit by a HAARP weapon.”

07/17/10 Earthfiles:

Soyuz Rocket Launch Over Bishkek, Krygyzstan “Latest updates are that a Soyuz rocket  soared into space from the Central Asian spaceport of Baikonur Cosmodrome, flying over the capital city of Bishkek, Krygyzstan, on June 30, 2010.  Destination was International Space Station with cargo supplies for astronauts.  The robotic space freighter docked at the ISS on July 2, 2010.
Pippi The article from Christian Science Monitor states that this rocket was launched on June 16, 2010What?  It took two weeks to be seen over China and Kyrgzystan?  Additionally, why were airports not apprised of this launch? Perhaps because it occurred two weeks before this event?


Orange-yellow moving lights photographed over a period of 30 seconds on July 12, 2010,

Guys Cliffe, nr Old Milverton, Warwickshire. Reported 10th July


UFOs over Argentinian Nuclear PlantThis video compact 3 emissions Telenueve News (TL9), corresponding to the days 28,29 and June 30, 2010, where journalists expose and analyze the recorded events in the nuclear power Atucha, including pictures of the Registers Video, interviews with witnesses in the area and dumps concepts Cristian Soldano, who is the author of the videos and research of anomalies captured there. Journalists sent a team to the site to expand the information, integrating current information as a source of comparative recent records of other interesting anomalies.” more here…

National UFO Reporting Center:
FLASH: Events across the United States and Canada
Over the last 48 hours, NUFORC has received almost 100 similar reports of very peculiar events, which have been witnessed across the U. S. and Canada on July 4th, and perhaps on July 3rd, as well.  The sightings are a phenomenon for which we have no ready explanation.  Many of the reports from both days have been submitted by seemingly serious-minded individuals, many of whom apparently witnessed the events with multiple other witnesses present.
“Given the wide area over which the objects were observed, we suspect that there may be hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of people who also were witness to these objects and events, but who have not reported their sightings.  IF YOU WERE WITNESS TO THIS PHENOMENON, WE WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST THAT YOU SUBMIT A WRITTEN REPORT,
Peter Davenport gave short news segment C2C 07/06/10 [NOTE: Site requires subscription to listen]


REPORT: Aerial Disc Beam Penetrated Nuclear Weapons At Whiteman AFB, Missouri“One night in September or October 1984, Airmen Hogan and George were having trouble keeping their jeep going. The engine kept cutting out. Their radios were also full of static. Bravo Flight’s Shift Commander told them to park the jeep, so they pulled up in front of nuclear weapons igloo 4018. It was around 2 AM.”
“Suddenly Airman Dale Hogan felt sluggish, like everything around him was slowing down. He was confused when the hair on his arms rose straight up. He saw that Airman George’s hair on his head was also sticking straight up. Former USAF Airman 1st Class Dale Hogan describes what happened over the next several hours at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, in the fall of 1984.”

:arrow: Read entire interview….

Fifty-foot-diameter black disc hovering over nuclear weapons storage igloo 4018 and 4020 emitting pencil-wide reddish-blue beam straight down on to 4018 and making a precise grid pattern with the light on top of the igloo. Illustration © 2010 by Dale Hogan.

Related: 05/05/10 UFO Northwest “The witness went outside to let his dog out. He noticed to the west towards Whiteman Air Force Base (AFB) lights jumping up and down, moving in circular patterns and two lights appeared to be “chasing each other.” The witness said that he has never seen anything like this and he doesn’t consider himself to be a believer in UFOS. Listen to Recording of Witness Report (MP3)”


Open Minds:
UFO filmed over the Vatican by U.S. ambassador security guards Was Rome visited by Unidentified Flying Objects? Definitely, and once again the sightings in the skies over Vatican City stirred newspaper headlines and numerous TV news reports in Italy. According to recent reports, it seems that a UFO flap is taking place in Rome and that strange objects were also recorded on camera several times. The most important one is the footage of an odd luminous formation taken by three security guards stationed in front of the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican (Holy See). These were qualified witnesses since they are artillerymen, trained experts in air surveillance.”

Images taken with a cell phone by three soldiers who were in service in front of the U.S. ambassador’s residence in the Vatican City (Holy See),


Look at the latest crop circle!Binary-ASCII coding within the new crop picture at Wilton Windmill

PippiLinda Howe at Earthfiles has a report upcomingIt shows Euler’s Identity in ASCII code twice (once using bars = 1 and spaces = 0; then again using bars = 0 and spaces = 1). Euler’s Identity may be written as e^(i)pi+1=0 whereas the new crop picture shows e^(hi)pi)1=0.”
- Australian Scientist in collaboration with unidentified emailer “Grail Seeker ” Hoaxer admits fake spiral in the sky across Western Canada

Pippi Darn.  I really hoped they were coming to take the corp-political-military megalomaniacs to the next galaxy.  :sad:

05/23/10 Weather Space ComUFO Spiral in the sky seen and heard across Western Canada“The Norway spiral comes to mind when received photographs and even an amazing video of the event.
Pippi If it was a hoax, they did a great job.

05/23/10 UFO Reported “Steven Murray caught the mysterious UFO on one of four sky camera’s he had set up to catch meteors. He said he saw the object from his office on a monitor and rushed outside but by the time he got out the object was gone but he said he heard the loudest boom he ever heard strike from a distance just after he walked out.”
If Steve Murray is hoaxing, his story is creative.  If he’s not, I hope he shares all the info (camera type, film analysis, etc) for scrutiny.  The “boom” sounds seem vaguely familiar to me, much like breaking through barriers (sound/light).

This one was taken from an airplane

Pippi If it was indeed from a plane, surely the pilot would have seen it—but we know how they are silenced about these things.  I wonder if our Space Brethern see the BP spill as the final straw.  Wouldn’t it be great if they took the financial/political/military fraudsters on this planet back with them?  :cool:


Crop Circle Connector:
Yarnbury Castle, nr Winterbourne Stoke,  Wiltshire. Reported 16th May.

Pippi Although it appears as though a keyhole, my first impression is that of the feminine energy (chevons and circle) penetrating into a closed circle of patriarchy—having arrived manifestly.  Some see it the other way around but I see a recurring theme of “9”….the end of a cycle and the anticipation of a new beginning arriving.


Air Force’s Falcon Hypersonic Glider Disappears Mysteriously “The Air Force’s Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2—designed to attack global targets at Mach 20—has disappeared nine minutes into its first test flight, just after separating from its booster. Contact was lost, and it hasn’t been found yet.”
“The Falcon was supposed to splash down in the Pacific Ocean after a 30-minute, 4,100-nautical-mile test
flight. Not to be confused with the
unmanned X-37B space shuttle—which launched on April 22the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 blasted off last week from the Vandenberg Air Force Base on a Minotaur IV rocket.”
Reminds me ofRichard C. Hoagland’s research on the hyperdimensional “disappearance” of Wernher Von Braun’s Explorer I rocket that ”unambigously (and most disturbingly) seemed to violate two basic laws of 20th Century Physics, immediately after launch.”

Fox News


News AU Com:
Bureau of Meteorology images show mysterious patterns on radar system “THEY are the digital-age equivalent of crop circles – mysterious patterns appearing on the Bureau of Meteorology’s national radar system without any explanation.”
The anomalies first began on January 15 when an ‘iced doughnut’ appeared over Kalgoorlie in WA.


Earthfiles Interview:
Three White Objects in Formation Over Albuquerque, New Mexico“On February 26, 2010, at 2:44 PM Mountain in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alan Ramon took this photograph from his home rooftop looking east towards the Sandia Mountains. At the time, he did not see with his eyes the three, white objects in formation [ blown up in inset ] or the dark object in upper left corner. Alan took image with his Del laptop that has built in lid-camera that operates at about 1/30th of a second. Image © 2010 by Alan Ramon. “

Image © 2010 by Alan Ramon.

Image © 2010 by Alan Ramon.


Discovery Com:
Mexican Meteorite: Was It Russian Space Junk?“The Mexican army arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area according to another news source. The possibility of a downed aircraft has been ruledout by the authorities.”
“However, new reports from the region suggest that
the impactor wasn’t a meteorite at all, but it did come from space.”
Pippi Russia keeps coming up in these stories lately.


The Enterprise Mission
Is This What Killed Obama’s Space Program…?


CBC News Canada:
DND, RCMP mum on UFO mystery “”We confirmed that it was something,” Sgt. Wayne Edgecombe told CBC News Wednesday. But Edgecombe said he couldn’t reveal what the police investigation uncovered.”
The French Ministry of Defence posted a message on its website confirming it had launched a missile from a submarine this week but the time and direction didn’t match with what was reportedly seen over the south coast of Newfoundland.

Pippi :shock:  All these so-called “missiles” going in wrong directions would itself be cause for an investigation.

“Together with the vivid Aurora over Andenes, Norway, there was also a lightning object! It looks like a green parachute coming from above. See upper right part of the photo. What did I see?”

Taken by Per-Arne Mikalsen,
Andenes, Norway during a major geomagnetic storm over Norway 01/20/10

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §

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September 6, 2009

Hold the Gin and Tonic, I Need To Feel This Pain

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child,
I thought as a child:
but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
For now we see through a
glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part;
but then shall I know even as also I am known.
1 Corinthians 13, verse 11

Related Story:
A Shared Journey Into my Father’s NDE Experience

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §

The day my father passed on in 1998 at home, where I had been caregiver for him for 17 months, relatives and friends were urging me to accept gin & tonic, wine, a shot of whiskey….or take an offered sedative.  Some deep force within me arose and voiced No, no.  No!  I need to feel this pain!  It had always been easy to dull painful emotional events by losing myself in something to suppress the senses in the past.  But over those 17 months, my father and I experienced such extraordinary transformations in our perceptions about life and death, I was not about to allow the pain and sorrow slide away in the Spirits of alcohol.  No, this needed to be experienced by the Spirit of Life Force.  I came away from the experience of diving into and fully experiencing my emotions in the moment moving much farther into the healing process than would have occurred had I tried to wipe it away as though it was unnatural or too much to bear.  Allowing the full height of the emotions to manifest, I felt connected not only to my world but a world beyond.  I no longer was I looking through a glass darkly. 

While the rest of the group went on to dull the sense of loss and try to lighten the mood around them, I sat in Poppy’s old chair, put my face in my hands, and had a good cry.  My niece called about 30 minutes later.  She didn’t know that Poppy had died and started to tell me a “dream” she had while napping.  I decided to listen before telling her about him.  She told me that she had suddenly wakened up from a nap after “seeing” Poppy standing over his old chair while I sat in it crying.  His hand was on my shoulder and he was comforting me.  In my keen and unadulterated emotional state, I knew clearly what the others were denying themselves.  I told my niece what had occurred, and we comforted one another—the three of us.  Then I picked up the pieces once I had experienced and overcome that aphrodisiac called  Comfort Zone that prevents us from seeing with clarity. 

We as a nation of people would do well to move away from the voices and images and beliefs that dull our collective pain over the slow death of our cherished and beloved United States Constitution.  Rather than move into denial and passively watch the Black Magicians of  T.V. Media put us into a sleepy twilight while manipulating our brain impulses not to feel the pain of realizing that the 9/11 tragedy in New York was co-sponsored by forces who had infiltrated the seat of our own government, we must share the full emotional height of Truth. 

This September 11, 2009, I would encourage all to step out of their Comfort Zone and see the Truth about what occurred on that tragic day.  Dedicate your 9/11/2009 day by researching, communicating ideas and thoughts clearly instead of falling back on sense-deadening rationale (Father America is not lying…would not betray me!). Open your heart and mind to all the others who on that day lost loved ones, to all the first responders and volunteers who suffer now.  Face the Truth and get to the healing process a better person for it.


§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ § 

A Shared Journey Into my Father’s NDE Experience

From my perspective, there is a possible component of the Near-Death Experience (NDE) to be considered in studies on the subject. I submit that at least in my case, I found myself actually journeying with my father into his own NDE experience just days before he crossed over in 1998. I recorded that experience in the diary I was keeping during those critical and transformational 17 months in our lives when I was his caregiver.

October 05, 1998

“Poppy was hurting everywhere from the fall onto the cement. Something just grabbed me full force and I found myself focused on nothing in the world except the power of Reiki energy. For at least 45 minutes, I kept my hands on him, and he finally calmed completely down and into sleep. I laid there at the side of the bed with my hands on his heart chakra. Through my closed eyes, I could see the vague flicker of light from the mini TV set. But then, while deeply into meditation and prayer, I felt my brow chakra pull and extend out over the room. Very suddenly, it was black as black can be—I cannot put down in words the rich depth of this blackness. I know that Poppy and I were now in another place together. I felt my brow chakra pulsating and radiating, searching for a light. I felt my hand in Poppy’s hand as we drifted through the darkness in front of us. I kept calling to my mother. Help me please I heard in my calmed mind. “

Suddenly, I saw a pinhole of light, a beautiful blue-white light. It looked very distant, but I was so drawn to it that I wanted to rush ahead of Poppy to get to it. But I received a strong, strong mental message telling me No! No! It’s not for you to go! We were immediately transported into some sort of mental metaphor, immersed in a quasi-dream. I first saw a boat, with me firmly grounded at the shore and Poppy on the boat. A cord anchored the boat, but I was holding a knife to cut the cord if Poppy made the choice to sail. My mother then sailed in on another boat to Poppy. Although she was ready to take him with her, she made it clear that I could not cut that cord unless Poppy made the decision to go. I was also reminded through this surrealistic living metaphor that I was to remain on shore and not try to go, as much as I would like. Then, I watched while hearts and flowers were being heaped on Poppy’s waiting boat. He was suddenly young and handsome again. He saw mom and expressed his joy, but he then looked at me and feared the cutting of the rope.

“Just as suddenly, we were back in the room. I was still drooped over Poppy while he lay in a deep sleep. He was breathing shallowly. My brow chakra retracted now, and I heard a familiar but distant voice in the house–it was Guni, my Reiki teacher! ; She sensed that she needed to come by and visit…this late at night! I tried to get my legs; they were shaking and weak from all the expended energy. I felt weightless and leg-less. I managed to get down the hall to greet her and D, but I slumped down the wall toward the end of it. My energy was depleted, but I somehow felt acutely refreshed and light. Guni came running toward me. “You are not completely back in your body yet…be still.” She proceeded to bring me back fully. I heard her say something about us being in the practice mode now.”

October 06, 1998:
“Poppy woke up a little while ago. While we shared coffee we were very quiet at first but then he said, ‘I somehow mentally felt your hands comforting me all through the night.’ I smiled, but I was at a loss about what to say (for once). ‘I had a dream last night’ he began. He described that in the dream there were:

…three houseboats. One boat was yours and one was your mother’s; another one was mine. Someone asked me which boat I would like for now, and I answered that I wanted to get into your boat.

“Well, my jaw dropped just enough for him to know that I understood this somehow. Then, he just looked squarely into my eyes and said, ‘Honey, where did we go last night?’ For lack of any rational answer, I just replied, ‘I don’t know, but it was Heavenly, wasn’t it?’ ”

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ § 

To this day, I am sure in my own mind and soul that somehow, the combination of performing Reiki on my father and being in such an emotionally charged state, it was somehow possible that I was drawn along with my father to his near-death experience.


Caregiving 101: Student Notes

Evidence for shared NDE



April 28, 2009

Reality Depends on the Power We Give the Illusion

While in my first year or so of studying the mechanics of astrology, a coworker approaching her retirement asked to be a practice subject.  Her name was Karen and she was “just curious”.  She wanted it done accurately so she wrote to the Vital Records department in her home state for her birth certificate.  She came to my desk a week or so later looking pale, puzzled, and dazed.  She had just received a call from Vital Records to verify some information that was a little different than what she provided.  Long story short, it was eventually discovered that Karen was not “Karen” at all; the name given her at birth was “Susan”.  She also discovered that the man she thought was her father all the 63 years of her life was in fact not.  “Susan” had been born in what was referred to in her mother’s time as a “home for unwed mothers.”   Karen/Susan confronted her mother, who by that time was 84 years of age.  At first, she tried to evade Karen/Susan’s questions but eventually told her the Truth. 

Karen/Susan was suddenly in a reality crisis.   By not telling her the Truth early in life,  her sense of Trust in her mother at all was badly shaken.  She started questioning everything in her life.   The man she helped her mother to bury just a few months before was in fact not her father; her siblings were now her half-siblings; even the name she identified herself by was a lie and she felt her trust betrayed .  Karen/Susan felt all the emotions of wondering what life could have been like had she known the Truth.  In this, she was trying to shift her power to a new illusion.  In short, reality is relative
This antedotal event illustrated for me how our personal reality depends on the power we give the illusionKaren/Susan is not alone in coming to terms with having her comfort zone shattered.  

I look back on that experience and see a similar mind split occurring on a collective level in America.  We are slowly awakening to the fact that what we assumed to be a free society and open government in America has in fact NOT been the case since for many, many years.  We have been so attached and enamoured by our collective self-image of being the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, it has been very difficult emotionally to suddenly be confronted with the knowledge that we have been living The Great American Illusion.  We thought we were secure in believing our best interests came first in Washington D.C.   We got too comfortable, too trusting—remained in our Dream sleep—Ah yes, the American Dream with two cars in every garage, a chicken in every pot, the ideal family of 2.5 children (?), TVs in every room, and endless sales at discount stores.  This is what we have been led to believe.  Sounded good.   Things didn’t always turn out so good but it was a familiar “reality”

What a shock to discover that We The People have all been lied to.  The only Constitution we really have left is held within our minds.  While some of our sisters and brothers actually had a clue that our current government is not the government that fathered this great nation, most of us have simply been lulled to sleep with an illusion of trust and security.   Now that we ARE AWAKENING, it is so vital to our future that we do not try to give away our personal power to another set of illusions.  By this I mean that the only way that power mongers become power mongers is when we give our power to them.  They can receive it no other way.  From my perspective, once we collectively take back our power—and stop idolizing the “Trumps” of this world and cowering in fear to the “Dictators” of the world (political, religious, or otherwise)—they will simply disappear.  Poof.  Gone.  Reality is relative.  Isn’t it time for us to face the Truth and truly bring power back where it belongs?  To You?  Empower yourselves.

I wrote in my journal entry on the evening of on 01/30/1998  about an interesting occurrence at the CNN weather desk that night.  When the meteorologist walked to the Doppler screen, a message came on screen stating:

“Current object does not exist.” 
Imagine that.

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Pippi Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”
Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.” Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path.”
For the soul walks upon all paths.
The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.
Kahlil Gibran

March 13, 2009

Hyperdimensional Physics for Dummies (like me)


:!: Chronicle of Neil Keenan’s Trillion Dollar Bonds Lawsuit: The BIS, Bretton Woods, Black Gold and Maklumat Codes

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I always loved mathematics growing up but I tell you true, as much as I was excited when I was able to balance both sides of an algebraic equation in my homework, I just could not wrap my mind around exactly the fundamental science that explained it.  Same for geometry.  The abstracts and symbols were easy enough but getting into the actual rationale behind the whole subject just went right over my head.  I took a course in Statistics and Probabilities one year along with at least 38 other students.  By the time of finals, there were just FOUR of us!  The teacher had us put four chairs around his desk and told us just before the final “Well, you may not have been the brightest students on this subject, but none of you will get less than a C on this final because of your sheer tenacity to try.”  Yep.  I got a “B” for Tenacity…proud of it! :smile:

When I began to read about quantum physics, this seemed easier for me to begin to grasp, and I think it is because quantum mechanics appear to have properties of action that appeal to my right brain (being left handed).  It discusses more abstract realities and conduits of information and ideas.  So, it wasn’t much of a leap to find myself intrigued by the concept of hyperdimensional physics, which was introduced to me by Richard C. Hoagland (website: Enterprise Mission), space advisor for Coast To Coast AM.  I ordered and watched his speech of November 23, 2008 during a seminar entitled “The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama…and 2012“.  (Also see paper: Richard C. Hoagland explains Hyperdimensional Physics). 

Although I have a long way to go to really grasp the nature of this concept, I was inspired by the dynamics of “rotation, rotation, rotation” (as he emphasized), torsion (spin fields), and “field framing” (sharing torsion with adjacent structures) when he applied it to the physics of astrology, which is something I studied and even taught in the past.   Once that little seed was planted in my right-brain hemisphere, I am starting to have some ideas that could relate this new physics to things closer to home and more understandable, so I title this blog Hyperdimensional Physics for Dummies (like me) because as with many things in my life, I quest to make things as simple as possible.  :roll:

An analogy that comes to mind is a carnival with its various rides.  I can imagine, say the Tilt-A-Whirl ride and the Ferris wheel as an example.  While the rotation of the Ferris wheel is steadily vertical in rotation, the circular Tilt-A-Whirl starts in a horizontal position and then as it picks up in speed to thrill the rider it simultaneously tilts up on one side to about 30 degrees or so (my guess).   If the Ferris Wheel (FW) and the Tilt-A-Whirl (TW)  rides were adjacent as they rotated, it seems this interaction of a slow-speed vertical wheel with a high-speed tilted wheel of energy then has the possibility of drawing in an unseen third (hyperdimensional) force, according to this theory.  What if then a Monorail (MR) overhead zooms right over the combined energy fields of the FW and the TW, subtly changing (unseen) air currents and the energy field.   You know, when I think about this, I wonder if it there is a precise formula for combining of all the rotational spins in the closed space of carnivals or amusement parks has more to do with attracting and altering the brain waves and DNA of the customers than the rides alone.    Just for fun, how about this homemade equation? FW/ TW + MR = H :?  [H=hyperdimensional force].

:idea: Hyperdimensional Astrology:  In Feb 1996, I was invited to speak on astrology at a local business group.  I called it “Astrology, Science, and the Spiritual Movement.  Here’s an excerpt: “Turning your palm up, look at your hand and try to visualize the millions of cells residing there.  Every cell has an atom containing protons, neutrons, and electrons (a fascinating particle/wave!).  The electron particles are “orbiting” within the atoms of each cell.  Quoting Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book, Timeless Mind/Ageless Body‘…the void between two electrons is as proportionately large and empty as the space between two galaxies.‘  Yet, without the symbiotic interaction between our cells, we would not be viable living organisms.  As above, so below.”

Mr. Hoagland in his presentation (cited above) touched on hyperdimensional physics of astrology that really brought home for me for the first time what I struggled to convey back then but could not put into any rational terms because I didn’t understand the physics well.  When Mr. Hoagland explained the dynamics of Pluto, that “little, dark…what’s it called now?…dwarf planet?” in terms of its own dynamic contribution to the “spin fields” of every other universal dynamic (rather than its size/distance), its hyperdimensional function, it now opens doors for me to explore this much further.

Added 03/16/2009 : Pondering the “carnival” analogy, it occurred to me that planets Venus and Uranus revolve in different orientation from the other planets and thinking about this, the Mayan Calendar popped into mind.

:?: I wonder:  Within the framework of hyperdimensional physics, could the Mayan Calendar have incorporated into its “gears” these odd spins?  This is probably a stretch but I do want to explore this theme.


The "Calendar Round" is like two gears that inter-mesh, one smaller than the other.

Venus spins in the opposite direction from Earth.  I can imagine a “gear-like” theme between Venus and Earth, much like the Mayan Calendar operates with it’s opposing gears, which count off the “March of Time” so to speak.
Planet Uranus is much further away but,  “Uranus spins on its side. Its rotation is about 90 degrees off the vertical.”  Since “Earth’s axis of rotation is 23.5 degrees from vertical“, wouldn’t this make a net axial spin between Earth and Uranus roughly 66.5 degrees?   Astrologically speaking, that would be close to an important angle in chart work called a “sextile.”  Sextiles involving planets with a +/- 6 degree angle can be very beneficial.  Could Uranus (the Aquarian/Awakener) and Earth be hyperdimensionally beginning to geartheir spins into a closer sextile and thus be generating an opening of flow  we call the Awakening?
Pippi Perhaps one explanation might be that it is a manifestation of an unseen hyperdimensional force pulling Venus into a new gravitational center?  Just a thought.

Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists “In what is largely a reversal of an August (2002) announcement, astronomers today said Pluto is undergoing global warming in its thin atmosphere even as it moves farther from the Sun on its long, odd-shaped orbit.”
NOTE: Hummm…I wonder if Pluto is moving toward an unknown hyperdimensional heat source as in:  Heat Up in the Milky Way Center : “This would mean that there is a significant shortcoming in our understanding of heat sources in the center of our Galaxy….”)

08/03/09  Experts puzzled by spot on Venus   Pippi Perhaps one explanation might be that it is a manifestation of an unseen hyperdimensional force pulling Venus into a new gravitational center?  Just a thought.



:idea: Our DNA has torsion“…for a long DNA molecule, which moreover may be partly in a globular form instead of being straight, the rotation due to the  opening will lead to an accumulation of torsion. The build up of the torsional energy is likely to modify the speed of  the opening, and the force necessary to open.” Nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics of DNA.  A Paper by Michel Peyrard

Although Mr. Hoagland did not touch on this aspect of torsion dynamics in his presentation (cited above), I immediately thought of our DNA and how it is profoundly affected by the “rise and fall” of macrodynamics of space/time and that effects on DNA (especially on ruling bloodlines) by the macrocosm contributes to the peaks and valleys of our earth history.


:idea:  Brain Waves Have Torsion   “Since not just physical objects, also the neurons in our brain create and receive torsion- waves, not only particles are “informed” of each others presence (as in the famous EPR experiments), also humans can be so informed: our brain, too, is a vacuum- based “torsion- field transceiver.” Torsion Fields & Metaphysics/Parapsychology Forum at Above Top Secret.

It seems to me from a very novice and informal point of view that if the brain waves have torsion, then:

  • Increased brain inertia (resistance force) would decrease the brain’s ability for creative imagination and dreaming, original thinking, and ease of discussion.   I personally think TV and government school are  penultimate sources for creating immense inertia in our ability for critical thinking.  Results such as Couch potato and violence in schools comes to mind.
  • Conversely then, it seems to me that a decrease in brain inertia, i.e., energizing our brain waves with books, open debates, questioning authority, exploring all viewpoints and have general open mindedness increases the ability of the brain to receive the higher, shorter waves of universal “torsion physics” that Mr. Hoagland explains so eloquently.

Added 03/18/2009: The Basics of Brain Waves: “In chaos theory, we would call this pattern a ‘chaotic attractor’. Getting ‘stuck’ in a specific kind of brain behaviour is like being caught in an attractor.”


A plot of the Lorenz attractor

Added 04/18/2009:

:?:  Could “Street Lamp Interference” (SLI) be an interactive hyperdimensional brain-wave phenomenon?
I just recalled a phenomenon that would occur every time I walked under a street light when I lived in California.  I would take a walk every evening and the first few times a lamp would flick off, I thought it was just a coinciding event but it occurred on every walk.  I then walked a different street a few times with a row of street lights on it and every single one would go out and then come back on after passing.  I checked it out recently and find that this happens with many, many people [kudos to Internet!].  Here is what Stephen Wagner at About.Com has to sayIt is called “Street Lamp Interference” (SLI) or “Slider” phenomena.   A reasonable speculation for the effect, if it is a real one, might have something to do with the electronic impulses of the brain. All of our thoughts and movements are the result of electrical impulses that the brain generates.At present it is known that these measurable impulses only have an effect within an individuals body, but is it possible that they could have an effect outside the body – a kind of remote control?” 

If so, this phenomenon goes a long way to show that our brains have much to do with how we affect our world every day with the quality of output of the brain’s electrical impulses [thoughts].

(later….) This just popped into mind and may sound really weird, but:

:?:  I wonder if all the “Sliders” out there might simply have a brain-wave pattern or energy-field pattern that somehow eclipses or creates a momentary “shield”  trigger  between the experiencer and the street light photocells or electrons in appliances?  Now, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right?  If the “Slider’s” energy field interferes with the photocells/electric current, etc., then what is occurring with the “Slider”?  Could there be a hyperdimensional third force here?



Pythagoras, Fibonacci, and Magic Squares

:?:  I wonder: Could the Pythagorean system of numerology and the Fibonacci numbers be connected with hyperdimensional harmonics? Pythagoras connected numbers and letters with specific numerological characteristics.  The Fibonacci numbers, as I understand it, are used in specialty work such as decoding ciphers (secret codes, which are jumbled letters and/or numbers.  When I start to think about a simple number and a simple letter as actually having  vibrational, rhythmic qualities, I can’t help but wonder if something hyperdimensional is occurring to place living characteristic values.

:idea: 03/27/2009: While I was doing some research on what the Fibonacci numbers are, I came across this “golden string” in those numbers that goes like this:
Fibonacci “Golden String” 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
My jaw dropped a bit because in the “My Notepad” section of the blog Stephenville UFO Multicolored Symbols: Alien Shorthand?, I had entered an observation in watching the Stephenville lights regarding their movement: “I did a  random sequential count of what looked to me like a sort of Morse code (dit…dit…dash..dit..dash…) with right being ‘0’ and left being ‘1’.  My result was [1010][11][0][11][00] [10][11][010][11][0][1010][11][00].  I know…it’s a stretch, huh.”

Magic Squares, Diamonds, Cubes and Hypercubes (Book): “while the 1st row of the periodic table of elements is 2-dimensional, the 2nd and 3rd rows are 3-dimensional and are composed of spherical vibrations and the 4th and 5th rows of elements are 4-dimensional! And even more surprising,  the 6th and 7th rows of elements are really hyperdimensional in the 5th dimension! There is a strong correlation between the number of points in the fundamental dimensional geometries I found in magic number tables and the number of elements in each dimensional level of elements!”  [Running across this information reminded me of "Saturn's Strange Hexagon" below, which Mr. Hoagland (video/audio below) theorizes, in fact, is a hyperdimensional vortex]:




Web Updates and Videos



(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? Is now online free!


Activist Post:
9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind
“The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) uses electromagnetically-shielded computers located throughout the world that generate random numbers.  In its 13-year history, these computers show statistically significant deviations during global events that affect humans.”
“What GCP found on 9/11 shows foreknowledge for nearly 16 hours before the first plane struck.  This data lends support to the proposition that several hundred people around the world had time-specific information about the attacks.”
   Dreams are an extension of this, IMHO. In the 48 hours before the 9/11 attack occurred, I had my own “…And so it has come…” dream of planes crashing “in the East.”  My Native American friend dreamed of two very tall “towers of smoke” at a “village” on the same night.  A civil engineer I worked with had, on the same night, dreamt of a major explosion in the “Twin Cities.”  Obviously, we had picked up something in common, albeit with different settings of the same idea.
Our brains give and receive unconscious “messages” incessantly in waking.  Perhaps in sleep, the brain “shifts” into a more stable, focused “surveillance system” as a protective mechanism.  If enough minds are intuiting a massive event, a collective sharing of the “consciousness database” could kick in.  Just a thought.
Related post: Washington DC: Find That Elusive Moral Compass and Give The World The TRUTH about 9/11


New twist in antimatter mystery
” ‘What we’ve seen is a hint that’s worth looking into. And the fact that CDF see the same effect as LHCb is confirmation that this is really worth doing.’ “
“These views were echoed by Giovanni Punzi: ‘This effect is definitely much larger than anything that had been predicted. So there will be discussions between the theoreticians, asking: ‘Is this really new physics, or did we get our calculations wrong?’ “


Wired – Danger Room
Pentagon Scientists use ‘Time Hole’ to Make Events Disappear
“This is the first time that scientists have succeeded in masking an event, though research teams have in recent years made remarkable strides in cloaking objects. Researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas, last year harnessed the mirage effect to make objects vanish. And in 2010, physicists at the University of St. Andrews made leaps towards using metamaterials to trick human eyes into not seeing what was right in front of them.”
“Sure, the team’s got a ways to go before they’re able to mask 30 seconds of action, let alone several minutes. But the research certainly opens up new possibilities. For one, masking super-quick events, like those that occur with data transmission, could help conceal covert computer operations.”
   Ah, fools they be to spend time on such absurdities.  Why?  Mankind itself is evolving quite quickly now to see THROUGH illusion.  Ultimately, Mother Nature keeps up with the times, too, to protect and preserve the human race.  IMHO, over the course of 2012 and beyond,  the  veils of illusion will lift everywhere as our DNA gets a “tweaking”, where our 5 senses are enhanced by a…for lack of a better term…”reality check” sense. [version 5.0 not available for dark-energy forces---sorry].


Space Com:
Sun Rips Tail From Comet During Solar Close Encounter
” ‘Somehow it survived being immersed in the several million-degree solar corona for almost an hour and has now re-emerged back into the views of the LASCO and SECCHI coronagraphs, almost as bright as before!’ Battams wrote on his website Sungrazing Comets.  ‘The only notable exception is that it appears to have lost its tail … In fact its tail is still gently floating out in space where it was before perihelion!’ “
   I don’t buy this story any more than I would buy a piece of putrid meat.   If you think about it for a time, perhaps you may come to a similar conclusion—or not.


Roll over Einstein: Pillar of physics challenged
“A startling find at one of the world’s foremost laboratories that a subatomic particle seemed to move faster than the speed of light has scientists around the world rethinking Albert Einstein and one of the foundations of physics.”
“If these results are confirmed, they won’t change at all the way we live or the way the universe behaves. After all, these particles have presumably been speed demons for billions of years. But the finding will fundamentally change our understanding of how the world works, physicists said.”
   “Assuming” can lead our thoughts far too astray.  Ultimately, Shakespeare’s Hamlet was correct: “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

08/28/11 Level Beyond: Another mystery bubble cloud phenomenon appears over Beijing
Dozens of people spotted an unidentified, glowing object above Shanghai and Beijing at the same time.  The giant ball of light appeared Saturday night.  A pilot flying from Shanghai to Changchun was the first to post information about the colossal light online.”

Hawaii experienced a similar phenomenon in June 2011:

   My first thought was an approaching hyperdimensional time/space force interfacing (perhaps) with deep underground sources.  2nd thought; CERN.   I am reminded of  Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

“And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


Through The Wormhole:
Episode: Does Time Exist?


Scrunched-Up Dimensions Untangled:

Scrunched-Up Dimensions Untangled Oct 01 2010

“British physicist Stephen Hawking may claim that extra dimensions provide the key to understanding the “grand design” of the universe, but it’s Chinese-American mathematician Shing-Tung Yau who actually figured out how those extra dimensions work.”
“The typical representation of a Calabi-Yau space looks like twisted web of a crumpled-up piece of paper. There’s something elegant about its look — in fact, Calabi-Yau paperweights were voted the most popular gewgaw for holiday giving in last year’s Cosmic Log Geek Gift Guide contest. But these shapes aren’t just abstract art: String theorists believe that every single point in our universe is actually a compactified Calabi-Yau space in six dimensions.”


Daily Galaxy:
Is Time Disappearing from the Universe? Remember a little thing called the space-time continuum? Well what if the time part of the equation was literally running out? New evidence is suggesting that time is slowly disappearing from our universe, and will one day vanish completely. This radical theory may explain a cosmological mystery that has baffled scientists for years.”
“Though radical and in many way unprecedented, these ideas are not without support. Gary Gibbons, a cosmologist at Cambridge University, say the concept has merit. ‘We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang, and if time can emerge, it can also disappear
- that’s just the reverse effect.’ “
Pippi Doesn’t it then follow that since the Hadron Collider’s aim revolves around the Big Bang, it ultimately could end time as we know it?


New Scientist:
Free-falling atoms will put relativity to the test“Researchers recently succeeded in creating this fragile state, known as a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), on a 110-metre drop down what is esentially an elevator shaft with a vacuum at its centre. It’s the first time a BEC has been created in free fall.”


New Scientist:
Levitating glass bead proves Einstein wrong Albert Einstein said it couldn’t be done, but now the velocity of a microscopic particle as it zigzags through air has been directly measured.”
“To measure the velocity, the team used two laser beams to trap a dust-sized, 3-micrometre-wide glass bead in mid-air. By measuring how much the laser light was deflected by the glass bead as it moved around, the team could make multiple measurements of a particle’s position before collisions caused it to veer off course. These position measurements enabled them to obtain a measure of the velocity every 5 microseconds and directly demonstrate that the equipartition theorem holds.”


Magnetic Refuse Found on Moon “A miniature magnetic field has been imaged on the surface of the moon, making it a rare, minimally protective lunar refuge from some aspects of the harsh solar wind.”
 I’d like to know what frequency spectrums are being emitted from these fields.  My hunch is that this  finding mirrors the huge electromagnetic changes on other planets, particularly Uranus,  Just a thought.


Air Force’s Falcon Hypersonic Glider Disappears Mysteriously “The Air Force’s Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2—designed to attack global targets at Mach 20—has disappeared nine minutes into its first test flight, just after separating from its booster. Contact was lost, and it hasn’t been found yet.”
“The Falcon was supposed to splash down in the Pacific Ocean after a 30-minute, 4,100-nautical-mile test flight. Not to be confused with the
unmanned X-37B space shuttle—which launched on April 22—the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 blasted off last week from the Vandenberg Air Force Base on a Minotaur IV rocket.”
 Reminds me of Richard C. Hoagland’s research on the hyperdimensional “disappearance” of Wernher Von Braun’s Explorer I rocket that “unambigously (and most disturbingly) seemed to violate two basic laws of 20th Century Physics, immediately after launch.”


Live Science:
Twisted Physics: 7 Recent Mind-Blowing Findings


New Scientist:
How Your brain remembers the future “Predictable sights trigger less brain activity than unfamiliar stimuli, bolstering the view that the brain is not merely reactive, but generates predictions based on the recent past. “The brain expects to see things and really just wants to confirm it now and again,” says Lars Muckli at the University of Glasgow, UK.”


National Geographic:
 New Proof Unknown “Structures” Tug at our Universe
This mysterious motion can’t be explained by current models for distribution of mass in the universe. So the researchers made the controversial suggestion that the clusters are being tugged on by the gravity of matter outside the known universe. [Astrophysical Journal Letters]


Half Past Human:
TimeCreep—Why Hyperchronism exists
Pippi Cool stuff, but I think I got lost between the oceanic bubble and radioactive waste.  The Big Brains who read it will figure it out but I love it when he talks hyperdimensional to me.  ;-)  Cool graphic, too:

Cliff’s Cool Graphic

 Space Com:
The Big Bang: Solid Theory, But Mysteries Remain
In 2001, Steinhardt and Turok proposed an idea called the cyclic model, based on an earlier concept called the ekpyrotic universe that they’d conceived with Ovrut.”
“In this scenario, the universe undergoes an endless sequence of “bangs” and “crunches” – i.e. periods of expansion followed by periods of contraction. At each transition, the universe would have some finite temperature and density, rather than the infinity of the singularity, and the expansion and contraction would be relatively slow, as opposed to the exponentially quick expansion proposed by inflation. The idea is based on M-theory, a version of string theory which suggests that every particle is in fact a tiny loop of string whose vibration pattern determines what type of particle it will be. However, M-theory requires the universe to have 11 dimensions. So far, we can only detect four dimensions – three of space and one of time. But maybe the other seven are hidden, proponents say.

 Related blog: MY “ALIEN VISITORS” DREAM…… (Cern Project)


Nature news:
Scientists supersize quantum mechanics “A team of scientists has succeeded in putting an object large enough to be visible to the naked eye into a mixed quantum state of moving and not moving.”


Herald Sun:
Invisible star ‘shooting comets at Earth’ 
The star – nicknamed Nemesis by Nasa scientists – would be invisible as it only emits infrared light and is incredibly distant.  Nemesis is believed to orbit our solar system at 25,000 times the distance of the Earth to the Sun.”
“Scientists’ first clue to the existence of Nemesis was the bizarre orbit of a dwarf planet called Sedna.
Scientists believe its unusual, 12,000-year-long oval orbit could be explained by a massive celestial body. Mike Brown, who discovered Sedna in 2003, said: ‘Sedna is a very odd object – it shouldn’t be there.'”

Related: My blog comment from 03/14/2009:
Pippi There is alot of speculation and anticipation about planet “Nibiru” and/or planet “X” on the horizon.  If I apply my very basic understanding of the nature of hyperdimensional physics, I wonder if the extrasolar planet Nibiru is in fact not a solid object in our 3-D world yet, but is instead an invisible hyperdimensional driver that bursts through the veil between dimensions every 3,600 years, can be measured, and completely upgrades[inserts into the evolutionary clock]the rotational motions of all space in our world.   I notice that the words “portals”, “wormholes”, “stargates”, “interdimensional travel”,  “Awakening”, “Light” and such have become very prominent in the past several years in our everyday language.  I recall reading somewhere that before the Great Depression of 1929, astrologers were already picking up an unseen force starting to increase havoc and influence over financial points in the charts they were reading.  A year after the Crash, Pluto was discovered (1930)and astrologically speaking, came to manifest and symbolize what was already bubbling below the surface energetically.
:?: I wonder: Could Nibiru be the hyperdimensional rotating force that although we have not yet seen, is very much acting on the hyperdimensional torson of Pluto ([long wave]—big business, financial storms, media, underworld) to bring secrets and controllers into the openand Into The Light?.  After all, mainstream media has received a well-deserved beating by the public for its biases and control of information, banksters and ponzy schemes are coming to light, and government/political ideologues of  darkness are going to be run out of Dodge anytime now.


The Daily Galaxy:
Invisible Extraterrestrials? World-Leading Physicist Says “They Could Exist in Forms We Can’t Conceive” “The intriguing remark was made by Lord Martin Rees, a leading cosmologist and astrophysicist who is the president of Britain’s Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen of England. Rees, who last month hosted the National Science Academy’s first conference on the possibility of alien life, said he believes the existence of extra terrestrial life may be beyond human understanding.”
“I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

Pippi “And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.”
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,”
“Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare’s Hamlet


Urban Survival Web Bot Hit:Confidential sources now tell us that both China and India are about to unveil new electrical devices which will break the grip of the global energy & power cartels with breakthrough technology that bends the rules of physics in new and game-changing ways.
“One device, due out from China shortly is described as a “battery charger” which will support a fixed 2 KW load on a continuous basis.  Yep – that unit which has an anticipated price point in the $2,000 (USD range/current exchange rates) also features a projected lifespan of 50-years and is a zero emissions device.”

Astronomers Shocked: The Edge Of The Solar System Is Tied Up With A Ribbon:“NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, has just produced new images of the solar system that has shocked astronomers. This first full-sized map shows 9 billion miles of atoms surrounding the solar system that scientists are describing as looking like a ribbon.”
“”That could be an unbelievably remarkable coincidence, or it could be a fabulous clue that somehow this external magnetic field is actually imprinting onto our heliosphere through some process that we don’t yet understand.”

Pippi Opens up more hyperdimensional doorways, does it not? More surprises on the way soon for sure that will unequivocally shift our perception of “reality.”

08/03/09: What Hit Jupiter?: Indeed, there was no warning. The object emerged from darkness, unknown and uncatalogued, and—wham!—before anyone could photograph the body intact, it had become a cloud of debris.”
Pippi The planetary system is coming alive with amazing and surprising events.

07/30/09: Transparent aluminum is “new state of matter”: ” ‘What we have created is a completely new state of matter nobody has seen before,’ said Professor Justin Wark of Oxford University’s Department of Physics.”

Vimana Fourth-Density Craft Evidence of the hyperdimensional interpenetration of matter have been found in the debris of tornadoes.One such anomaly has been described more than once – a window frame with a wood plank passing right through its unbroken pane of glass.”

Phoenix Center For Regenetics: “I propose we rename ‘junk’ DNA potential DNA and understand it as the human organism’s ener-genetic interface with a higher-dimensional ‘life-wave’ responsible for giving rise to a particular physical form through RNA transcription of DNA codes.” Sol Luckman

Cornwall Co, England–Innovative Learning Project: “They will be taught a range of critical thinking skills to help with analytical, creative and emotional decision making, and interviewing skills to enable them to interrogate real life experts about the ‘knowledge’ they need to complete their tasks. ”

Independent Thinking LTD: “We invested our time in creating stimulating lessons and dynamic classrooms with informative, stimulating and interactive displays.”

The Fibonacci number sequence and space bounded by hyperdimensional physics“By looking at the powers of the units of measurement from the known three dimensions to the hyperdimensions, namely length (cm), surface (cm2), volume (cm3) to four-dimensional (cm5), five-dimensional (cm8) and six-dimensional (cm13), the sequence 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 is the Fibonacci numbers sequence.

Gravity Changed After Sumatran Earthquake: “The satellites can detect changes in the density of the earth’s crust, or in GPSmeasurements on the ground, and that can now signal changes in the planet’s gravity at that point.”



Click here to view remaining 9 parts of David’s presentation.

Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case

Video Lecture (year 2000): Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Travel



 All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

February 3, 2009

Phantom Images And Glimpses Of Time Jumpers

While listening to an interview with Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley on Coast To Coast on 02/01/2009, something in their discussion caused me to immediately remember an experience I had when I first moved to New Mexico in 1999.  It was sometime after I had that week of  the “Alien Visitors” dreams.  So I thought I would just relax with this blog and recount two times in my life that I have had the experience of seeing what seemed like glimpses of other worlds.

In the latter part of 1999 after I had moved to New Mexico, I was relaxing one afternoon on my bed mat with a book.  All of a sudden, what I would describe as a “phantom image” came running right through the closed bedroom door, jumped right over me, and then disappeared into the opposite wall!  He was short, wore a white shirt, wore a brown belt or holster at the waist, had on a straw hat, appeared to be of Spanish or Mexican ethnicity, and appeared to be from a prior era such as the Wild West in the 1880s.   Oddly enough, when he jumped over me, I had the very clear sense that he did not see me and in his world  was jumping over a tumbleweed or rock.  That was amazing enough but then, someone or something appeared to come running through the closed door behind him, but that image completely faded before I could register any detail. 

Everything about that event strongly suggested to me that two time lines had merged somehow.  Once I recalled that event, I recalled another one as a child, although I don’t know if it would be time overlap in nature or just a child’s premonition.

I was 4- or 5-years old when mom tucked me in bed for the night.  I laid there for a short while and then noticed the heads of three adult men looking down at me from a corner of the room.   Because I had never seen people dressed and looking like they did, I was frightened.  I closed my eyes to make them go away but I could still see them against my closed eyes!  They had scarves around their neck, caps on their heads that looked foreign to me, dark complexion, and they were all smiling.  The image finally went away and I slept.  A short time later, my parents took me to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  We were walking through souvenir shops and went by a table of little head sculptures.  I remember screaming and asking my mom about these sculptures.  I don’t remember what she told me at the time of the event but when we talked about it as I grew older, she said that those figures were of “Basque fishermen.”  She asked me why these figures scared me and I told her about seeing the three people looking down on me in my room that looked just like those sculptures.  Of course, mom just made explanations about my imagination, etc.  Of course, near the end of her life, mom certainly had learned that apparitions can and do occur.


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“It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.” Bertrand Russell

November 13, 2008

Pyramids, Crystal Skulls, and Galactic Portals: An Exploration


:!: Chronicle of Neil Keenan’s Trillion Dollar Bonds Lawsuit: The BIS, Bretton Woods, Black Gold and Maklumat Codes

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Crystal Skulls
Mysterious Portals
Gathering The Pieces
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The Crystal Skulls support the 99%, too!
The Mayan Elders, The 13 Crystal Skulls, & the Importance of Their Ceremonial Pilgrimage Across the USA
(Leaves NY 10/27 /11, to arrive in LA 11/11/11)

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:!: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time
This is blow-out news. Hang on to your hats as you read through it.

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:arrow: Historic event posted 09/08/10:
“13 Crystal Skulls from around the world to be gathered together for ‘The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls’. “This is real, this is authentic, and it is time.”  To be held in NYC on 101010.  Read more HERE

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During a time when I was caregiving my dying father, I had the first dream I could remember that involved a Mesoamerican theme.  This was in early 1998 while I was studying Reiki.   While I had always enjoyed reading about ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, and some areas of Native American cultures, Peruvian or Mayan civilizations never crossed my mind.  That ended abruptly after I had a dream of such clarity, I could not ignore it.  It was someone showing me a map.  That map had written in big letters across it “YUCATAN“.  When I woke up, I was completely puzzled.  Until then, I thought Yucatan was a cactus of some sort and this dream made no sense.  I grabbed my atlas to see if there was actually a Yucatan in the world.  I was amazed to find that there was a Yucatan in Mesoamerica!  This fascinated me, especially since it was such a clear, urgent dream.  I went to the local bookstore and looked for books on Yucatan.  Of course, this led to research on the ancient Mayan civilization.  One day, I wandered off into the Hobbies section of the store for a brief diversion.  There among the How To books and standing out like a sore thumb and facing me was a book called Mystery of the Crystal SkullsIn the Hobby section? I was hooked.  I then had the following dream:

Dream of 04/06/1998: I am in a wide-open place, like a desert I think. A man is demonstrating a ‘futuristic’ ability to me. He points to objects and I watch as sizzling light beams focus on and envelop them, making them exceedingly shiny new and sparkling.   I especially recall a beautiful purple object all lit up in black space with an awesome gold-like, sparkling aura.  This man, who I now recognize as a traditional Native American medicine man, then holds an object up in front of him as he approaches me with great intensity in his eyes.  He holds this object right up to my eyes until the object is all I see. It is a rattlesnake tail.  I can hear his voice as he explains a process about utilizing positive and negative ions—very thorough on explaining this electrical process of renewal.   As he shakes this rattlesnake tail in front of my eyes, he says something like ‘this worked well because of what is INSIDE the tail’ or the percussion of the tail.   He then holds the rattlesnake tail very close to his ear and shakes it again while intently searching my eyes to make sure I understand this concept. He keeps telling me never to forget this. [But as far as I know, I did "forget" the exact details he gave about this concept on a conscious level and certainly am no expert on electricity.]

After my father’s death in October 1998, I felt compelled to move somewhere in the Southwest. Long story short, shortly after making the decision to locate in New Mexico, I had the Alien Visitors dream and then shortly after that, I scheduled myself for a sweeping one-week tour of Yucatan and several ancient pyramids there, including Chitzen Itza in September 2000, where I witnessed for the first time the snake” of sunlight beautifully coming down the pyramid.  I learned that the legend is that the “up-pointing tail” of the RATTLEsnake pointed to the Pleiades in the sky!  The actual symbol of the Maya was the Rattlesnake! Although I felt at the time that I was going to take this trip with a journalistic approach to what I saw—an adventure to record as a matter of curiosity—I returned home having experienced quite profound events that took some while to sink in, especially my completely unexpected contact with a crystal skull they named Sha-Na-Ra, which accompanied us all along the tour and was the centerpiece of a ceremony we participated at Chitzen Itza under the guidance of Mayan elder Hunbatz Men.

After experiencing these astounding pyramids scattered over Yucatan and combining it with my research on the Crystal Skulls, I had begun to develop a theory that these skulls (the true skulls) had something to do with the operation of the pyramids.  By 2002,  my theory developed more specifically into one where these Crystal Skulls were part of the capstone of at least certain Mayan sites and especially Chitzen Itza. Included in my theory is that these skulls were originally designed to retain the memories and advice of the advanced culture(s) that created them for humanity and for healing purposes, but…
became a tool for negative purposesdollarbilleye

I did some cursory reading into Rattlesnake tails and their anatomy and structure.  Well, according to what I have read, there is nothing inside a Rattlesnake tail.  If that is the case, why in the world did this Shamanic figure try to impress on me that “this worked well because of what is INSIDE the tail.”?  [Could it refer to the Pleiades "being in the tail" of the Chichen Itza "snake" of the sun?] 

(all emphases mine unless indicated otherwise):

So here it is, November 2008.  I just started reading The Giza Death Star by Joseph P. Farrell.  Right there in the introduction was something I surely did not expect would be considered in this work. Dr. Farrell references the Mitchell-Hedges skull and after an in-depth report on the complex and impossible-to-duplicate-today properties of this skull, he states “The sophisticated optics are our primary interest here, as they bear directly on the possible technology that built the (Giza) pyramid.”

So, here I am again revisiting my 1998 dream of the Shaman and the Rattlesnake Tail, as well as my (unscientific) theory about the authentic crystal skulls perhaps being part of a capstone—placed at the very upper portion of the pyramid. One part of that dream that I wrote down but for some reason did not focus on was the phrase “or the percussion of the tail.”  While I have long had a distinct feeling that the authentic Crystal Skulls were somehow used in the capstone of at least certain pyramids, there are well many possibilities about their function in conjunction with these ancient pyramids as a catalyst of sorts. I am creating this blog specifically to begin a log tracing all these synchronicities, starting with  the structure and anatomy of the Rattlesnake tail.  It may go nowhere….but maybe not!

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Walking With Rattlesnakes: “Each time a rattler sheds its skin a new rattle ‘button’ is added. A rattler may shed [its] skin one to four times a year. Because segments are added at various rates, and because they break off, it is not possible to tell a snake’s age by counting the segments. There isn’t anything inside the rattle; the various segments merely bump against each other to produce the sound. The tremendous amount of sound produced results from movement of the rattle back and forth 60 or more times per second!”

The Daily Pennsylvanian: “The result of the two functions is a vibration frequency of about 200 hertz in the toadfish and 90 hertz in a rattlesnake.

AbleData: “Optical headpointer and photodetector circuit designed to be immune to false triggering. Describes a photodetector circuit tuned to respond only to light pulsed at 90 Hertz(from a headpointer beam), ignoring shifts in ambient light level and room lighting.”

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Crystal Skulls


Origin and symbolism of the Crystal SkullsThe mysterious crystal skulls are likely to have originated in Central America and may have performed an important role in re-enacting the Mayans’ creation myth and networking their temple complexes”

(from Mystery of the Crystal Skulls; an interview with “Leon”, Mayan Shaman). “As long as the (crystal) skulls stay where they are, mankind will continue to walk this Earth.  They are there to help humanity to steer the right course, to help the mountains remain intact, the rivers and the streams, and even to ensure that the continents stay in their current place.  If the crystal skulls go through changes, then so will mankind.”

The Crystal Skull:  Richard Shafsky on Coast To Coast AM 05/05/08: Full C2C audio Interview on YouTube ” ‘ The Mayan skull has conveyed messages about coming Earth changes, as we enter into a new era, what the Mayans call the “the 5th World”, he sharedAs we move into a new galactic zone, cyclical changes are affecting our solar system and the sun, and this will increase cataclysmic events, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, particularly in California’, he offered.”

In Zachariah Sitchen’s Earth ChroniclesThe War of Gods and Menit is related that “….As Nergal joined the defenders of the Great Pyramid….he strengthened his defenses through the variousray-emitting crystals ….positioned within the pyramid….”  And then the writer’s epilog: “the Great Pyramid itself, bare and void without its apex stone, has been left standing as a mute witness of the defeat of its defenders.”

:?: Why have human skulls been saved in various cultures long after the body has decomposed?  Do our skulls actually retain information once held by the discarded brain?  Might growing knowledge about the optics and information-carrier properties of the authentic Crystal Skulls advance our knowledge about the brain itself?

PHYS ORG: Relationship of brain and skull more than just packaging “People usually think of the skull as packaging for the brain and researchers usually investigate them separately, but a team of researchers now thinks that developmentally and evolutionarily that the two are incontrovertibly linked.”



 From Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marchinak Information is stored in bone and stone.  “….(C)rystal skulls were designed…(because)…crystalline structures are holographic computers: they can transmit to the evolved or plugged-in human a tremendous code for understanding your own skull…” (Pg 192, 1992 edition).

:?: Did the Mayan Shamans continue a legacy left to them by performing a “willing death ceremony” based on what they learned from otherworldly beings?  Here is an interesting parallel, I think:

From Earthfiles X-Files (X-Files requires subscription) ““Anthony told me the small, grey, non-humans lived for a long time. He also said that knowledge could be transferred from a dying or dead non-human into a replacement body.”  (Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst).

From Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: Quoted from interview with Anna (Mitchell-Hedges) regarding the Maya “Willing Death” Ceremony: “When the day came, the old one would lie down and the young one would kneel down beside them (sic) and they would both put their hands on the crystal skull.  Then a high priest would perform a ceremony and during the ceremony all the knowledge and wisdom of the old one would pass on into the young one through the skull and the old one would pass away during the ceremony and go to sleep forever.” [pg 26, 1997 printing].

:?: How might a “rattlesnake rattle” and a crystal skull interact? Might the frequency of a “snake” (rod) activate a crystal skull (information carrier)?

Farshores Org: Carribbean Submarine Pyramids and Giza: “The reason for this burning seems to have been the metallic rod hanging down from the central ceiling.  The end had a pointed multi-faceted red gem.  Was it a laser? – “Did the rod conduct energy from the crystal to the capstone or vice versa? – ” (There were)…similar (pyramidal)  features in a pinkish-purple crystal skull known as Amarih….”




:?: So what would all this have to do with Galatic interdimensional portals?  From my perspective, alot.  I will be posting information from that field of study here, as my theory is that once we reach a particular alignment of Earth and Sun with the Galactic center of the Milky Way (around 12/21/2012), this will open portals and reactivate the full potential of the skulls—with specifically pitched sound (audio of Triggered Emissions [from: Inspire Project, Inc] ) and specific photon oscillation.

NASA Newsroom: Where Galactic Snakes Live “The sinuous object is actually the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems. In fact, astronomers say the ‘snake’s belly’ may be harboring beastly stars in the process of forming.”

:idea:    Thought update 06/01/09: Just as I was well into typing medical dictations (my day job), a thought popped in suggesting that I consider the  “Shaman” in the dream who said, “this worked well because of what is INSIDE the tail’ or the percussion of the tail…” as speaking more specifically of  something in the “serpent’s tail” in the Milky Way.   “…he explains a process about utilizing positive and negative ions—very thorough on explaining this electrical process of renewal “. 

I stopped working.  Whoh! what resides in the serpens cauda of the Milky Way? 

Below is a stunning Hubble photo of Serpens Cauda: “In mythology, Serpens represents a huge snake held by the constellation Ophiuchus. It can either be referred to as simply “Serpens” or by its western half (Caput – the “Snake’s Head”) or its eastern half (Cauda – the “Snake’s Tail”). Ophiuchus was believed to have been the son of Apollo and a healer. According to legend, the snake is also meant to represent healing as it sheds its skin in rebirth.” 


Since it came to mind, I am posting it here so I can come back to it when I can check it out more.  I am wondering if it is that area of the Milky Way that holds the “electrical process of renewal?”

(update 12/16/09)  Norway UFO Chronology: A Mysterious Event in Skies)

 The Sound Of Manifestation: “…my experiences have recently demonstrated that there’s more power in the vibrations of two objects, such as tuning forks simultaneously vibrating, than there is in one simple vibration. When there are two vibrations made by tuning forks, they can create a specific field if they’re in a particular kind of relationship with each other — that is, within the range of an octave. Many think the fields that are generated have specific powers and abilities, and some assert that they may even be likened to a kind of interdimensional portal that allows travel between planes of existence. “ [I actually had a dream about "sound." ]

Buzz about interdimensional portals opening over the next few years?

09/21/08 Coast to Coast Show: George Ure and Cliff “…spoke about strange disappearances next year, in which people, including those in power, will vanish without a trace into interdimensional doorways.

 William Henry, Investigative Mythologist: On the (CERN) HADRON COLLIDER: DIS-CERNING the GOD PARTICLE: “If all goes as planned , sometime in 2008 [later rescheduled for early 2009--when George and Cliff predict "disappearances" (see above)the heads of state of governments around the world will climb the mountain at CERN, the particle physics lab/stargate near Geneva to light the flame of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN…”  and later, “We’re talking about opening wormholes.

2012: Ascension, Rebirth and the Dimensional Shift:Scientists who are studying evolution from a celestial perspective believe that there are four kinds of celestial events and cosmic forces that might be triggering The Shift:

11/10/08 Coast to Coast showBrent Miller (Horizon Project first paraphrased a Mayan Prophesy in this way: “When the four corners of the earth rest on the dark rift, the cosmic portal will be opened up and souls will be harvested.”  He then goes on to state, “If you talk to astrophysicists and quantum physicists, they will say that if the gravitational wave emanating from the black hole [dark rift of the Milky Way] is intense enough, there may be a layer intense enough where there may be a very, very slight dimensional rift where people actually move through dimensionally as the Earth passes through.” (C2C, Segment 10, 6:18 seconds)



Gathering The Pieces

  1. Segment added with each shedding of the Rattlesnake’s skin
  2. 90- hertz (snake rattler vibration rate when agitated(audio of: rattlesnake percussion)
  3. 90-hertz used in optical experiment
  4. (04/06/1998 Dream) “…he explains a process about utilizing positive and negative ions—very thorough on explaining this electrical process of renewal.” (Chinese myth of the “Yin-Yang Mirror“?):  “Pure Essence flashed the white side of his Yin Yang Mirror (…utilizing positive and negative ions?)into the eyes of Yao Bin, sending him plummetting to the ground in great dismay. Being helplessly paralyzed by the mirror’s ability, Yaorealized that he could do nothing in such a state, and thus he met an unfortunate death by the edge of Pure Essence’s blade.”
  5. (On musical octaves) “Many think the fields that are generated have specific powers and abilities, and some assert that they may even be likened to a kind of interdimensional portal that allows travel between planes of existence. “
  6. (03/26/08 Dream): explains” some type of instrument (and “arc” graphically appears, created by what I think was this straight “instrument” with silver edging?) that “must tilt 280 degrees.I have found only two web pages on a search that mention “280 degrees arc”: A thermocouple patent from 2002 and The Standing Stone Circles at Koru PA** New Zealand tribe). I never heard of the Koru Stone Circles before but sounds quite interesting. (See: “My Notepad” in blog: Stephenville UFO Multicolored Symbols: Alien Shorthand?
  7. Might the Crystal Skulls somehow be involved in George Ure and Cliff’s Coherer linguistics?  (See  STEPHENVILLE EPISODE II: Pondering the “Coherer” Mystery)


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(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? Is now online free!



Raw Story:
1,100-year-old Mayan ruins found in North Georgia
“In 1999, University of Georgia archeologist Mark Williams led an expedition to investigate the Kenimer Mound, a large, five-sided pyramid built in approximately 900 A.D. in the foothills of Georgia’s tallest mountain, Brasstown Bald. Many local residents has assumed for years that the pyramid was just another wooded hill, but in fact it was a structure built on an existing hill in a method common to Mayans living in Central America as well as to Southeastern Native American tribes.”
“The find is particularly relevant in that it establish specific links between the culture of Southeastern Native Americans and ancient Mayans. According to Thornton, it may be the “most important archeological discovery in recent times.”
  I am not surprised. I learned a whole lot, particularly about the Hopi and the Mayan ancient interchanges, by listening to elders from both back in year 2000 when I toured the Mayan ruins.  We will be discovering much more in just the next few months.  Exciting time to be alive!


Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterranean
It isn’t clear precisely what drew these people to Stonehenge, a site which has existed in various forms for some 5,000 years. It clearly had an important ceremonial function, and the area around it is dotted with the remains of prehistoric monuments and tombs. Some say it was at the center of a sun-worshipping culture or that it served as a kind of astronomical calendar.  Others, like Darvill, also say it might have been an important healing site, drawing pilgrims from across Europe like a prehistoric version of Lourdes.

Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterranean (AP Photo/Wessex Archaeology, Ho) Sep 29 2010

“The teen, whose necklace suggests he came from a rich family, is one of several long-distance travelers found near Stonehenge. The ‘Amesbury Archer,’ so-called because of the stone arrowheads he was found with, was buried three miles (5 kilometers) from Stonehenge but is thought to have come from the Alpine foothills of central Europe. The ‘Boscombe Bowmen,’ also found nearby, are thought to have come from Wales or possibly Brittany.”
 Okay, here is an opportunity for me to touch on my own theory on the purpose of Stonehenge [and it's many resurrections].  From my perspective, the position of the Moon relative to Stonehenge was the main indicator for gatherings.  When aligned appropriately, a hyperdimensional ‘image’ of the ancestoral Givers-of-Life  [The "Eves" (Eve-ening), genetic manipulators] would appear as a reminder that “out of sight” was definitely not “out of mind”.  That this apparently affluent young man came from the Mediterranean is no surprise, as he likely had a very close connection [in those distant, early times] to that earlier genetic intervention.  The mineral amber has extraordinary preservation properties (as in “preservation of the species“). That’s my short  “conspiracory-theory” version. :wink:


Unexplained Mysteries:
Sealand skull photos released

Sealand skull photos released (Image credit: Anton Spangenberg ) Sep 09 2010

“An alien survivor from a prehistoric saucer crash? An unfortunate time traveler from the future? A tradesman from a parallel universe? A hitherto undiscovered species? Or a mere freak deformity of a human being? Nobody knows for sure, but no matter the explanation, the Sealand Skull has potential to change the view of the world we live in.”
“If the story holds true, it is possible that further research may lead to the whereabouts of alien artefacts. It is plausible that l’Ordre Lux Pégasos still keeps objects as well as insights into their origin and purpose. Little is known about the order however, except that it was established around 1350 and throughout its existence has counted influential poets and authors among its members. Among the prominent initiated were Giovanni Boccaccio, William Shakespeare, Réne Descartes, Thomas Jefferson, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Ambrose Bierce, Karin Boye, H.G. Wells, Julio Cortázar, Joseph Heller, Octavia Butler, Aleksandr Solsjenitsyn and Ahmed al-Baghdadi. One can wonder why the task of preserving alien artefacts and knowledge fell upon an order solely consisting of writers, but the very name of the order does hint at one or more guests from the Pegasus constellation, who for some time lived among us and brought us vast knowledges and inspiration. The secrecy of the order however suggests that humanity is not yet ready to share the Pegasian knowledge.”
 Whoa :!:


Crop Circle Connector:
Crop Circle Reported 12th June 2010:

Walbury Hill, nr Combe, Berkshire. Reported 12th June



Now this really intrigues me. My first impression is that of a “rattlesnake” with a 17-count rattle tail being pulled through three dimensions (the first “bullseye”), then through two more dimensions (total=5 dimensions and splitting “time/atoms”), then traversing more locally (relatively speaking). I have just written it as it comes to me but experts may have a much better analysis/mathematical model for this. No doubt in my mind that it overall relates to the Milky Way. 

Enlargement of central large "rattle" seems to me to show cell division or "twins" (Gemini) within?


All News Web Kremlin Pyramid UFO seen by over one hundred witnesses “… reports are filtering out that a large-scale cover-up is underway: the government is asking witnesses not to go public in relation to what they saw. The Government itself is not commenting on the event and a partial media blackout is in place.”


Telegraph UK:
UFO pyramid reported over Kremlin

 What interests me here is the tilt of the pyramid.  For some reason, watching these videos brought immediately to mind a metronome .  A whaat? :shock: .  Since that word is never in my vocabulary (unmusical as I am), it was interesting that my small voice “said” it.   Pondering this, I wonder if the Kremlin pyramid is symbolic of time acceleration or time “tilting”?

Antikythera Mechanism  antikythramech2 “. . . this is very important to the explanation of the Antikythera device because both the 1152 and 2304 units are Mayan calendar constants measured in DAYS!! the same as the Antikythera mechanism!!

[See also: Wikipedia explanation of the Antikythera Mechanism]


Lloyd Pye’s STARCHILD (SKULL) PROJECT ” : A 900 year old bone skull that many experts contend is unlike anything ever seen before. Its bone is half as thick, half as heavy, and twice as durable as it should be.”

Dr. Farid Hodjaee: THE CRANIAL, DENTAL, SACRAL COMPLEX: “The dural membrane that surrounds the brain communicates with and influences the outside of the skull by means of an outer fibrous layer. “

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 by John Major Jenkins:   Full C2C audio Interview on YouTube

Sonoran Sunsets website: Grokking Photons My photon theory is based on the hypothesis that a photon is not something that moves from A to B, but it is something that can be at A in a state of spin.”

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“Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart’s knowledge.
You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.
You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.” 

Kahlil Gibran


March 8, 2008

MY “ALIEN VISITORS” DREAM: Extraterrestial, Subterranean, Interdimensional, or Simply Imagined?


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These Dreams
And so it has come -or- my pre-9/11 dream

:!: Chronicle of Neil Keenan’s Trillion Dollar Bonds Lawsuit: The BIS, Bretton Woods, Black Gold and Maklumat Codes

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For background, my arrival and establishment in New Mexico in 1999 was a surprise to just about everyone I knew in my home state of California.  I had no clue what to find here and no rational explanation for going, even to myself.  I had just buried my father, for whom I had been caregiver during his last 17 months on Earth* and had been struggling with the next step to take when I awoke one morning in my California home with an urgent inner call to move to the Southwest.  I had nothing but faith in this feeling and the dreams I was having to assure me that I would find a comfortable home, secure a job, and find friends soon…..and then just wait.  Wait? For what?

My son and I left California in early August 1999, both having sold or given away anything that did not fit into the van. We had no idea what was ahead for us and simply camped our way through the Southwest deserts of Arizona and New Mexico for ten days.  We were sitting at a picnic table playing cards late one night in an Albuquerque KOA campground when all of a sudden the night lit up in a flash.  A meteor had just whisked over the Sandia mountainrange heading toward Colorado; it appeared so low in fact that we were sure it must have hit somewhere in Colorado.  We looked to each other and said together “We’re staying!”

Within two weeks of arriving to my new home state, I experienced five consecutive nights of what I can only call dream visitations by two extremely intelligent “Aliens.”    Each dream appeared so real and full of compassion and concern on the part of these beings, one always on each side of my bed, engaging in discussion with one another based on my “reactions”.   Although I cannot recall everything in every dream, I will never forget that on the final night, after all this dialog and book-giving apparently took place, they escorted me to what was definitely my own real bedroom window.  I saw the moon in its ordinary state, the city below in its usual state.  What was surreal was that they asked me to look to the north, where I watched a fiery explosion occur in the distance.  Then they asked me to look south, and I saw the same thing…a fiery explosion.  I was so stunned, the only thing I can recall after that is asking how that happens.  I am told that it would come from underground . I vaguely recalled it involved an AFB (I later assumed it to be Kirtland AFB). I am then shown a map and see a huge red cross. (I was told this was “The Crossroad.”)   However, I got the impression that this was presented as a high probability but not set in stone, so to speak.  Then the dreams of these two highly intelligent visitors stopped for six years to my knowledge.

After the third night in this series of dreams, I very timidly asked a new friend (since I didn’t know what she would think about my situation at the time) if New Mexico had any connected tunnels.  She mentioned that it is commonly thought by the locals that Los Alamos and Sandia Labs are connected by tunnels.  I didn’t know at that time what Los Alamos or Sandia meant in this state, and her eyes lit up and said “Don’t you know that they are secret labs?  Do you know that there are supposedly even nuclear missles right here…hidden in the Manzano mountains**?  My mouth dropped of course.

But, six years had passed and although the tragedy of 911 occurred two years after the dreams ceased, things in NM remained relatively uneventful and there were no more dreams about “intelligent beings”….. until 1.5 years ago or so.   I only recall one visit and recall one of them turning a page in some large book and handing it to me.  They appeared to me to be the same two visitors as in 1999.  They have not appeared in my dreamscape since then to my knowledge.

 [ADDENDUM Friday 09/09/11:  Was just going through old diaries I found in my garage.  I opened the third diary to a page on which I described on Friday, 08/20/2004 an apparent third dream visit (one which I had forgotten), as follows: "Last night, I dreamt of being shown two books, thick books.  I think with red covers and with black/white symbols and words.  I had the impression from these 'intelligent beings' that I was nearly completing the first book but they were now giving me a second book that looked the same but was a 'sequel' or a continuation of the first book.  I had a strong sense that I was to proceed slowly, not try to take it in too fast. I sensed when I awoke that genealogies were listed within this book,but that this was only a portion of the story.  I recall Roman numerals or similar symbols. "]

I reluctantly post this strange set of dreams at the risk of sounding over imaginative.  I suppose it could be chalked up to coming down from the emotional stress in the role of caregiver for my father or the meteor experience or whatever, but as we collectively move into a stranger and more chaotic world today, in 2008, I am concerned about the elements in this dream referring to Sandia Labs and Los Alamos.  Are there tunnels connecting them?  Is it possible that an underground explosion could stretch 100 miles? Whether by accident or by design?

They appeared somewhat “reptilian” in appearance.*** Yes, yes…yes, I know about David Icke’s thesis that there is a Reptilian Agenda of sorts filled with Darkness and looking to take over the world.   But the Beings in my dream sequences were anything but Dark and scary; they conveyed sincere concern and great compassion and care.  They were more like Ambassadors from a highly advanced Enlightened realm on a mission of some kind, which still amazes me because I am about the last person I would think of that such “informed Beings” would want to visit in a dream state.  I have no credentials at all on this subject.   I can do no more with it than just throw my experience into the brew of millions of other strange stories out there for the sake of posterity.  However, I have documented at least one dream that actually occurred 12 years later.  (See: Dreaming The Stock Market Blues entry.)

I believe that in any case, great minds and Light workers are working hard to prevent the Dark T-shirt guys from shaking our Little Blue Marble into oblivion.

Model by:paleontologist Dale Russell

After scouring the web, only this profile appears to be closest to the appearance of these  “dream visitors” for the exception that they appeared to have some sort of clothing on them, as though they were trying to appear as “human” as possible.  The “communications” were not verbal but mind-directed.  Their advanced intellect and deep compassion left the deepest impression in my waking life despite what was (in the dream) supposedly “exchanged.”

  § ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §

I have wondered if my perception in these dreams was simply oriented to my state of New Mexico because of its apparent associations to “secret labs” and “underground”—and that it might have demonstrated something much more far-reaching in scope.
[Added 11/08/10]  After all this time, it just struck me like a bat over the head that the “north”, “south” references with “explosions” might have alluded to the towers on 9/11/01(my dream on 09/10/01).  The “crossroads” as a sort of “crossing of the guards–change of govt?)

Wired Com:
“Scientists have run simulations of what they expect to see once the collider is operating. This is a simulation of the decay of the Higgs particle in the CMS detector, an event that virtually everybody hopes to see.” (Certainly NOT everyone.)
Pippi From my experience, when “glitches” keep blocking a path we are walking, the Universe is trying to tell us not to go there…  .

Talk about a “Crossroads”…wow!

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CERN and other collider updates

LHC/CERN Webcast



Superliminal Neutrinos: Opera Spokesperson Resigns
“Antonio Ereditato (left), spokesperson of the Opera collaboration, announced today he stepped down. He is no longer leading the Opera experiment.”
“The Opera experiment last September made headlines around the world with their announcement that neutrinos sent from the CERN laboratories to the Gran Sasso cavern appeared to be moving at superluminal speed. “


Israel, Iran, Jordan and Turkey join forces for multimillion-dollar science project
“Each of the four countries has pledged $5 million toward the SESAME facility, which is being built near Amman. SESAME stands for Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East. According to the UNESCO website, the project aims to ‘foster scientific and technological excellence in the Middle East and neighboring countries (and prevent or reverse brain drain ) by enabling world-class research,’ and to ‘build scientific and cultural bridges between neighboring countries.’ “
  So, while Israel and Iran pump up the volume on annihilation by military force, we have the same countries involved in possible annihilation in the great search for the “God particle.”   Umm, I wonder what Schroeder’s cat might do?


Long-Sought ‘God Particle’ Cornered, Scientists Say
“The Higgs boson is thought to be tied to a field (the Higgs field) that is responsible for giving all other particles their mass. Ironically, physicists don’t have a specific prediction for the mass of the Higgs boson itself, so they must search a wide range of possible masses for signs of the particle.”
” ‘If it is found there are several people who are going to get a Nobel prize,’ said Vivek Sharma, a physicist at the University of California, San Diego, and the leader of the Higgs search at LHC’s CMS experiment.”
  Um, ya know, I have this strange sense that if they uncover this “God particle”, the last thing on anyone’s mind will be a Nobel Prize.


Space Com:
UFO’s Disrupting Search for “God Particle”
“Physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a particle accelerator at CERN Laboratory in Switzerland, are trying to slam particles together hard enough to break them into never-before-seen pieces, which could solve some of the biggest puzzles in nature.  But UFOs — unidentified falling objects, that is — keep getting in their way.”
However, since last year, something has been fluttering in the way of the proton beams and dampening the force of their blows, the physicists say. These ‘UFOs’ aren’t from outer space — they’re probably microscopic dust particles of unknown origin — but they’re still mysterious, and while they’re around, the prize goodies will likely remain stashed. [LHC On Hold Until 2012] “
Oh, they could indeed be from outer space!  The hologram we call our “outer space” contains every thing, and our earth just one of billions of manifestations of that “every thing.” Whatever is not permitting the “goodies” to be revealed has consciousness, too.


US atom smasher may have found new force of nature
“Physicists will announce Wednesday that data from a major US atom smasher lab may have revealed a new elementary particle, or potentially a new force of nature, one of the researchers told AFP.”
“Physicists were to discuss their findings further in a meeting to be webcast at 2100 GMT. ‘Nobody knows what this is,’ Christopher Hill, a theorist at Fermilab who was not part of the team, was quoted as telling the New York Times.”
 I’m really, really uncomfortable with these underground scientists discovering an unknown “force of nature” to put in their manipulative, technologic toybox.  I very much see correlations between what they are doing underground in Switzerland and events manifesting in a “quickening”.  They MUST realize they are playing with forces they do not understand even as our planetary system is in the midst of reconfiguring hyperdimensional energies.


MSNBC Cosmic Log:
Antimatter atoms caught at last
” ‘We’re over the moon,’ Aarhus University’s Jeffrey Hangst, spokesman of the ALPHA collaboration at Europe’s CERN particle-physics center, told me today. ‘I think this was the hardest step in the whole business.’ “
“ALPHA isn’t the only scientific collaboration trying to make antihydrogen. Another group, called ATRAP, is using the same facility. ‘This was a race between us and ATRAP, trying to do the same thing with different techniques,’ Hangst said.”
The ultimate in capitalism competing to see who can do most harm to this precious planet. Genius and competition without a balance of intuition and vision borders on madness.  In the end, it will be the tortoise and not the hare who wins this race–naturally.


LHC finds “interesting effects”
“In some sense, it’s like the particles talk to each other and they decide which way to go,” explained CMS Spokesperson Guido Tonelli.”
” ‘There should be a dynamic mechanism there somehow giving them a preferred direction, which is not down to the trivial explanation of momentum and energy conservation. It is something which is so far not fully understood,’ he told BBC News.”
Consciousness Communicates Continuously.  Somehow, the “consciousness” (and perhaps even “conscience”!) of these particles at some point are going to teach us lessons that may be very hard to phantom….er, umm… I meant…fathom :roll:


New Scientist:
Exotic matter could show up in the LHC this year “THE world’s most powerful particle smasher could start making major discoveries sooner than we thought.”
“Evidence of supersymmetry (SUSY), a theory that helps solve several cosmological mysteries, as well as exotic new types of matter may emerge at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, by the end of the year. That is if certain particles can decay into lighter ones via newly discovered pathways that are relatively easy to spot.”


Telegraph UK:
Are we living in a designer universe? “The argument over whether the universe has a creator, and who that might be, is among the oldest in human history. But amid the raging arguments between believers and sceptics, one possibility has been almost ignored – the idea that the universe around us was created by people very much like ourselves, using devices not too dissimilar to those available to scientists today.”
“However, to create a new universe would require a machine only slightly more powerful than the LHC – and there is every chance that our own universe may have been manufactured in this way.”


ABC News:
Big Bang Investigators Want New Atom Smasher “Scientists behind the European particle collider aimed at uncovering the secrets of the universe pushed Monday to build an even bigger machine — with money and partners from around the world.”
:shock: You know, there is something quite revealing (to me) about this quest for an even bigger, more powerful atom smasher in this era when the world economy is in a crisis, wars are in a state of mischievious chaos, and all the stops are being pulled to release tons of information to the public about the Truth of things. What? Are they trying to get the culprits off the planet now through a “portal”? May sound totally out in left field to say, but I can say this: It’s not all about furthering science per se, at least not to the ones at the top of this project, IMHO.


US lab eyes more time to hunt Higgs boson particle
“A US ‘atom smasher’ may get three more years of life in order to continue its hunt for the so-called God particle.  The Tevatron accelerator could now remain operational until 2014, as physicists there now think the Higgs boson is within their reach.”
“The European machine will continue its current science run at around half its design energy until 2011. It will then be shut down for up to a year for maintenance work.”
Interesting that 2012 is the year they “shut down”, hum?>


LHC smashes beam collision record “The world’s highest-energy particle accelerator has produced a record-breaking particle collision rate – about double the previous rate.”
“Physicists say this marks the start of turning the LHC into the world’s most powerful particle collider.”
” ‘It’s clear that the LHC is the new boy in town, but in two years running we’re going to put Fermilab out of business,’ operation group leader Mike Lamont told BBC News.

What? Put the entire world in potential danger to compete :shock: Insane.
The BP calamity and the outing of Israeli crimes are the latest sparks to light the match of a New Awareness.  If anything of real progress for humanity is achieved with CERN, it may come in the form of a  climatic, dramatic, sudden shift into Higher Consciousness—if we survive it.

God particle signal is simulated as sound “Scientists have simulated the sounds set to be made by sub-atomic particles such as the Higgs boson when they are produced at the Large Hadron Collider.”
(3 Audios can be heard on BBC site)
The audio simulations are as the Music of the Spheres but achieving the ultimate goal of the project could strike a “dissonant cord” to put it mildly. One bad move has the potential of dwarfing the BP Gulf disaster hundred of times over.

Telegraph UK:
The ‘God particle’ may exist in five forms, Large Hadron Collider’s rival project finds “Finding the Higgs boson is the primary aim of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment in Geneva, but new results from a rival study taking place in the US suggest there may be five versions of the elusive subatomic particle, which has never been detected despite five decades of research.”
We have a Pastor Lindsay Williams on Info Wars insisting that the BP oil calamity is far worse than oil gushing into the ocean.  We have the Hadron Collider going on with its desire to find a God Particle, and we have HAARP out there fooling with the stratosphere.  The most important question running through my mind is HOW WILL HADRON AND HAARP affect the split into the earth’s magma with the BP disaster? We are living in times stranger by the moment.

Guardian UK:
Large Hadron Collider—Live! “The waiting is over. The world’s largest, most powerful particle accelerator goes into action this morning. The hunt for new particles, forces and dimensions starts here.”


LHC Officials Set Date for Beginning Experiments “Officials at CERN, the organization in charge of operating the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), announced recently that they had decided on a new start date for science programs at the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. The new date was set for Tuesday, March 30. At that time, officials say that the first collisions will take place at the recently-achieved energy level of 3.5 teraelectronvolts (TeV) per proton beam. These events will be the most energetic ever conducted on the planet, considering that the LHC only recently broke its own record for maximum output energy.”


BBC News:
LHC to shut down for a year to address design faults “Dr Steve Myers told BBC News the faults will delay the machine reaching its full potential for two years. The atom smasher will reach world record collision energies later this month at 7 trillion electron volts. “
“But joints between the machine’s magnets must be strengthened before higher-energy collisions can commence.
Interesting that they will shut down in the year 2012. :???: Although most scientists involved are just arrogantly pursuing their goal out of some twisted curiosity, I suspect on a deeper level that this project is a cover for an “inner circle” not at all inquisitive about how the Universe began.  There is far more to this project than can probably be imagined, me thinks, but a “little birdie” tells me their goal will not be realized.  We shall see.


Salon Com:
Atom smasher restarts to prepare for new science “Operators of the world’s largest atom smasher restarted their massive machine Sunday in a run up to experiments probing secrets of the universe, a spokeswoman said.”


New Scientist:
CERN on trial: could a lawsuit shut the LHC down? “Up until now, the various lawsuits filed against the LHC have faltered. But if the right kind of claim is filed in the proper court, a judge may soon have to face the question of whether an injunction might be needed to save the world.”
“These lines of inquiry might strike physicists as unfair. Many will argue that scientific work should be debated on its scientific merits alone. That objection is well put in a purely academic dispute, but the question of whether the LHC is safe is not academic – it is a real-world question with the highest possible stakes. Evaluating the science from a real-world perspective, and understanding scientific work to be a fallible human enterprise, is not merely fair – where justice is concerned, it is essential.”
The recent IPCC “Groupthink” indeed demonstrates the heights of“fallible human enterprise”, no?


CERN’s LHC Should Be Ready to Go in February 2010 “The new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located at the CERN facility on the Swiss-French border, has a lot of people hoping it will explain the causality of the universe.”
As unstable as earth’s mantle has been lately, is it really wise to be fooling around with Mother Nature? Not wise—just profoundly arrogant.

February 2010: LHC resumed operations at half of the design collision energy “In 2012 it will be shut down for the repairs necessary to bring it to its full design energy, and then it will start up again in 2013.”
Apparently, CERN does not want the blame if for cataclysmic chaos in 2012.


CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research:
LHC ends 2009 run on a high note “The LHC has now been put into standby mode, and will restart in February 2010 following a short technical stop to prepare for higher energy collisions and the start of the research programme.”

Macedonia Online:
CERN: Something May Come Through ‘Dimensional Doors “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week.”
“It has also been suggested that cack-handed boffins at the LHC might inadvertently call into being a miniature black hole and carelessly drop this into the centre of the Earth, rather irritatingly causing the planet to implode.”
such as a Norway Spiral, perhaps?


NY Times:
When Mortals Work on Cosmic Time: “It was Xunantunich, the sacred Mayan pyramid carefully aligned with the sun, moon and stars and built layer upon layer over hundreds of years by successive generations until something went wrong — nobody knows exactly what — and the inhabitants simply left. I am not sure what most visitors think when they behold that crumbling majesty and mystery. As a former physicist, I thought of the Large Hadron Collider, another grandiose structure with cosmic aspirations and earthbound problems that could thwart its ambitions.
Um, yeah… my “Alien” dreams kind of pointed in that direction. :???:


Vanity Fair Exclusive:
The Big-Bang Machine

“From a poster on display at cern, the aerial view, facing south toward Geneva and Lake Geneva. The L.H.C. occupies a 17-mile circular tunnel 330 feet below the Swiss-French border. alice (A Large Ion Collider Experiment), one of the L.H.C.’s experiments, is below the French town of Saint-Genis-Pouilly”


LHC: Looking for the “God Particle” and Beyond: “Beginning Friday night, November 20, 2009, on the border between Switzerland and France, not far from Geneva, and three hundred feet underground, humans will try again to start producing subatomic energies close to those in the Big Bang. By early Saturday morning, the first beam of particles should be circulating one way around the LHC’s 17-mile-long underground ring. Then a second beam traveling in the opposite direction should start soon after. But the first low-energy collisions won’t happen until about a week later.”


Is The Large Hadron Collider Being Sabotaged from the Future? “The quest to observe the Higgs boson has certainly been plagued by its share of troubles, from the cancellation of the Superconducting Supercollider in 1993 to the Large Hadron Collider’s streak of technical troubles. In fact, the projects have suffered such bad luck that Holger Bech Nielsen of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and Masao Ninomiya of the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto wonder if it isn’t bad luck at all, but future influences rippling back to sabotage them. In papers like ‘Test of Effect From Future in Large Hadron Collider: a Proposal’ and ‘Search for Future Influence From LHC,’ they put forth the notion that observing the Higgs boson would be such an abhorrent event that the future is actually trying to prevent it from happening.”


Restart of big particle collider now November ” ‘Essentially what’s happening is we’re proceeding with extreme caution,’ Gillies told The Associated Press. ‘We have to be absolutely certain that when we switch on this time, it stays switched on.’

AP/YAHOO September 20, 2008 “The world’s largest atom smasher — which was launched with great fanfare earlier this month — has been damaged worse than previously thought and will be out of commission for at least two months, its operators said Saturday.”


Transformer glitch shuts down biggest atom smasher “The world’s largest particle collider malfunctioned within hours of its launch to great fanfare, but its operator didn’t report the problem for a week. “


War Is Crime:
The Large Hadron Collider: A “Doorway” to the New World Order?. “…(T)hus, the scientists know that the experiment can fail. It happens in science. But does it happen in politics? In other words, should we all understand that governments of 21 countries paid $8 billion without being sure they didn’t throw such a huge sum away?”


Telegraph UK:
Hackers Attack Large Hadron Collider “Hackers have mounted an attack on the Large Hadron Collider, raising concerns about the security of the biggest experiment in the world as it passes an important new milestone. The scientists behind the £4.4bn atom smasher had already received threatening emails and been besieged by telephone calls from worried members of the public concerned by speculation that the machine could trigger a black hole to swallow the earth, or earthquakes and tsunamis, despite endless reassurances to the contrary from the likes of Prof Stephen Hawking.”

Okay. while CERN project engineers are beaming after a test of the big atom smasher today, powerful earthquakes just “happened” to occur apparently within hours of each other: One in northern Japan (7.0), one in Indonesia (7.6), and one in southern Iran (6.1).


LHC Defense:
Large Hadron Collider: The Legal Defense Fund Site.  (In the past few weeks, I have been learning quite a bit about the CERN Hadron collider, and I am extremely uneasy about it.  Extremely.  The “experiment” is already in a warming-up phase.  Is it a coincidence (no such thing in my view) that the earthquakes, cyclones, and other weather disasters over the past few weeks are coming almost on top of one another as this thing starts the prepping stages?  I think not )


Stan Deyo:
Unnatural Grid Appears In Nevada Earthquakes. (When I began to hear about the “unnatural” pattern of these ongoing quakes in Nevada, I thought of this dream, so I’m posting it here.)

§ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈∞ ≈ §

Other UFO/Alien News:


Coast To Coast AM:
Steve Bassett: World Disclosure Day
“In the third, and part of the fourth hour, Steve Bassett, advocate for ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding the ET presence, updated his progress pushing for government disclosure of UFOs. His latest effort is for a World Disclosure Day, and he noted with interest, that a large number of online endorsements have come from citizens of mainland China. He suggested that the defunding of SETI could have a positive effect on disclosure, because he believes the program serves as a propaganda front to take the the pressure off the government revealing what it knows. Bassett also argued that the emergence of more high profile contactees (such as musicians Sammy Hagar, and Robbie Williams), as well as coverage of the topic on such TV programs as The Daily Show and Colbert Report will help drive the disclosure movement.
  Yep.  They’re getting warmer.  Truth is Out There….but also Within Us.


YouTube: UFOs Over London BBC Radio 1 Building

Here’s a clearer version:


EU Times:  UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London UK “UFOs are real and trying to get our attention perhaps they are getting a little more savvy about the way we humans work.”
“A new video has emerged purporting to show ‘a mothership and its fleet’ zipping around in the clouds above a BBC building in West London.”
  Excellent!  Flying over the BBC building 1 in West London is a perfect strategy if they are trying to make their presence more mainstream.  If we begin to see some highly placed corrupted figures go missing without a trace, it may be that they are on their way to some galactic prison. ;-)


UFO sightings over Japan predicted in secret British alien report files
“According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency and other Japanese media, there’s been hundreds and upwards of “thousands of UFO sightings” over the country since Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Also, video footage from the news channel NHK World English and personal videos show a UFO speeding with bright lights in the sky and then skimming over the Pacific near the quake zones in Japan. The UFO sighting videos have been show (sic) on regional TV and the Internet since Friday, with the world UFO community noting “strange light trails following the UFO’s over Japan.”
“Moreover, a rare air defense video from Japan shows a new UFO flying over the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan (sic) early Monday morning, as the carrier and accompanying guided-missile cruiser and destroyer ships arrived off Japan’s coast to help with disaster response.”
  The “light shows” and auras may be part natural consequence of the quake and part physical UFO activity.  From my perspective, if “alien” intervention is indeed at hand to assist us in our current crises, it is being done by intangible means…elevating the Consciousness of Mind and DNA so that they may help us to help ourselves.  The Awakening that began in Wisconsin in February and is now spreading across America has been helped along as well by elevating Consciousness to a level that allows us to “see” the root problems with much more clarity and to throw them off the backs of humanity.


After Disclosure:
JFK and our secret (UFO) history
“We must recall that the UFO topic remains the great hole in our modern history. The great unspoken reality around which so much has happened within classified circles, and about which so little has leaked to the outside world. There is an enormous history there, waiting for future researchers to describe, once the repository of data becomes available. And it will. Make no mistake, it will.”
“Then there is the controversial Marilyn Monroe UFO document, which came to light in 1992. This is a single page memo from the CIA dated August 3, 1962, one day before she died, almost certainly because she was murdered. The information on the document came from two monitored telephone conversations: one between the journalist Dorothy Killgallen and her friend Howard Rothberg (one of Marilyn’s lawyers), and another between Marilyn Monroe and JFK’s brother, the Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. The Killgallen-Rothberg conversation revolved around the fact that Monroe was telling secrets to select Hollywood insiders regarding her liaisons with the President, one of which was “a visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space.” The conversation between Monroe and RFK focused on her anger at the Kennedys, the sensitive information she had in her journals, and her willingness to give a “tell all” press conference. The document bears the signature of James Jesus Angleton, head of Counterintelligence at the CIA.”
This story has lingered in the shadows for many years and my “radar” tells me that the time has come for it to move to center stage. I believe we will really see the entire issue open up in the next 18 months.


Unknown Country:
TIDAL WAVE of UFO Disclosure “There’s a virtual tidal wave of UFO disclosure going on, now that countries like the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, and New Zealand are releasing their classified UFO documents. In fact, News 3 in New Zealand reports that their version of the TV show ’60 minutes’ recently disclosed evidence that, in effect, proves UFOs are real (Now if we can only stop governments from shooting them down.”
“It’s not only important for countries to reveal that Visitors are here, it’s equally important for them to reveal what they have been DISCLOSING to their contactees. On the Before It’s News website, Grant Lawrence reminds us that the late Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, who took experiencers seriously and said they were NOT mentally ill, noticed that many of them returned from their encounters with messages about environmental catastrophe. This is has long been assumed to be messages about climate change, but Lawrence thinks these messages might have been pointing to sudden environmental disasters like the BP oil spill.” (Embedded links to climate and BP are mine.)

ExoPolitics Un-Released Eisenhower Briefing on ET Contact eXposing UFO Cover Up

Henry McElroy, Jr. retiring, former State Rep. from NH.
Our extraterrestial and terrestial bretheren don’t want this Earth destroyed.  The path to disclosure,  I believe, is speeding up because they need to intervene to prevent the utter destruction of this beautiful, special planet.


Examiner ABQ:
Britain’s new Prime Minister promised UFO disclosure “Britain’s new conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, might trump U.S. politicians on a galactic scale. According to a 2009 report by BBC, ‘David Cameron has vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs if he becomes prime minister. Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct public meetings, he pledged to be “open and frank” with any government knowledge about close encounters…’ “
“President Obama also promised to create more transparency in U.S. Government. Several key members of his administration are known to be in favor of being open and honest with the public about UFO files. Russia, France, UK, Brazil, and other countries are way ahead of the U.S. with such openness. But the U.S. President has yet to release suppressed files that former government whistleblowers say have denied Americans superior medical and clean energy technologies of extraterrestrial origin.”


American Chronicle:
Extraterrestrials in the news, and maybe in America “Recent news and related accounts such as those described in the online article ‘Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.?’ seem to have resonated with many people.”
“Many individuals and groups are interested in greater understanding and the availability of information about the possibility or probability that we have been visited by extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional intelligent beings, cultures and civilizations.  Bringing more appropriate information on these kinds of topics into the public media and public consciousness may have some benefits, and some drawbacks.”


Do Aliens Exist? Denver Puts It to the Vote “Denver residents are set to vote in August on whether to allow a commission to investigate if the government has covered up the existence of aliens, but another group of Coloradans is attempting to put a stop to the probe, KDVR reported late Thursday.”

When mainstream starts pushing the alien stories, it’s one of two things for me: Either it is conditioning the public for disclosure OR it is trying to plant another “fear” seed.  Again, practice discernment. BTW, anyone been to the Denver airport lately?


American Chronicle:
Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.? “According to accounts released Saturday, April 24, 2010, by the coordinator of an e-mail news and information service, officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and other U.S. government agencies have been involved in security activities involving human-appearing extraterrestrial beings in the U.S.”
“Above all, they did not have any extra powers nor abilities. They had no weapons and never tried to harm Earth humans. Their sole intent and stated mission was that they just wanted to study Earth humans and obtain the basic structure of the human body, anatomy and social interplay.”
It’s about time Earth inhabitants address this…hopefully with honesty and vision.  Alternately, practice discernment. It is very likely that an “alien scare” as a false-flag could become embedded somewhere in the Truth, meant to distract us from extremely important global issues.


Washington Post:
Stay home ET.  UK scientist: Aliens may pose risks “British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous for humans to interact with extraterrestrial life.”
“He speculates most extraterrestrial life will be similar to microbes, or small animals – but adds advanced lifeforms may be “nomads, looking to conquer and colonize.”
From my perspective, advanced aliens are much less likely to have a temperament akin to the warring and destructive nature of earthlings.  And these forms, IMHO would not necessarily present in physical space but in holographic form or other method that would shield their own immune systems.


Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country:
Implant Proof and the Failure of Science “The implant that was removed from ‘John Smith’ last year was not made of materials that are available on earth. To be specific, certain of the isotopes of the metallic components of the object do not have the same ratios as isotopes found on this planet.”
“What I am saying here is that something enormous is going on that appears to involve both people and aliens, and is inexplicably being ignored by human science.”
Yes. And IMHO, scientist’s had better wake up to the Bigger Picture and actually commit to important science in the rapidly changing  Age, rather than wrapping their careers around the political hands that feed them.


The Daily Galaxy:
Invisible Extraterrestrials? World-Leading Physicist Says “They Could Exist in Forms We Can’t Conceive” “The intriguing remark was made by Lord Martin Rees, a leading cosmologist and astrophysicist who is the president of Britain’s Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen of England. Rees, who last month hosted the National Science Academy’s first conference on the possibility of alien life, said he believes the existence of extra terrestrial life may be beyond human understanding.”
“I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”
“And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.”
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,”
“Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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Archaeology Daily:
Prehistoric UFO and ET images found in remote cave in India “A group of anthropologists working with hill tribes in a remote area of India have made a startling discovery: Intricate prehistoric cave paintings depicting aliens and UFO type craft.”
“Also visible is another object that might depict a wormhole, explaining how aliens were able to reach Earth. This image may lead UFO enthusiasts to conclude that the images might have been drawn with the involvement of aliens themselves.”
Ya think? :wink:

Archeaology Daily:

The article states its source is “Rajasthan Times” (written in Hindi). This local newspaper is referred to in this 2003 article. The local archaeologist mentioned in this article, Wasim Kahn, is credited in an article on Narmada River fossils, so it appears he does exist. Could be a hoax. Could be a whopping true find. Hey, if the world generally assumes that huge, strange, loping dinosaurs roamed the earth at one time (now found to have been very colorful at that!), just what is so strange about the possibility that alien life forms roamed (or roam) on Earth as well :???:

2012—Jesse Ventura and 100-mile tunnel

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Live Science:
New Artificial DNA Points to Alien Life “The wild biochemistry finding, described to a small group of reporters today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, offers ideas about new types of life for scientists to look for beyond our planet, or even possibly hidden on our planet. “


Earthfiles ©Linda Moulton Howe:
U. S. Border Patrol Agent Reports Camouflaged Underground Bases in New Mexico and Beam “Swallowed Up” California Airplane: New Mexico Interviewee: “He said they claimed there was an underground base, that they found this huge limestone cavern. He said it was way, way bigger than Carlsbad Caverns. He said it was so big that they told Jim they could fly airplanes in and out of the cavern.” California Interviewee: “There are literally hundreds of different alien life forms here trying to stop what is happening as it is putting their own worlds at risk. Some, as I had mentioned in earlier letters, are not supposed to be interfering, but are doing so anyway. What they are all trying to do is stop the ‘ripple effect’ that will emanate outward from us should this experiment succeed.” [NOTE:article requires subscription]

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