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December 29, 2008

My 2009 Predictions

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Sometimes, thoughts come from out of the blue, so my attempts here for 2009 predictions are basically just an exercise in “random thought” (unexpected), flash vision and some based on dreams.  I started my list on 12/26:

#1  (12/26/2008 )  little DING
A currently obscure lawyer will rise to National Hero status, possibly named Hammer, Hamner, or similar, tied to a “ring” of some sort.

01/15/09 : Although not a lawyer and not connected with an “H” name this pilot, Capt. Chesley Sullenberger certainly deserves a National Hero tag for bringing down a US Airlines plane into the Hudson River and saving all lives with the help of the ferries!  The Perfect Save!  Hopefully, he will be the first in a string of National Heros so needed in this world this year!

06/12/09:  9/11 Activist Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation:  “Specifically, Greg Hoover will be suing the above-described defendants in Federal Court for Beck’s having repeatedly broadcast statements characterizing those who question the government’s official version of the events of 9/11 as, ‘anarchists,’ ‘terrorists’ and as persons denying the Holocaust.’ “ [A little closer,  but no cigar yet.  Could the "ring" be the ring of media thugs? :cool: ]

#2  (12/26/2008 ) Big DING
Something about “Open The Door, Richard”  or a Richard opening a door not currently seen but welcomed.

Could it be THIS Richard?  He has “opened the door” to mainstream discussion on 911.

911 Truth Goes MAINSTREAM..FINALLY! (aired on KMPH Fresno, CA 05/28/09)


#3  (12/27/2008 ) little DING
Woke up with name of “Kilgown, Calgown, Kilgalan” or similar in my thoughts.  Had to do with “ripping” up or “digging” up of papers of great historical importance, and hitting the news this year, possibly culminating in “many behind bars.”

12/26/09:  Listening to a series of audio taples by Dr. Peter David Beter (spanning from 1975 to 1982), I heard him state in his  August 21, 1975 (audio Letter #3 tape) that a Dorothy Kilgallen, the syndicated columnist, who was also famous as a panelist on the TV Show ‘What’s My Line’ announced that she was about to blow the case wide open. She said that she had talked with Ruby and was about to publish explosive material he had given her in her next column. By odd coincidence she never wrote the column, or at least, it was never published. Instead, she allegedly died from a mixed dosage of drugs and alcohol even though she reportedly had no history of using either to any significant extent. Thus began a nightmare of confusion, doubt,  frustration, and fear for the American people.”
After hearing this, I did a search to learn about Ms. Killgallen and found this: WHO KILLED DOROTHY KILGALLEN? “There is no statute of limitations on murder, and there are enough people alive who could be questioned. But will there be enough interest by the powers that be to pursue this? As Dorothy once reflected,  ‘Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under one person, a lot of others fall, too.’  Justice needs to be done in this case.” Maybe this case will finally find resolution in 2010-2011?

#4  (12/27/2008 ) BONK (but may still occur in 2010)
The value “9.8” will be important, possibly tied to a great quake or indicating “million”, but the Internet also seems involved.

#5  (12/28/2008 ) BONK (but may still occur in 2010)
An event including words “Cowtown” and “Boston”.  Can’t imagine the combination of those two words in a news event  but might have to do with news of great import.

#6 (12/28/2008 ) little BONK (people in these positions have come forward due to conscience in 2009 but not Mr. Powell—yet.  Lots of leaks (Climategate, 9/11 text messges, etc.   This may still occur in 2010)
A large number of prominent political, military, and/or economic leaders will experience a Spiritual “epiphany” and come forward with Truth. Colin Powell will be one.

#7 (01/09/2009) little DING
“Stick figures” will surface as a code name for something previously “hidden” and/or a term for a new form of extraterrestrial alien coming through the UFO community.

03/06/09 Wired Mag: Metal Bits Self-Assembling” “…inside his basement lab, Snezhko shows us a captivating video of what looks almost like a line drawing of a small man — one larger ‘head’ particle trailed by a ‘body’ of skinny chains of particles — swimming around a beaker. “

#8 (01/12/2009 ) Difficult to determine
About 13.7 million taxpayers will refuse to pay taxes and a movement will arise that demands assurances that future taxes will not support immoral wars.

02/09/09: A Tax Revolt Hits The United States?Will a tax revolt hit the United States in 2009?”
According to Gerald Celente, it’s the first stage in overthrowing the corrupt goverment [sic] leaders and forcing them to listen to the People.” (Related: States Asserting Their Sovereignty [02/07/2009])

#9 (01/12/2009 ) little DING
At least one world leader (but perhaps up to four) will “go missing” in March but foul play will not be the cause.  It may come from England or from France.

12/18/09:  Report by Benjamin Fulford alleging that Henry Kissinger is missing

09/10/09:  Netanyahu mystery trip sets off flap in Israel “Benjamin Netanyahu dropped out of sight for most of a day this week, a mysterious absence that has set off feverish speculation about what the Israeli leader was up to –“
Pippi Six months off and not in Europe, but he is a world leader.

 01/18/09  US fund manager goes missing as hundreds of millions of dollars ‘disappears’ The family of Arthur Nadel, 75, reported him missing on Wednesday and on Friday Sarasota police launched an investigation into complaints that “hundreds of millions of dollars” may have vanished from the funds Mr Nadel managed.”
Pippi Not a “world leader” or European (as far as I know), but he did go missing…the fink.

06/23/09: SC governor plans to return Wednesday from hike  ” ‘I cannot take lightly that his staff has not had communication with him for more than four days, and that no one, including his own family, knows his whereabouts,’ ” said Bauer.
Pippi Well, not France, not England…but Argentina :roll:

Update 06/24/09 :

 #10 (01/16/2009 ) BONK (but may still occur in 2010)
The name “Pipher” will be in the news associated with what I dreamed are initials “G. B.”

#11 (01/22/2009 ) BONK (but may still occur in 2010)
Vision during a light nap: I saw Donald Rumsfield hurriedly whispering in the ear of a man seated next to him (reddish hair, pudgy nose).  The environment had a courtroom feel to it (mahogany paneling, oak furniture, etc.) but with a flag that I did not recognize (not the American flag or European).  Will Rumsfield be in court abroad in a high-profile case this year?    

#12 (01/24/2009 )
(rather vague but I’ll include it):  Something like “Operation Barracuda” or a “hairy incident” involving Lebanon in February or May this year or next?


12/29/09: Overall, I rate my 2009 predictions “C-“.


While I ended posting my predications on 01/31/09, I will continue to post unexpected flashes of thought that hit me:

02/03/09 : The gist of this “flash” is that someone has been holding onto a copy of a video tape showing whatever really hit  the Pentagon on 911, waiting until the Bush administration was out of office.  Might this person be preparing to come forward soon? I don’t know.  But since it zoomed into my mind, displacing all my other thoughts, I’m posting it for posterity just in case.

03/12/09 : Sears Tower new Tenant Willis Holdings  (When I saw this story, I immediately had a feeling that this transfer might cinch some type of strange, perhaps distasterous event involving this structure). 

Dreams I have recorded 2008—2009

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